Monday, May 1, 2017

Can't Wait For Future China Missionaries!

April 30, 2017 email

This has been an awesome week! First off I have to tell you about our fruit friend. By our house there is this massive fruit stand and this not very nice looking, gangly Taiwanren works there and is the fruit master. We have been trying for weeks and weeks to become his friend. Everytime we past him we smile, scream his name, wave and tell him he is awesome. About a couple weeks ago, he completely changed. Now he is the most smily person every and gives us all sorts of free fruit! But only us:) We are the special sister missionaries. mwaaahhhhahaha! But really he is so awesome! This week he gave us 3 free watermelons and a huge bag of pineapple!!
EVERYONE. We must be kind to everyone! Because then they will give you free fruit. Ok, even aside from free fruit we must be an example of Christ everywhere we go!
He's gonna get baptized. I can feel it:)
Last P-day we Went to our member Fly Fish's house to help him build a new roof! He lives in the magical Taidong wilderness. It was a fun day of helping him, we bagged sand, rocks and made a roof made of palm tree leaves. I also learned a lot about Chickens and the importance of eating only your own home grown food. He is a SUPER earthy person. He eats the monkeys that roam around his house..
All in all it was a really fun pday full of adventures.
This week we also saw so many tender mercies and miracles. One from the beginning of the week was with our RC Chen Yu Ru from Vietnam. She had to go to court to finally get a divorce from her husband and she was just sick to her stomach nervous about it. We shared a message with her but she just couldn't find peace. We decided to all kneel down and say a prayer together. The minute we kneeled down together the spirit completely filled the room. Sister Lin started to pray and by the end we were all crying.The gift of the Holy Ghost is so powerful and can calm the most violent of storms. Everything went smoothly for Chen JM at court and our testimonies were all strengthened. 

Sister Lin- This was last P-day when they helped a friend thatch his roof:)
This Thursday we got to travel to Hualian and have interviews with President Jergensen. I LOVE INTERVIEWS. It's the best time to have a one on one and get some serious revelation. I am so grateful for President Jergensen and all that he does for us as missionaries, the Lord, and the people of Taiwan. He really helped me see this week the importance of teaching people one by one. and how I can never dim my own light as a missionary either. I have been called as me to serve the people of Taiwan. Just be me! The Lord will help us see miracles. 
love interviews. 
That night we switched up some of our finding techniques and decided to go grocery store finding. So we hit up our local Carrefour and met the COOLEST family! They lived in the other sisters area so the other night we went on a split to go an meet them! Sister Liu and I traveled all the way to Zhiben to meet with this family.The Wen family. They have 3 boys. and 18 year old, 16 year old, and a 6 year old. Cute family.The dad and the older son were a little more hard hearted and nervous so didnt stay with us. But the mom and her 2 younger boys did. The lesson was so cool, and it was amazing how many questions the son had, I think he really helped his mom open up as well. We shared with them about Jesus Christ, repentance, and prayer. It was such a spirit filled lesson and I now have a testimony of finding in Grocery stores! Talk to everyone!

Do you think 2 girls could eat three of these watermelons in a week?  Wow!
There was a huge triathalon in Taidong this week. It. looked. so. fun. AGH!!! It reminded me of home so dang much!!!! All of the people racing, tons of tents everywhere, you could feel the excitement in the air. It was just like Lotoja or the top of utah marathon. Agh! I wanted to join! My companion couldn't really understand why i was so stoked but that's ok. It was a little tender mercy:) haha.

Last miracle for the week. Last night we met this old couple from China that came to taiwan to bike around the whole Island. They were adorable and so excited to see missionaries. They know where our church is china and have wanted to go and learn more but its against the law. We talked with them for a long time and prayed with them. We promised that as soon as missionary work was aloud there that missionaries would come find them. They were both so touched. I know God loves all of his children and we will all have a chance to learn. I don't know when, but I know it will happen. I love being a missionary. I love your guts!!!!!!! have the best week ever!