Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We Love Yvonne!

Sept. 25, 2016 email

Looks like these are the temple tour sisters for the day.

What an awesome week! Lots of funny stories and miracles. Serving in Muzha really is the greatest blessing in the entire world. Sister Eyre and I are almost done with training and we are super duper sad:( We have had the best time as we have been teaching and learning together! We are going to make this last full week the best one yet!

Trying Stinky Tofu
Last Monday we spent all Pday with one of our favorite members Zhue JM. She and her husband we baptized about a year ago and she is just so dang SOLID. Agh! She has the biggest heart and is always so willing to help us:) She invited us over to her house for stinky tofu and doing our nails. hahahahaahaha!!! Totally a girls day..so funny, haven't had one of those in a REALLY long time! But it was such a blast! Everyone just talked and talked and talked and painted nails. Sister Eyre and I were completely SPENT by the end of the day. Our brains were completely fried! When you have a girls day in America it's a little easier cause its in english and stuff. But our chinese was really put to the test that day!! Girl talk plus mission talk plus solving all the worlds problems ALL in chinese....we were a bit tired after. It was so much dang fun:) I love chinese and taiwan!

Tuesday morning was really cool. Sister and Eyre studied together on The Holy Ghost and how we can ask more inspired questions to our investigators and people we meet on the street. 
Holy cow. We saw SO many miracles that day! Heavenly Father totally guided our studies that morning. That night we met with 2 of our investigators and found out some crucial information. There parents would HARD CORE oppose to them getting baptized and that was why they have been nervous to set dates. All from asking inspired questions! We were able to use the spirit and help them with this concern. I know Heavenly Father can help us with ALL of our challenges and concerns. We had another cool moment when we went down contacting by the river and saw this lady sitting down on a bench. We prayed to Heavenly Father and asked for him to help us know what we needed to ask her to help her in her life. We went and talked to her and got to know her a little bit. Then I asked her what she did for a living. She looked at us and said, "Guess. If you guess right I will buy you dinner." Sister Eyre and I looked at each other and then after some thought Sister Eyre answered the question. "You're a surgeon for the military." 

Nailed it.

Say what?! The lady then told us more about her job and how it is really taking a toll on her soul. Because we asked these questions we knew exactly what we needed to share with her to comfort her heart and see that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can heal her soul. Such a tender mercy!

Teaching in ACTION!
Wednesday. Was the best. hahaha:) The day started out normal. We had studies, ate, had some lessons, but by about 4 oclock Sister Eyre wasn't feeling too hot. We still had some lessons so she was a champ and toughed it through. 6 oclock we had to prepare for english meeting. I'm the english leader so I was just getting some things set up and getting ready for the meeting when Sister Eyre was like," We need to go to the bathroom now....!!" Oh no! I booked it and grabbed the key to unlock the bathroom door and we were both sprinting to the bathroom.

we almost made it.

Throw up. EVERYWHERE! Holy crap it was impressive. like it spread 10 feet in all directions....all of our shoes...
Thank heavens they are water proof!
I took off my shoes and told Elder Jackson to go ahead and start english meeting without us:)
After a little clean up (JK it was a LOT) a day of rest, sister Eyre was ready to go! Good as new!

Oh man best moment ever. hahahhaa Sister Eyre is the best!

Best day!!  Baptism:)

This friday our favorite Yvonnne got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YVONNE!! She was so excited and looked so adorable in her white jumpsuit:) She helped us get the font all filled up and she asked us, "Is this regular water?" "uh..ya!" We replied. Poor kid probably thought she was getting baptized in blood or something weird like that....ew. jkjkjk
Her dad got to baptized her and he was just glowing with excitement! It took him a few tries to get her fully immersed...but eventually he got it! hahahaa:) I am so grateful for this gospel and the incredible people I've been able to meet while sharing about Jesus Christ. He is the light in the dark and will always guide us.
Love you guys so dang much!!!!!!!!

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