Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"Smite The Earth With The Word Of God"

Sept. 11, 2016 email

What an awesome week. Seriously so much dang fun. Missionary work is the hardest but most happy, satisfying work in the entire world! I LOVE MUZHA!

We shall start with last Monday. We traveled to Yingge and made pots! It's this little village not far from zhongli that is famous for throwing pots! So we all went and made pots together. Some good clean fun:)
But best part about monday was our super duper cute investigator Yvonne. She is adorable and hopefully getting baptized this saturday! Monday night we met with her. Usually we ride our bikes to our house, but we were completely out of time so caught a bus about half way there so we wouldn't be late. Our lesson started at 8:30ish. We were teaching, praying, singing, testifying, all that good stuff, then I looked down at my watch and it was 9:10.....the buses stop coming at 9.......and we are at the top of a mountain and have to be home by 9:30! OH NO! We rapped up the lesson real fast and booked it out of there. Sister Eyre and I looked at each other and were like. "oh crap...what do we do!!!" We both knew what to do. Zipped up our backpacks real tight, and booked it down the mountain. We were running our guts out!!!!!!!! like literally sprinting down this mountain!
I AM NOW GOING TO TESTIFY OF HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO EXERCISE!! I looked down at my watch and it was 9:15...oh my goodness!!! I yelled at sister eyre and said, 'LETS PRAY!" We asked Heavenly Father to give us the stamina we needed to run down this mountain, get to our bikes and make it home in time. Heavenly Father answered our prayer X10!! we were FLYING!! I wish someone could have videoed it or something! We raced down, grabbed our bikes and were in our house right at 9:29. 


These three pictures are of the absolutely AMAZING ward members in Muzha!! Once a month they help the missionaries find people to teach.  The entire ward!!  And each of these ladies and Ji Pei Di send me photos and little notes about Emma quite frequently.  I love the members in Muzha!

Sister Clawson on splits with Jewel.  She is a recent convert who is on Fire!!  She radiates joy and goodness and takes care of the missionaries:)  
The Lord will always help us! I'm so grateful for his endless help and guidance!! Huge testimony builder. Again ! something new every week! 
I don't have much time but here were some other tender moments from the week.
-we found 3 new families this week:)
-riding our bikes through waterfalls it rained so dang hard.
-ate TONS  of pomelos:)
-went on splits with the ward.
-a mean asian guy from america chastized us for being missionaries.
-and soooooo much more!

One of the greatest miracles this week was from our other lesson with Yvonne saturday night. Sister Eyre and I were just kind of nervous with how much she actually wanted to get baptized and if she really had a growing testimony. We prayed and planned for our lesson and knew the Holy Ghost would guide us to know how to help her. We taught and we had the impression to ask her how her prayers went the day before. She then told us the most tender story about how she was so stressed for her test, said a pray, and had the most amazing feeling of comfort come over her. She said she new it was the Holy Ghost and that Heavenly Father knows and loves her. 
:) She is excited to be able to get baptized this week:) 
Hopefully all continues to go well:) I know the Lord loves all his children and is helping yvonne so much:)
I love this work and the happiness that comes from this Gospel!!!
Mom and family! Go and read 3nephi 28!!! It changed my life this morning!!
lvoe you all so dang much!!!

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