Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Typhoons and Moon Festival

Sept. 18, 2016 email
They are wearing Pomelos on their heads.  Not sure why, but I'm assuming something to do with the Moon Festival.  Pomelos look like giant moons and they've been eating lots of them so........

Another wonderful week here in Taiwan. Just so you all know we are safe and sound from the "massive typhoon". hahahaha it was basically some rough winds and rain. I'm pretty sure I've seen it 10x worse every single time we go to Lake Powell:) Sometimes people over react a lot. Especially here in Taiwan. hahahaha.

This week was the moon festival so nobody had work from about thursday to sunday! So dang fun. The only hard part for us missionaries was that nobody wanted to set up with us because they were all partying and what not...oh well. We still saw miracles! Here we go:)

Last monday we went to the zoo for Pday and met these two guys from england. They were SO CURIOUS as to what Mormons actually were. They couldn't believe that we were even normal people. We had a good chat and shared with them true doctrine, they were so pumped that we were so normal and not a cult that they asked if we could get them in touch with the missionaries in England. OF COURSE!

Wednesday we had english class and went english boarding right before to get some new kids coming. The wind was going CRAZY! so much fun! Like so dang windy! People were laughing at us trying to hand out english flyers but it was still a great time. Even with the typhoon that night, we each had about 3 new students in all of our classes. Miracles of English boarding in the Typhoon:) That night Yvonne also had her baptismal interview! She was a little nervous. We all said a prayer together and asked for Heavenly Father to comfort her and give her confidence. By the time the interview was over she had the BIGGEST smile on her face!!!! I've never seen her so happy or talk so much ever! She is so ready to get baptized:) Sadly, because of the Typhoon her baptism got cancelled and moved to this friday! Pics next week!!

Some of the members in Muzha:)
This week we also got the chance to be temple tour sisters again! Except this time it was a little different. The temple sisters were backed up on all the referrals that hadn't been sent yet so they asked us to go into the mission system and send them all in. 


My eyes  and brain were broken after about 3 hours of putting referrals in.
BUT! We got them all done!! So now all those people will be set up with missionaries and can finally start learning about christ and preparing for baptism! The office elders have it rough. That's basically what they do all day everyday!

Thursday was the moon festival! The weather was pretty good that day and EVERYONE was outside doing some good old taiwanese bbq. It all smelled so good! Sadly nobody invited us over to bbq with them, so Sister Eyre and I went on a nice comp date to a yummy japanese place. Then we went down by the river contacting and met some awesome new investigators! Everyone was down there checking out the moon and setting off fireworks! It's cool to see how willing people are to here about Jesus Christ when they feel the Holy Ghost. I know that Prayer and teaching true doctrine will soften hearts as the spirit touches them.

This is how Emma writes home every monday.  Those two have the best smiles!
We are so dang excited for all the exciting things this week has in store for us!
This was one of my favorite scriptures from my Book of Mormon reading this week:)
4th nephi 1:15 
"And it came to pass that there was no contention in the land, because of the love of God which did dwell in the hearts of the people."
The Love of God is the greatest of all things! if we are always trying to be like Christ and love everyone we will be able to better understand people and help them learn about the healing and enabling power of the Atonement. :)

other fun facts this week:
-killed a cockroach in the middle of the night,....I had to go to the bathroom and the lights were off....I saw an even darker spot scuddling around and new it was a cockroach....I grabbed my shoe ( still no lights ) and smashed it and went back to bed......
in the morning there were like a gazillion ants feasting on it.....nast....
-I had a handful of Great Harvest granola and cried.
-Sunday we met so many old ladies and they would not stop touch our facing and telling us we were beautiful...oh my gosh they are hilarious. I've never been rubbed up so much in my life!

have a fab week Love you guys.xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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