Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Living It Up in Beitou!

Oct. 18, 2016 email

Emma was so excited to make BROWNIES!
Holy Cow!!!!
The past week has been GO GO GO!! Sister Kho and I have had the funnest week and seen SO many miracles. I have a disclaimer though, I forgot my little book that I write all the details from the week in at our apartment....NOOOO! So I will do my best to remember everything that happened this week:)

Lots of free fried squid samples.

Testing of the fried squid.
Last Pday we went to a place called Danshui! It's super duper touristy and famous for fried squid. So of course we went and feasted our hearts out on all the samples the had lining the entire street:) Oh man but the best thing we did was went and had our feet eaten by little fish!!!! (sound terrifying?) Nah I promise it was super fun:) They have this little shop with 3 pools that you can put your feet in and little, medium, and BIG fish will come and bite the dead skin off of your feet!. Neat! But really it was so fun. I was dying it tickled so bad. It reminded me of doing Ninja training with Fred Summers. One time when mom and dad were in Hawaii, Fred and Rachel came over to stay with us. And of course we had to do Ultimate Ninja Training. I remember Fred grabbed my foot and said that if I could handle his tickling my foot then i was the ultimate ninja. 

I failed.

But Pday I conquered it with the little fish biting my feet! yes!

I don't think these are Emma's feet.  They look rather hairy and manly:)  But how about those fish!
The rest of the week was absolutely chuck full with all sorts of lessons with our investigators! We have got some super duper fun people. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father made us all so different so that this world could be a happier, more exciting, and fun place to live in:)

Exchanges.  Emma was with Sister Cooper on the far left:)  I LOVE the story that goes along with this picture.  It's the next paragraph.
This thursday was my first time doing exchanges!!! so dang fun! I was with Sister Cooper:) She is still in training and is the best missionary ever! She has the funnest personality and is so good at helping everyone on the street and in lessons feel so loved. We had a super fun experience together. On friday afternoon we had some finding time before a lesson, we had planned to go to Fuxing park and contact! We jumped on our bikes and headed on our way. But we never made it there...... First there was an old grandma that was picking up a million pieces of glass on the street. So we stopped, helped her pick up glass (eek danger danger!) and shared with her!! Then we got on our bikes again and saw this guy who was walking a bunch of dogs that were all tangled up. So we helped them all get untangled and talked to him! Then we got on our bikes and saw these two boys folding blankets at a factory, Turns out they were from Vitetnam! We folded some blankets for them and then invited them to church! Then we were fresh out of time! Its so awesome how we can share the gospel with everyone in any situation!!

Sister Kho is the best!!

Baking brownies for investigators!  Everything is better with a treat:)
Other miracles from this week. Our inbestigator Ke JM and her son both passed their baptismal interviews!!!!!!!! They were both from a member referral and have only been meeting with the missionaries for a little over a month:) and our investigator Chen JM who canceled her baptism last week was able to overcome satans temptation and fear and set a new baptismal date with us!!!
I know that as we are looking, and having faith to see miracles every single day, God will help us find them:)

Dinner at a members home.  That is a HUGE bowl of soup!!  

I'm not sure if it's truly hot chocolate time, but this girl loves her cup of cocoa or peppermint tea:)
other fun facts;)
-mom I bought a costco card! I'm a big kid now! 
-we made brownies for our members and they turned out SICK!! (SICK means they were tasty, delicious, and wonderful in Emma's world!)   I thought I would mess them up but they were great! (Thanks for being the best cooking teacher mom)
-just had a blast this week.
my fam I love you tons and I pumped to talk to you all next week:)

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