Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Half Way! WHAT?

Oct. 2, 2016 email

I just love them!

Such a fun week here in the Muzha:) This week started out with a pretty dang funny twist. Late monday night we got a text from the Mission home saying that nobody was allowed to leave their house until further notice because of the typhoon! I was like, "pffff...whatever! They will text us by the morning and say it's ok to go outside." 

I was wrong.

We woke up and it was CRAZY. I've had like 4 typhoons in the past month and a half but this one was pretty dang awful. Wind was HUGE. Waves on the Road. Waterfalls from the roof! Oh man it was the best:) So. The whole mission was confined to our living quarters for the day. It literally didn't let up ALL DAY! Like It got worse and worse by the hour!!!! Agh it was hilarious! Sister Eyre was getting cabin fever hard core. It was still a pretty effective day. We called EVERYONE! Members, LA's, potentials, investigators, the whole thing! We also cleaned our house till it sparkled and got some excellent studying in:) Sister Eyre and I also solved all of the worlds problems, well all the problems in our little mission world at least;)

Lunch with some members from Muzha.
We were talking about what it means to be a "Great Missionary" because, lets be real, that's what every missionary hopefully wants to become, A great Missionary! As we kept studying and reading Sister Eyre explained to me that we had it all mixed up! We shouldn't be focusing on being a great missionary. Our focus should be on how we can become a more sanctified Servant of the Lord. As we are doing our best and working our hardest on being Servants, the good missionary part will flow naturally. I'm am switching my entire mind set now! Focus on being a SERVANT! not just a great missionary:)

Here's some miracles from this week:)
we had temple tours this week and a guy from zhongli came in with an RC and we gave them a tour. He was so touched by the video Because of him. He said that he felt so brave and new that he could do anything. Then he asked how he could get baptized.

Riding the Metro
-Our investigator Emily, who used to be the most shy, awkward, wouldn't even make eye contact girl has made a complete 180! She smiles, laughs, prays, asks questions, and talks about Christ. She is starting to really believe that through him she can be healed and changed:)
-Ji Pei De got to go to the temple for his first time this week! He was like a 5 year old with a fistful of chocolate cake.
-Visiting our members and being so overcome with the spirit:) Their stories were touching and it helped us see hope that anyone can have this blessing:)
I am SOOOOO OUT OF TIME!! My computer will die soon!!! Sorry I have no time for pics!! Next week !!! I AM SO DANG SORRY!!!!!!!
I just want to tell you how important it is for us to invite people to learn about Christ and His atonement. In my studies this morning I really realized that the key to coming closer to God is by inviting others to partake of the blessings as well:) 
this stuff is so true, and so good.
i love you all so dang much:) Be so safe!

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