Tuesday, October 25, 2016

So Much Fun In Taiwan!

Super windy p-day hike!
Oct. 24, 2016 email

To start off, I just realized that I haven't told you guys the landscape of Beitou yet!! It's very different than anywhere else I have served. It's not flat....at all. All the roads are either small hills, regular hills, massive hills, or slit your wrist hills! Seriously! My legs are getting SO jacked from living here and biking up all these hills daily! Dad, sign me up for the Strawberry leg of Lotoja next september:) ILL BE READY! One of the biggest hills in all of Beitou is the one that leads right to the church...we've had some members and investigators who don't want to meet or help us with lessons because of that hill....But Heavenly Father will give us all strength! I'm loving serving here:)

This wednesday we got to go to the temple and it was fantastic! One of my favorite members from Zhongli happened to be there too! We were both so dang excited!!!! We even got to do sealings together:) it was the greatest time ever:) I love all these people so dang much!

After we went to the temple a bunch of kids from our zone all went on a really cool hike together! It was SO windy but so dang fun! the winds here in Beitou are massive. But while we were on the hike I found out that one of the new elders is Curtis Heatons Nephew! ha! Small world! We had a fun time talking about bread and whatnot.

A great night doing temple tours!
Later this week we went on exchanges with the Sanchong sisters! Me and Sister Austad were paired up together and off we went to the island of Bali for a lesson with our investigator Zeng Yi Wa! She is adorable:) She has a baptismal date and we are pumped for her. We asked her if we could meet her parents and this was our first time meeting them! We went over and talked and shared with them about the restoration of the Gospel. Her dad was so curious and touched that we could have a personal relationship with God. As we asked him more questions and talked to him about baptism. He said that if he knew this was true he would get baptized on the same date as his daughter. WHAT?! Talk about a miracle! The mom wasn't quite as excited but we will keep working with her;) We are so excited for them. 

A friend from Muzha came to say hi during their temple tour.  
This week we also had the chance to do temple tours! We met so many cool people and Sister Kho even got to give a tour in Cantonese to a guy from Hong Kong! To make the night even better guess who showed up at the temple? Ji Pei De!!! He stopped at the chapel after work to buy some new scriptures and saw us doing tours! It was super fun to see a familiar Muzha face:) we were so dang pumped!!!!

The next day we met with a new investigator named Annie. She is a single mom in her 30's and has two little girls that are 9 and 6 years old:) We shared with them about the Restoration of the Gospel. The most amazing and spiritual part of the whole lesson were the questions the little girls kept asking the whole time. Who is God? Why do we have a prophet? What if there wasn't a prophet? How do we talk to God? How do we get answers to our prayers? The girls questions touched their moms heart. Annie helped us with the closing prayer and asked that her and her daughters would be able to learn and find answers to their questions together:) This experience just really made me realize why we must all become like little children. Humble and innocent. Such a cool lesson:) We are stoked for this cute little family:)

Beitou, Taiwan
Another little story from this week. I woke up this friday morning and just wasnt as happy as usual. (satan sucks) we had a lesson at 11 and were running late to get there. After we biked up the massive hill to get to the church I was angry and filled with rage cause my legs were on FIRE and I was letting satan get to me! I knew that our lesson would go nowhere with this attitude and that I wouldn't be able to have the spirit with me. I prayed my guts out for Heavenly father to help me be happy and soften my heart. 

Baptisms to top off the week!
We went into the church and immediately everything changed. our lesson was so full of the spirit and I could feel it so strongly. Our investigator was even able to take the faith to set a baptismal date:) I know that Heavenly father can Help us change the desires of our hearts!
This week was awesome. To finish it off our investigator Sister Ke and her son were able to get baptized yesterday:) She bore her testimony and it was incredible to hear her testimony of the Book of Mormon and Christs atonement. God loves us so much and this stuff is all so true. I love you guys so dang much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
have an awesome week:)

Living It Up in Beitou!

Oct. 18, 2016 email

Emma was so excited to make BROWNIES!
Holy Cow!!!!
The past week has been GO GO GO!! Sister Kho and I have had the funnest week and seen SO many miracles. I have a disclaimer though, I forgot my little book that I write all the details from the week in at our apartment....NOOOO! So I will do my best to remember everything that happened this week:)

Lots of free fried squid samples.

Testing of the fried squid.
Last Pday we went to a place called Danshui! It's super duper touristy and famous for fried squid. So of course we went and feasted our hearts out on all the samples the had lining the entire street:) Oh man but the best thing we did was went and had our feet eaten by little fish!!!! (sound terrifying?) Nah I promise it was super fun:) They have this little shop with 3 pools that you can put your feet in and little, medium, and BIG fish will come and bite the dead skin off of your feet!. Neat! But really it was so fun. I was dying it tickled so bad. It reminded me of doing Ninja training with Fred Summers. One time when mom and dad were in Hawaii, Fred and Rachel came over to stay with us. And of course we had to do Ultimate Ninja Training. I remember Fred grabbed my foot and said that if I could handle his tickling my foot then i was the ultimate ninja. 

I failed.

But Pday I conquered it with the little fish biting my feet! yes!

I don't think these are Emma's feet.  They look rather hairy and manly:)  But how about those fish!
The rest of the week was absolutely chuck full with all sorts of lessons with our investigators! We have got some super duper fun people. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father made us all so different so that this world could be a happier, more exciting, and fun place to live in:)

Exchanges.  Emma was with Sister Cooper on the far left:)  I LOVE the story that goes along with this picture.  It's the next paragraph.
This thursday was my first time doing exchanges!!! so dang fun! I was with Sister Cooper:) She is still in training and is the best missionary ever! She has the funnest personality and is so good at helping everyone on the street and in lessons feel so loved. We had a super fun experience together. On friday afternoon we had some finding time before a lesson, we had planned to go to Fuxing park and contact! We jumped on our bikes and headed on our way. But we never made it there...... First there was an old grandma that was picking up a million pieces of glass on the street. So we stopped, helped her pick up glass (eek danger danger!) and shared with her!! Then we got on our bikes again and saw this guy who was walking a bunch of dogs that were all tangled up. So we helped them all get untangled and talked to him! Then we got on our bikes and saw these two boys folding blankets at a factory, Turns out they were from Vitetnam! We folded some blankets for them and then invited them to church! Then we were fresh out of time! Its so awesome how we can share the gospel with everyone in any situation!!

Sister Kho is the best!!

Baking brownies for investigators!  Everything is better with a treat:)
Other miracles from this week. Our inbestigator Ke JM and her son both passed their baptismal interviews!!!!!!!! They were both from a member referral and have only been meeting with the missionaries for a little over a month:) and our investigator Chen JM who canceled her baptism last week was able to overcome satans temptation and fear and set a new baptismal date with us!!!
I know that as we are looking, and having faith to see miracles every single day, God will help us find them:)

Dinner at a members home.  That is a HUGE bowl of soup!!  

I'm not sure if it's truly hot chocolate time, but this girl loves her cup of cocoa or peppermint tea:)
other fun facts;)
-mom I bought a costco card! I'm a big kid now! 
-we made brownies for our members and they turned out SICK!! (SICK means they were tasty, delicious, and wonderful in Emma's world!)   I thought I would mess them up but they were great! (Thanks for being the best cooking teacher mom)
-just had a blast this week.
my fam I love you tons and I pumped to talk to you all next week:)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Goodbye Muzha:( But Hello Beitou!!

Oct. 9, 2016 email

Goodbye Sister Eyre!!!  
This week was fabulous:)
First we will start off with the KILLER pday we went on last week. We got together a bunch of missionaries and went on this hike called elephant mountain:) It was so dang beautiful. The whole hike was literally a gazzillion stairs all the way to the top. but we got to the top and you could see all of taipei. And then Sister Eyre pulled out her scriptures and read to us Alma 26:) So nice:) Afterwards was the best part ever. We all went to TEXAS ROADHOUSE!!! It was SOOOO expensive but JUST like America! The rolls, steak, all of it! So we all just ordered a ton of food and pigged out together and tasted America:) It was super fun to relax and eat. Right when I got in there I thought to myself, "the last time I went Texas Roadhouse was like a week before I went on my mission on a date with Chase Moffet! That was literally AGES ago" So shout out to Chase. Thanks for taking me to Texas Roadhouse.

P-day fun!!
That night was also amazing. We have a member from America in our ward named Nate. He had called us a few nights before and said he had started dating this girl in Muzha who really wanted to learn more about the Gospel! He invited us over to dinner at his house and got to meet her. Her name is Julia and is absolutely amazing! Which is funny cause Nate is kinda goofy...ahhaha Just kidding. It was a really amazing lesson we got to have with her. She loved hearing that we were all Gods children. We are excited to keep working with her and helping her feel more and more of christs love everyday:) Members are so amazing! You are all so wonderful and brave to talk to your friends about the happiness of the Gospel! People can literally see the happiness in your eyes!

Tuesday we had an awesome Zone Meeting all about setting SMART goals. It was the best. It made me think of Dad and how he always helps me set goals for everything. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-based. We had some awesome trainings from our Sister Training Leaders and the Zone Leaders and are super duper pumped to make smart goals for every aspect of this awesome work!

Saying goodbye is so hard! Emma will miss Muzha!


Was the worst day of my life:( 
Ok not really, but it was super duper sad.

Sister Eyre and I are all done with training and Wednesday morning we got the news that I would be moving and Sister Eyre would be staying in Muzha with a new companion.
I knew I would probably be leaving muzha but it still was so sad to hear it. MUZHA IS MY HOME!!!! Oh my gosh I love that place and those people so dang much I can't even handle it!!!!!!!!!!!!

My new assignment is to Beitou as the new Sister Training Leader. WHAT?! So now I've got all this other neat stuff to learn! I'm pumped;)

Wednesday we had our last day together and had awesome lessons with our investigators and then had english class that night. After english class tons of our ward members came to say goodbye. Oh man it was awful! I like could not stop crying! I literally have met some of my best friends in the world here! Ji Pei De was crying too so that was the worst. But no worries we are SO going back to visit them all and I will still get to see them at firesides cause my area is still in Taipei. The gospel of Jesus Christ brings ultimate happiness and friendships that will last forever!

Sister Clawson and her new companion Sister Kho!

I'm so grateful to have been called to serve in Muzha. Now Here I am in Beitou!
Thursday morning I cried the whole MRT ride to Beitou...hahha:) But good news. It's awesome here too:) Me new companion is Sister Kho! She is from Utah but both of her parents are from Hong Kong so everyone thinks she is native:) I love her guts! We have been nonstop busy since I got here. Preparing trainings, having conferences, teaching lessons, you name it!

The chapel in Beitou.  

And she still gets to do Temple Tours!  This picture is from the Taipei Temple Facebook page advertising night tours!  
We cover our area in Beitou, but then we also cover all of Danshui and Bali's single female investigators. Danshui is super pretty and Bali is actually and island....SICK! We had to take a ferry there to teach some of our investigators! I'm so pumped to be here. It's going to be crazy awesome. This weekend we go to watch conference and Sister Kho and I got our own private session because we were the only ones that needed english! hahah VIP conference! We are so blessed to have a living prophet and apostles who are called of God to guide and direct us today. I loved Russel M. Neilsons about joy. We can find Joy in everything because we have the gospel of Jesus Christ! After conference we had a meeting with our Second Counselor in the stake presidency Yang dixiong. It was so dang awesome. He talked about how important it is to be happy missionaries. (apparently some elders here before haven't been the most jolly. which is rough when everyday we are teaching people about he plan of happiness...eek!) He gave us the most awesome Pump up about how beautiful, alive, and happy this gospel is. As we let the ward members see it radiate in our eyes and in everything we do they will REALLY want to spread it as well! I already love this ward and am SO pumped to make so many new friends:)
I love this work! this is going to be great. Love you so much fam and can't wait to here from all of ya next week:)

Half Way! WHAT?

Oct. 2, 2016 email

I just love them!

Such a fun week here in the Muzha:) This week started out with a pretty dang funny twist. Late monday night we got a text from the Mission home saying that nobody was allowed to leave their house until further notice because of the typhoon! I was like, "pffff...whatever! They will text us by the morning and say it's ok to go outside." 

I was wrong.

We woke up and it was CRAZY. I've had like 4 typhoons in the past month and a half but this one was pretty dang awful. Wind was HUGE. Waves on the Road. Waterfalls from the roof! Oh man it was the best:) So. The whole mission was confined to our living quarters for the day. It literally didn't let up ALL DAY! Like It got worse and worse by the hour!!!! Agh it was hilarious! Sister Eyre was getting cabin fever hard core. It was still a pretty effective day. We called EVERYONE! Members, LA's, potentials, investigators, the whole thing! We also cleaned our house till it sparkled and got some excellent studying in:) Sister Eyre and I also solved all of the worlds problems, well all the problems in our little mission world at least;)

Lunch with some members from Muzha.
We were talking about what it means to be a "Great Missionary" because, lets be real, that's what every missionary hopefully wants to become, A great Missionary! As we kept studying and reading Sister Eyre explained to me that we had it all mixed up! We shouldn't be focusing on being a great missionary. Our focus should be on how we can become a more sanctified Servant of the Lord. As we are doing our best and working our hardest on being Servants, the good missionary part will flow naturally. I'm am switching my entire mind set now! Focus on being a SERVANT! not just a great missionary:)

Here's some miracles from this week:)
we had temple tours this week and a guy from zhongli came in with an RC and we gave them a tour. He was so touched by the video Because of him. He said that he felt so brave and new that he could do anything. Then he asked how he could get baptized.

Riding the Metro
-Our investigator Emily, who used to be the most shy, awkward, wouldn't even make eye contact girl has made a complete 180! She smiles, laughs, prays, asks questions, and talks about Christ. She is starting to really believe that through him she can be healed and changed:)
-Ji Pei De got to go to the temple for his first time this week! He was like a 5 year old with a fistful of chocolate cake.
-Visiting our members and being so overcome with the spirit:) Their stories were touching and it helped us see hope that anyone can have this blessing:)
I am SOOOOO OUT OF TIME!! My computer will die soon!!! Sorry I have no time for pics!! Next week !!! I AM SO DANG SORRY!!!!!!!
I just want to tell you how important it is for us to invite people to learn about Christ and His atonement. In my studies this morning I really realized that the key to coming closer to God is by inviting others to partake of the blessings as well:) 
this stuff is so true, and so good.
i love you all so dang much:) Be so safe!

We Love Yvonne!

Sept. 25, 2016 email

Looks like these are the temple tour sisters for the day.

What an awesome week! Lots of funny stories and miracles. Serving in Muzha really is the greatest blessing in the entire world. Sister Eyre and I are almost done with training and we are super duper sad:( We have had the best time as we have been teaching and learning together! We are going to make this last full week the best one yet!

Trying Stinky Tofu
Last Monday we spent all Pday with one of our favorite members Zhue JM. She and her husband we baptized about a year ago and she is just so dang SOLID. Agh! She has the biggest heart and is always so willing to help us:) She invited us over to her house for stinky tofu and doing our nails. hahahahaahaha!!! Totally a girls day..so funny, haven't had one of those in a REALLY long time! But it was such a blast! Everyone just talked and talked and talked and painted nails. Sister Eyre and I were completely SPENT by the end of the day. Our brains were completely fried! When you have a girls day in America it's a little easier cause its in english and stuff. But our chinese was really put to the test that day!! Girl talk plus mission talk plus solving all the worlds problems ALL in chinese....we were a bit tired after. It was so much dang fun:) I love chinese and taiwan!

Tuesday morning was really cool. Sister and Eyre studied together on The Holy Ghost and how we can ask more inspired questions to our investigators and people we meet on the street. 
Holy cow. We saw SO many miracles that day! Heavenly Father totally guided our studies that morning. That night we met with 2 of our investigators and found out some crucial information. There parents would HARD CORE oppose to them getting baptized and that was why they have been nervous to set dates. All from asking inspired questions! We were able to use the spirit and help them with this concern. I know Heavenly Father can help us with ALL of our challenges and concerns. We had another cool moment when we went down contacting by the river and saw this lady sitting down on a bench. We prayed to Heavenly Father and asked for him to help us know what we needed to ask her to help her in her life. We went and talked to her and got to know her a little bit. Then I asked her what she did for a living. She looked at us and said, "Guess. If you guess right I will buy you dinner." Sister Eyre and I looked at each other and then after some thought Sister Eyre answered the question. "You're a surgeon for the military." 

Nailed it.

Say what?! The lady then told us more about her job and how it is really taking a toll on her soul. Because we asked these questions we knew exactly what we needed to share with her to comfort her heart and see that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can heal her soul. Such a tender mercy!

Teaching in ACTION!
Wednesday. Was the best. hahaha:) The day started out normal. We had studies, ate, had some lessons, but by about 4 oclock Sister Eyre wasn't feeling too hot. We still had some lessons so she was a champ and toughed it through. 6 oclock we had to prepare for english meeting. I'm the english leader so I was just getting some things set up and getting ready for the meeting when Sister Eyre was like," We need to go to the bathroom now....!!" Oh no! I booked it and grabbed the key to unlock the bathroom door and we were both sprinting to the bathroom.

we almost made it.

Throw up. EVERYWHERE! Holy crap it was impressive. like it spread 10 feet in all directions....all of our shoes...
Thank heavens they are water proof!
I took off my shoes and told Elder Jackson to go ahead and start english meeting without us:)
After a little clean up (JK it was a LOT) a day of rest, sister Eyre was ready to go! Good as new!

Oh man best moment ever. hahahhaa Sister Eyre is the best!

Best day!!  Baptism:)

This friday our favorite Yvonnne got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YVONNE!! She was so excited and looked so adorable in her white jumpsuit:) She helped us get the font all filled up and she asked us, "Is this regular water?" "uh..ya!" We replied. Poor kid probably thought she was getting baptized in blood or something weird like that....ew. jkjkjk
Her dad got to baptized her and he was just glowing with excitement! It took him a few tries to get her fully immersed...but eventually he got it! hahahaa:) I am so grateful for this gospel and the incredible people I've been able to meet while sharing about Jesus Christ. He is the light in the dark and will always guide us.
Love you guys so dang much!!!!!!!!

Typhoons and Moon Festival

Sept. 18, 2016 email
They are wearing Pomelos on their heads.  Not sure why, but I'm assuming something to do with the Moon Festival.  Pomelos look like giant moons and they've been eating lots of them so........

Another wonderful week here in Taiwan. Just so you all know we are safe and sound from the "massive typhoon". hahahaha it was basically some rough winds and rain. I'm pretty sure I've seen it 10x worse every single time we go to Lake Powell:) Sometimes people over react a lot. Especially here in Taiwan. hahahaha.

This week was the moon festival so nobody had work from about thursday to sunday! So dang fun. The only hard part for us missionaries was that nobody wanted to set up with us because they were all partying and what not...oh well. We still saw miracles! Here we go:)

Last monday we went to the zoo for Pday and met these two guys from england. They were SO CURIOUS as to what Mormons actually were. They couldn't believe that we were even normal people. We had a good chat and shared with them true doctrine, they were so pumped that we were so normal and not a cult that they asked if we could get them in touch with the missionaries in England. OF COURSE!

Wednesday we had english class and went english boarding right before to get some new kids coming. The wind was going CRAZY! so much fun! Like so dang windy! People were laughing at us trying to hand out english flyers but it was still a great time. Even with the typhoon that night, we each had about 3 new students in all of our classes. Miracles of English boarding in the Typhoon:) That night Yvonne also had her baptismal interview! She was a little nervous. We all said a prayer together and asked for Heavenly Father to comfort her and give her confidence. By the time the interview was over she had the BIGGEST smile on her face!!!! I've never seen her so happy or talk so much ever! She is so ready to get baptized:) Sadly, because of the Typhoon her baptism got cancelled and moved to this friday! Pics next week!!

Some of the members in Muzha:)
This week we also got the chance to be temple tour sisters again! Except this time it was a little different. The temple sisters were backed up on all the referrals that hadn't been sent yet so they asked us to go into the mission system and send them all in. 


My eyes  and brain were broken after about 3 hours of putting referrals in.
BUT! We got them all done!! So now all those people will be set up with missionaries and can finally start learning about christ and preparing for baptism! The office elders have it rough. That's basically what they do all day everyday!

Thursday was the moon festival! The weather was pretty good that day and EVERYONE was outside doing some good old taiwanese bbq. It all smelled so good! Sadly nobody invited us over to bbq with them, so Sister Eyre and I went on a nice comp date to a yummy japanese place. Then we went down by the river contacting and met some awesome new investigators! Everyone was down there checking out the moon and setting off fireworks! It's cool to see how willing people are to here about Jesus Christ when they feel the Holy Ghost. I know that Prayer and teaching true doctrine will soften hearts as the spirit touches them.

This is how Emma writes home every monday.  Those two have the best smiles!
We are so dang excited for all the exciting things this week has in store for us!
This was one of my favorite scriptures from my Book of Mormon reading this week:)
4th nephi 1:15 
"And it came to pass that there was no contention in the land, because of the love of God which did dwell in the hearts of the people."
The Love of God is the greatest of all things! if we are always trying to be like Christ and love everyone we will be able to better understand people and help them learn about the healing and enabling power of the Atonement. :)

other fun facts this week:
-killed a cockroach in the middle of the night,....I had to go to the bathroom and the lights were off....I saw an even darker spot scuddling around and new it was a cockroach....I grabbed my shoe ( still no lights ) and smashed it and went back to bed......
in the morning there were like a gazillion ants feasting on it.....nast....
-I had a handful of Great Harvest granola and cried.
-Sunday we met so many old ladies and they would not stop touch our facing and telling us we were beautiful...oh my gosh they are hilarious. I've never been rubbed up so much in my life!

have a fab week Love you guys.xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

"Smite The Earth With The Word Of God"

Sept. 11, 2016 email

What an awesome week. Seriously so much dang fun. Missionary work is the hardest but most happy, satisfying work in the entire world! I LOVE MUZHA!

We shall start with last Monday. We traveled to Yingge and made pots! It's this little village not far from zhongli that is famous for throwing pots! So we all went and made pots together. Some good clean fun:)
But best part about monday was our super duper cute investigator Yvonne. She is adorable and hopefully getting baptized this saturday! Monday night we met with her. Usually we ride our bikes to our house, but we were completely out of time so caught a bus about half way there so we wouldn't be late. Our lesson started at 8:30ish. We were teaching, praying, singing, testifying, all that good stuff, then I looked down at my watch and it was 9:10.....the buses stop coming at 9.......and we are at the top of a mountain and have to be home by 9:30! OH NO! We rapped up the lesson real fast and booked it out of there. Sister Eyre and I looked at each other and were like. "oh crap...what do we do!!!" We both knew what to do. Zipped up our backpacks real tight, and booked it down the mountain. We were running our guts out!!!!!!!! like literally sprinting down this mountain!
I AM NOW GOING TO TESTIFY OF HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO EXERCISE!! I looked down at my watch and it was 9:15...oh my goodness!!! I yelled at sister eyre and said, 'LETS PRAY!" We asked Heavenly Father to give us the stamina we needed to run down this mountain, get to our bikes and make it home in time. Heavenly Father answered our prayer X10!! we were FLYING!! I wish someone could have videoed it or something! We raced down, grabbed our bikes and were in our house right at 9:29. 


These three pictures are of the absolutely AMAZING ward members in Muzha!! Once a month they help the missionaries find people to teach.  The entire ward!!  And each of these ladies and Ji Pei Di send me photos and little notes about Emma quite frequently.  I love the members in Muzha!

Sister Clawson on splits with Jewel.  She is a recent convert who is on Fire!!  She radiates joy and goodness and takes care of the missionaries:)  
The Lord will always help us! I'm so grateful for his endless help and guidance!! Huge testimony builder. Again ! something new every week! 
I don't have much time but here were some other tender moments from the week.
-we found 3 new families this week:)
-riding our bikes through waterfalls it rained so dang hard.
-ate TONS  of pomelos:)
-went on splits with the ward.
-a mean asian guy from america chastized us for being missionaries.
-and soooooo much more!

One of the greatest miracles this week was from our other lesson with Yvonne saturday night. Sister Eyre and I were just kind of nervous with how much she actually wanted to get baptized and if she really had a growing testimony. We prayed and planned for our lesson and knew the Holy Ghost would guide us to know how to help her. We taught and we had the impression to ask her how her prayers went the day before. She then told us the most tender story about how she was so stressed for her test, said a pray, and had the most amazing feeling of comfort come over her. She said she new it was the Holy Ghost and that Heavenly Father knows and loves her. 
:) She is excited to be able to get baptized this week:) 
Hopefully all continues to go well:) I know the Lord loves all his children and is helping yvonne so much:)
I love this work and the happiness that comes from this Gospel!!!
Mom and family! Go and read 3nephi 28!!! It changed my life this morning!!
lvoe you all so dang much!!!

I Love You Family!

Sept. 4, 2016 Email
Hello my dearest family:) This week was a blast and a half. Way different than any other week because Sister Eyre and I had like 15,000 different meetings and things we had to go
to this week!! All in all we are spiritually uplifted and ready to put it all into action this week:)
Last monday was so stinking cool. We all went to the National Palace Museum together. Ji Pei De even took off work to come with us:) We've been planning this trip for like a month because they have 7 Terracotta warriors on display there! WHAT?! 
The museum is absolutely beautiful. It was  super duper dark inside though (apparently to preserve the ancient artifacts....whatever..) So not gonna lie, I got way tired for a hot minute! But It was all just so neat and old with tons of history behind all of it. Elder Jackson in our district is a major in Archeology so he was just freaking out having a hay day like a 5 year old with a handful of candy. It was fun to watch and he was a good professor guide for us:)
The Coolest part was definitely the Terracotta warriors. Lets be real...all I knew about the Terracotta warriors was from what I saw in The Mummy3. So not a ton....but luckily Elder jackson gave me ALL the background and I became very educated! History is so neat! Good Pday.

Wednesday we had English class! I've been called as the new english leader so we had to go to the Mission home for a training on the whole thing. English class is a lot more intense than I thought but I am so stoked to help everyone else get pumped about it and to Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts through english class!!
Anyways, now for the funny part.
So I'm all pumped about english class right? so I did some good prep for my class. This weeks lesson was on How to go to The Pharmacy.! sounds like good, clean, fun, english class right?!
We had a new student in our class that was NUTS! She was a bit lost in the head..but anyways she got way carried away with medicine, the way you take medicine, which then lead to other kinds of medicince, AKA drugs! She then started talking about how a little bit of heroine never hurt anyone!
Lets just say I had to kindly escort her to the hall and then had a lesson with my class on how drugs are not good for you. Ever, which then lead in to a nice discussion on the Word of Wisdom:) Perfect.
Word of Wisdom for the WIN!!
Ps thanks dad for really teaching me the Word of wisdom. I don't know if you remember but one day we were talking about exercise and being healthy, like we do:) and you shared with me D&C 89. I have loved it and 100% believed it ever since. I think I was like 14. Best Dad award goes to you! Love you tons;)

Thursday we had a killer Trainer Trainee follow up meeting!!! It was super fun to get together with everyone and refocus! Me and Sister Eyre are over half way done with training. WE cry about it every night. well at least I do...:( She's the best and we have been have seen SO many miracles together!

Friday we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. It was a blast! I learned so much! Sister Tinsley was my comp for the day and she really pushed me to think outside of the box and to set some awesome goals. She also helped me see that I have awesome faith in the Lord, But do I have 100%? Woa. this made me think big time! I have faith. But I don't have 100%. Huge eye opener for me. I know as I have complete 100% trust in the Lord He will NEVER let us fail:)
This sunday was the greatest! I have this english Student that has come to my class the whole time I have been in Muzha and his daughter goes to Sister Eyres class. Jungle and Barbie.
best names ever:)

Anyways we set up to meet with them and share with them more about the gospel! They invited us to their home and gave us their address. Ok. Cool.
We were riding our bikes looking for the house and...............
turns out they basically live in the Ritz Carlton of Taiwan......................
like literally I can't even............
It was nicer than the Grand America mom!!!!!
So we went inside to this building and they treated us to Iced cocoa and Chocolate cakes.
Holy crap it was so posh:)
We got to meet with his wife and share with them about eternal Families. They got all sorts of excited and we are meeting with them again this week:)

Last night we also got to go with our beautiful Yvonne to a fireside for investigators. It is amazing to see her change so much. She smiles and talks more and more every time we meet with her. The changing and life-enriching power of this gospel  cannot be described. As we rely on Christ's Atonement, we can change:) AGH SHE'S SO GOOD!
Love you with my whole flippin heart and miss you guys like crazy.