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Week #23 Jan. 14, 2019

Week #23 Jan. 14, 2019

Hello Friends and family!! Man this week was actually so good. So on sunday and monday i was in Cusco to go to Machu Picchu. All monday long we were traveling by train and car to get there. one hour in car from the church to Urubamba, then 3 hours in train to the small pueblo of Machu Picchu. It was insanely fun. The pueblo of machu picchu is so crazy cool, like tiny, but it has like thousands of people living by the river in middle of these huge mountains. Then we went to The Machu Picchu and it was so beautiful and amazing. My words cant describe how awesome it was, but i took like 200 pictures and i hope that you recieved a couple of them. After it was time to go back to work, but man this week was really good. We didnt have a ton of success, but we still met with a lot of new people and got a reference in Pitumarca of 2 people. Roger and Leonor, we met with them and they were really cool, they aren't married so that might take some time to help with, but they could potentially progress more. 

One funny story from this week. I was sitting in sacrament meeting in sicuani, and there was this little kid, probably around 7 or 8 years old, and we both make eye contact with eachother and being funny we both start to glare at each other. Then he does the finger thing, Like i got my eye on you, so i did it back!!. Then he turns around, but lifts up his hand towards me like a true savage that doesnt give a crap, and show off his middle finger to me. HAHA a 7 year kid flipped me off in sacrament meeting. It was so funny. I was dying. 

It has been raining a butt ton this week, everyday starts out sunny, then aroudn 5 or 6 it just pours for hours. I started to sleep with my beanie now and oh its so nice. Something cool that happened this week was everytime it started to rain, we were in a cita with someone, after the cita, the rain would stop. My comp said this 3 different times, when we get to the house it is going to pour. ANd sure enough it did. But three different times that happened. IT was crazy!! That right there just shows you how the lord really does protect his missionaries so they can keep doing the work. IT was a good week and i will send a couple pics. Love ya Guys tons.

Elder Clawson

Querido Familia, yo quiero que todos de ustedes saben que yo amo cada uno de ustedes muchismo. Yo sé que la obra del Señor es verdadera, y yo sé que el Señor les proteja en cada momento de sus vidas. Si la mision es muy duro y dificil, pero con la ayuda del hijo Jesucristo, Podemos ser felices en cada momento de oposición. Les amo mucho.

Mom How are you, i feel like we havent talked in a while. I hope you are getting my emails. And especially all the butt ton pictures i sent last week. I thought you might like to see my beautiful face haha. I dont know whats going on right now, cause none of ya guys emailed me this week. But thats ok, whenever you can is good. Im doing good. this week was surprisingly really good. I thought it was going to be hard but my comp was in a totally different mood the whole week. so that made a huge difference, he is super trunky right now, always talking about going home in 2 changes and stuff like that, and when he does that, it makes me trunky too haha. Im doing good though, and miss you guys tons. The work is stupid hard and exhausting, but i just need to trust and have more faith in the lord. 

I have the scripture for my plaque if you want it, Ether 12, 26 i think it is, it talks about how the lord gives us challenges to make us humble. and I have really come to know that is true. WE need to be humble to return to live with our heavenly father, humble as a child is humble. Especially in the mission, you cant do anything if you arent humble. I love you mom and miss you. I hope everything is going good this week. Love ya.}

Tu Hijo con Cabello rojo (Your favorite Red Headed son!)
Elder Clawson

Week #22 Jan. 8, 2019 Machu Picchu

Week #22 Jan. 8, 2019

Trip to Machu Picchu for P-day! The mission president gives each missionary in the Cusco Mission an opportunity to visit Machu Picchu while on  their mission.  WOW!

Dad thank you so much for everything. This eweek was hard cause we had the new year, and a zone conference, so not a whole lot of time to teach this weeek. 

i left for Macchu Picchu  on sunday night and the whole day on monday, we were traveling and on the mountain and traveling back. its a whole day trip. But it was so amazing and the coolest place i have ever seen. I loved it and cant wait to take you guys there! The day was so long but so worht it in the end, we got back at like 1130 at night and we pretty much hadnt eaten food for like the whole day so me and elder p. an elder from my group went to get burgers and it was delicious. 

During that trip he told me he hated the mission and he thinks he wants to go home. I told him dude, same here, but its gonna be better for us here and you know that. I also talked to another elder in my zone who came with us named elder e. he knows he's a wicked missionary and told me he jsut wanted to go home, drink and be inactive. We talked more. But at the end of the day when we were riding the train back, a bunch of people got on and didn't have seats, so we gave our seats two these two little girls and gave them some of our snacks we had. I asked him after , how did that make you feel, and he said, good. then i smiled and said, thats why you're here and you know that you can bring happiness to others and to yourself. It was a cool experience to see. I will try to send all the pictures i have from Macchu. 

I love you dad.

Week #21 Dec. 31, 2018

Week #21 Dec. 31, 2018

Pitumara, Peru
Haha man i wish i could have some snow instead of rain haha. But i still like the rain more than the freaking heat. Have fun sledding in the snow!! man that sounds awesome!!1. Oh yay for Carter!! He will be great i know it, i never had a big culture shock, i think mostly cause i was in the CCM (or MTC) in peru. That was a big help, i honelstly think that if i was in Utah MTC i would have gone home haha. It might be different for him, but he had some time away from home so hopefully that will help him haha. 

Haha sounds like all the original people from the ward came back!! how exciting. I miss skiing, i always look at the pictures of us skiing and aaahhahahah its hard haha.  And Kayd and Jordan are finally having a baby!! Oh thats dope!!!

So this week was different, mostly cause we couldnt really work for a couple days, the p day, christmas, and then i went to cusco and had exchanges on wednesday. Cusco was alright, i stayed the night at the leaers house, and it was honestly like a huge slumber party, seriously almost all the missionaries in our zone were there, ya not very good. A bunch of wickedness it is. 

woke up at 5 to go to cusco, got there at 7 30ish, 2 hours there, then 3 hours back to sicuani, then i spent the day with the other leader of our zone, Elder LLanos from bolivia, he seriously did not want to do anything. He said to he, im hungry, wanna eat, and then later, you want to go sleep. I had to seriously tell him, DUDE WE HAVE TO WORK RIGHT NOW! so we visited one member and that was it, then we tried to find others but had no success. Man it was difficult. 

Saturday we went to Pitumarca, we found these 2 new people to teach, we had visited this house one time before and a guy said we could come back. So we knocked on the door and this lady was there and let us right on in and let us sit down. She said she could understand spanish, but could only speak quechua. So we talked to her for a bit. and then after that her daughter came in and translated everything for us. BOth of them were awesome and wanted to hear more so hecks ya!!!! It was awesome. 

Yesterday we spent the day in sicuani and man it felt weird to be back in a normal ward or church building! IM kinda sad that church meetings are now going to be shorter, its gonna be way different. today we watched 17 miracles and it was soo good. I love that movie!!. 

Mom im so glad i had the chance to talk to you guys on christmas, right now i feel like i told you nothing, and im sorry for that, i promise next time ill answer more of your questions. We are having a zone conference in cusco this week, and then next pday i go to machu picchu, ill take tons of pics for you guys!! I love you all tons and hope you all ha

have a happy new year. LOve you tons!!!

Elder Clawson
The river in Pitumarca, Peru

Zone Conference

Week #20 Dec. 24, 2018

Week #20 Dec. 24, 2018

Baptism in Pitumarca last week.

Haha Thanks dad, is everyone working at the bakery or something today, cause all the letters have been really short haha. Thats alright, illl be calling around 5 in the afternoon tomorrow. Just for your information. This week was alright, I got super sick on monday and im still feeling the effects of it all, ill tell ya more about it tomorrow haha. you combined the wards!? what! why hahah.

Nothing like a little Hannah Montana!

Week #19 Dec. 17, 2018

Week #19 Dec. 17, 2018

Haha Thanks dad, haha thanks for the great advice! Haha ya its been really difficult. But Im starting to get it with him i feel like. Finally haha. At times we have ridiculious hard times, and even if its not my fault, he will blame me cause its something i didnt know and he thinks i should know it. But Im starting to love him, in a hard way, but its getting there. 

Like this week we had this one guy that we touched his house and he came out, happy, but ripped us apart with really difficult questions, i honeslty didnt understand alot cause he spoke spanish, and then read the bible in quechua. I was totally lost in all the lost language. Then me and elder ochoa were silent walking back, but then ripped me one about not knowing the bible. 

But all in all this week was amazing, cause we had two baptisms and confirmations!!! They are two sisters from pitumarca, and honestly they were true miracles, We gave up on them like a month ago, we had been teaching them so well and they were progressing amazingly, but their dad is super hard heartes and never gave permission to be baptized. But then one of them came up to us on sunday in pitumarca, and said she wanted to be baptized!! So there we prayed reallly hard for the spirit, and taught he amlost all of the required comandments. She understood all!! Then when we got permission from her mom, the other daughter said she wanted to be baptized too. 

So the following week we went on sunday, day of changes, with a zone leader, and taught 2 lessons, to the other sister and later, interviewed them. They both passed and baptized in a river in pitumarca. I baptized one and elder ochoa did the other. It was so amazing and the spirit was strong. 

But yesterday we talked with lila, and man she was struggling, she knew it was true. But she was afraid of her father. Then confessed to us that her dad hits all the kids in their family and seriously didnt want them to be baptized. It was sad, But we reassured her and she felt way better. Then we talked with nelida the other sister. and wow she has this weird boyfriend and it was strong, but we told that she shouldnt see him cause he has different standards than she does. But she seemed to understand it all. I felt so strong about it too cuase we met him the day before and he was shifty, long hair, never made eye contact with us, but later looked at me in some lustful ways!! I knew he was odd haha. 

After is pday and we just watched movies and baught stuff. I am feeling really weird right now, i have chilles and my head and back hurt so thats not right. I love you guys and will try to send pics. Thank you for the advice dad, i love you.
Elder Clawson

Week #18 Dec. 13, 2018

Week #18 Dec. 13, 2018

Christmas Party! Jake is in the back far left with his hands up with the peace signs:)
MOm thank you for your amazing letter!! It was so powerful and i almost cried when you told me about the dream jed had. I dont know if i told you or not, but i also had a dream awhile ago with grandpa garner, i was in the general conference center and someone was talking about giving priesthood blessings, then he told us to give a blessing to the person sitting next to us. Right as i was about to do it, grandpa walked up to me and touched my shoulder, i hugged him and i was literally crying in my sleep, then i asked him if he would accompany me in the blessing, he agreed and we gave a blessing to some random girl, after that he left, but it was such a powerful dream!! Man i wish he talked, cause it was all just gestures as our communication. But it was still amazing, i had this dream awhile ago and i couldnt help but start to cry. 

Man mom you need to stop making me cry in these emails!! I so happy that you had an awesome birthday, i wish i could celebrate with you. But I am doing the lords work right now haha. 

SO funny thing, i dont know what happened with the changes, but i am still with elder ochoa for one more change. I finished my training, but im still with him. I still feel like im being trained and this past week was ridiculously hard and i have never wanted to punch someone so hard. bUT i AM working to be better and watch my thoughts. 

Alot of changes did happen though, our zone leader left, and hopefully you will meet him soon, elder fackrell from pocatello. And the other elder that has the same time as me started to train. I feel like i honestly did something wrong. But ill endure it, one more change haha. 

We have 2 baptisms this satyurday, sisters in pitumarca. We contacted into this guy on tuesday, who was super intelligent with the bible and he ripped us apart honestly. It was hard cause i didnt have the words to come back. But later yesterday in my personal study i read a small article in preach my gospel about how every missionary will have that time in their missions, and they will have to make the choice to make there stand and stand for the church. Man it was powerful. I Have had a pretty hard week, mostly cause i was excited to get a new comp, but that didnt happen and my comp now is not very happy with that too. So its hard when you feel like you are being given extra training and you comp honestly does not want to help you with anything, but I am trying to make the best of it. 

I love you mom and i havent received you packages yet, but im waiting, hopefully i will get them before christmas haha. I only receive stuff when someone goes to cusco or comes to sicuani. So Its a guessing game. and i sorry but i had a scripture that i really liked but i cant remember which one it was aaaaahhhhh!! sorry. Mom tell everyone i love them and miss them and merry christmas. Haha and tell me more about this Ann girl hahah jkjk.she sounds nice though. 

I love ya mom and if you want you can send pieces of this to the group email, i kind of gave up on it cause it was hard to do everyweek. sorry.

Love ya mom
 Elder Clawson aka SU HIJO

Thank you. I am trying, its a slow process but its going. Haha if i get them in time, I will be happy to give them to him haha. He loved the picture of you and dad at the temple. I havent heard a lot, but elder ochoa said that we are going to work on accounts and stuff next week for those. so ill let ya know on monday. And ive been chatting with my old comp and turns out that he had the same thing happen to his whole zone, no one changed, so that made me feel a lot better. Oh and mom, When yo u get on my account you can get pictures from the christmas party to put on you

r blog, they are from the assisstents or APs. So that will help you alot haha. I love you too mom and ill talk to you more on monday.

Te amo muchismo

Week #17 Dec. 3, 2018

Week #17 Dec. 3, 2018

Haha i dont have a ton of time cause we had to swithc internet cafes. but everything is good, i wrote mon a detailed letter but im not sure if it saved. i have a feeling im going to stay, and my comp will leave cause it would be rare if i left. but im ready for anything honelstly. I have learned to seriously seek for the guidance of the spirit, and be patient with myuself. i expect me to be a pro at teaching and the language already but i honesltly suck at it haha. But my comp gave me some really good advice that really helped me..

Mom 8im sorry, i wrote you a big old letter but it didnt save cause our internet was bad and we had to switch cafes. But Just know i love ya nd miss ya, we had a christmas party in puno on saturday and it was awesome to see puno for the first time. its a cool place.
I love you tons mom and ill work on finding a favorite scripture for the plaque.

love Elder Clawson