Monday, January 30, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year!

Temple Tour sister's!!  
This week was a ton of fun! Mom forgive me but we have a lunch appointment soon so I will do my best to help you see how great of a week it was! :)
Tender mercies and adventures of the week:

-Last Pday we went shopping In Taipei with our member friend Nikki! Mom It was so fun! It totally felt like shopping day with you and Jane in City Creek our Station Park! We even got some yummy food after:) It was a tender moment for me!! I love my fam!
Chinese New Year decorations.

-Tuesday we went to Wanda on exchanges with Some sisters:) I was with Sister Zhong. She is amazing and the cutest taiwanese girl I'v ever met. She really taught me how important it is to share personal experiences with people on the street. She is an incredible missionary!!

-This week was the start of Chinese New Year! Friday and Saturday ALL the shops were closed!!!!
Like all of them! We have member meals for lunch and dinner every day for 5 days. We are working on day 4 right now and we are dying. I don't think I have ever been so dang full in my entire life!!!!! so much good food but I might throw up tonight! They just keep feeding you. pray for us. This is a good problem to have:) It's also been an awesome opportunity to get to know our members even better! they all have the funnest stories ever!!
Sister Clawson and Sister Miller.  They both are named Emma too!  

Thank you Chang family for having the missionaries for dinner!

-Thursday we did temple tours and met the cutest girls from Korea! they were excited to meet missionaries their too:) Afterwards we put together 75 cleaning kits for all the missionary apartments with the AP's. That was nuts. I just realized how much busy work has to go on in the mission home to help our lives flow more smoothly.

-Friday was our worldwide Mission Conference!! YAY! We are so pumped for all the awesome changes to our schedule! 

-Saturday was our missionwide cleaning day. Oh my goodness. 
IT WAS INTENSE!! sister miller and I were absolutely exhausted afterwards!!!!
there was so much CRAP from who knows when piled up in our apartment! But we are happy to say now that it is sparkly and beautiful! A place where the spirit can reside!
Mission wide cleaning day.  Em says it sparkles now!

I'm so grateful for all the awesome things that we have been able to see this week and so many miracles over Chinese new year:)
We are also teaching this cute girl named Shanelle from the phillipines! She is so cute and her personality is so sparkly! It's been so cool to watch her change slowly as she learns about the restored gospel!  I know that this church is true and will bring so much happiness into our lives;) I love you guys so dang much!!!!
She takes after her dad:)

Monday, January 23, 2017

Chinese New Year Is Upon Us!

Jan. 22, 2017 email

P-day fun in MUZHA!!
Chinese New Year starts Sat. Jan. 28th.  Everyone is working late on Thurs. to prepare for 5 days off of work.  They will have a huge dinner on Friday night (kind of like Christmas Eve for us) and then have loads of fun and eating for 5 days!  Everyone goes back to work on Tues. and then the Lantern Festival will cap off the 15 day New Year celebration on Feb. 11th.  Emma has lunch and dinners planned with members and their families for the first 5 days!  Other than all the eating she will be contacting people out on the street and sharing the gospel with anyone who will listen. 

What a fun week! fam I am so sorry, I feel like my emails are getting crappier and crappier. Just so much fun stuff, so many miracles, so many crazy people, and not enough memory space!!!! Agh I promise I love my mission with all my heart and it really is the coolest experience everyday.:)
This wednesday we had the opportunity to go to the temple. It was perfect:) The only hard thing about going to the temple is that my body completely crashes right when I sit down. It was a straight struggle this time. I don't think I've ever prayed so hard as I did in the temple asking Heavenly Father to please just help me stay AWAKE! Oh man. But, it turned out really well, when we went into the celestial room it was so freezing in their it was impossible to fall asleep. LIke it was freezing! We are talking about like 40 degrees celsius. So we did some quick pondering and praying and then went to warm up real quick:) I'm so dang grateful we have a temple in our mission!
AFter the temple our district and some other missionaries went to the Maokong Gondola in muzha.

That's right.



It was so fun to be there again. I swear Muzha really is the most special place in all of Taiwan. Dear to ma heart I tell ya. 
We went all the way to the top of the mountain, went on a mini hike, and then bought one of all the fun little foods they had in this littler market. It was delicious. I think Taiwan has the most delicious sausages in all the world! mmmmm:) It was a fun temple day.

This week we had a crazy miracle! Sister Miller and I were doing our daily planing together on thursday night and saw that we both had this Wu Tai Tai scheduled for 4 the next day. but we could not find her phone number ANYWHERE! We were so scared that we were gonna leave her hanging at her own lesson because the next day our assigned time to do interviews with president got switched so we wouldn't be able to make it back in time for her lesson! 

So we were completely flipping out thinking that this mom was gonna show up to hear about Jesus but we weren't even gonna come. We looked and looked for her number and couldn't find anything:( We prayed and prayed that Heavenly Father would somehow help us find this moms number so that we could change times with her. 
We went to interviews the next day and it was awesome. President Jergensen is an amazing leader that has been called of God to help  and guide us! It was my turn to be interviewed. After President and I were done, we walked back to switch off with my companion and I see that Sister Miller is on the phone with someone. She finishes the call, hangs up, and then looks up at me with a huge smile and says, "Sister, GOD IS SO GOOD TO US!!!!"
The person on the phone was Wu Tai Tai! She had saved our number and called to tell us that her son was sick so that we would have to change times to meet:)
Man its so dang fun to be here:) This week Chinese New Year starts! Everyone is preparing super duper hard core. We are so excited, and nervous for all the craziness. More stories and details to come next week I guess:)
This week we also met the cutest new family to teach. They are named the Zhang family! It's a cute Mom with a 12 year old son and 2 year old baby girl. Their dad works China most of them time. They all seemed pretty bummed about his work, but are super pumped that he is coming home for chinese new year! They really want their family to be eternal. It was so fun to get to know them and to testify to them about how through Jesus Christ and Baptism, we can be with our families forever. 
Taiwan is the Best!
Now for one last crazy story from last night.. hahah:)
Sister Miller and I planned last night to go to the night market english boarding. After being there for a little bit we wrapped it up so that we could make it home on time. We went back to our bikes and what did we see?
Sister millers beautiful bike standing proudly waiting for her, and mine,in a pile on the ground. I don't know what happened.....but basically my basket was off, my water bottle has a HUGE dent in it (it looks pretty gnarly:) It's got some good character now) and my helmet was a pancake..

But my bike is still perfect! Thank heavens!
So I think someone just might hit it, ran over it, man I don't know. So that was a fun adventure, Now I've got a spicy blue helmt!:)
I love this work so much! If we constantly are striving to live the gospel of Jesus Christ we will be happy:)

I Have A Testimony Of Bear Grylis Pocketknives!

Jan. 17, 2017 email

Best baptism of this cute girl!!  And Sister Kho got to be there too.  

My beloved family:) I hope you are all having a blast shredding the gnar without me in Sun Valley! Jerks.
Just kidding, i still love you all. This week was an absolute blast and a half. First we started out last pday with a hike to Yangmingshan.

It is supposedly absolutely glorious and looks as if you have stepped foot in the scottish ires or something like that. We were all so pumped to go and check it out. It has been pretty toasty in taiwan lately and this day was a little cloudy so I wasn't even sort of worried about getting cold. We all piled in this tiny bus together and started on our adventure. After about an hour of the worst car sickness, Elder Kaufusi barfing, all of us wanting to die, we finally made it up to the top! We were so grateful to be out of the bus. It smelled like death.

Bad bus ride!

Mystical Yangmingshan.

Emma FROZE her butt off!
Our hike turned out to be the most mystical of them all. It was straight up fog. Could barely see in front of you!!! We figured this was a once in a lifetime chance to see it like that. The only thing that was hard was how COLD IT WAS! Literally the coldest I have ever been on my whole mission. I was dying!!!!!!!!! Super duper unprepared, but still a lot of fun:)

The rest of the week was chuck full of exchanges again. Exchanges are fun. There were some nights when I felt like I was at girls camp our something. 4 girls in the same apartment always talking about the gospel? yup, basically girls camp to a T. Just throw in some faith building exercises and you are set. It was a blast. 

This week was also so dang exciting. Zhang Kang Yun Got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! She has been waiting since the day she met us to be baptized. It was so happy to see how excited she was. Her baptism was saturday morning and she was basically jumping up and down getting into her jump suit. Her mom gave a little talk during the service and just lost it. She was just so overwhelmed and grateful that her daughter was able to get baptized. Her talk ended up being really short because she didn't want to cry anymore:) short and sweet! ahahah. AFter that Kang Yun got dunked!!! Her face was absolutely radiating with joy! YOu can see for yourself in the pics! It was so dang good. Oh! but even better was her testimony afterwards. She KILLED it! Totally blew everyone away. Her and her mom are perfect of examples of what it means to come forth with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. We are so excited for their family and hope that their dad will be jumping on board with them soon too:) 

I know that Heavenly Father loves all of us so much. If you want to be happy, live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The end! It's that simple.

We say another serious tender mercy this Sunday night. Sister Miller and I have been complete slammed this week with nonstop lessons and exchanges! We were absolutely pooped when sunday night came around. but we had a couple hours to find before we went home. We prayed and started on our way. We talked to everyone, but it was just ROUGH! We couldn't get anyone to talk with us. Our skills were low, energy was low, faith was low, oh crap! We had about 20 minutes left and decided to pray again. We asked Heavenly Father to help sharpen our skills and give us energy to find one person to set up with us. 


We started talking and sharing with people for about 15 minutes but still, nobody was having it. Not gonna lie, I was done! But then we saw this cute girl fussing with her bike. We walked over to see if we could help. Her kickstand was broken. Long story short, all 3 of us were going at this bike with no success, but then I pulled out my handy dandy Bear Grylls pocket knife and we fixed it in a jiff! We were all squealing with excitement when it worked! She was so happy! She looked at us, smiled, and said, "I am going to come to church with you:)" 


She felt the spirit, and wanted to learn more:) We are stoked for her to come to church with us this sunday.
I know Heavenly Father sees our efforts and really will answer our prayers.
I also have a testimony of Bear Grylls pocket knifes:)
I love you guys so dang much!!!!!!!!!

Missionary life!

Taiwan life!  
Oh mom You have to tell dad! so this week at church we were in the Danshui ward because Kang Yun was getting her conformation.
We were in Gospel principles class and I see this cute young girl that I've never seen before and started talking to her.
Well guess what?! She lived in  Cache Valley from May to September last year with a family from logan teaching the kids chinese!!!!!!!
She went to the bakery almost every other week because the mom is a regular and LOVES the sandwiches!! She even said that
she had met dad before and he told her that his daughter was serving in Taiwan! WE WERE BOTH FREAKING OUT!
Her name is Zona Zhen and she is 22 years old. She actually just got baptized right before she went to utah:) I just had to tell you!
It was the biggest miracle ever. I gave her yours and dads number and she might come stay with us for a bit this year:)

One Year Down!

Jan. 8, 2017 email
Exchanges again!  So much FUN!

This week was truly awesome. Sister Miller and I are LOVING beitou and literally seeing so many miracles I can't even write them all down. 
First off Last monday we had a really cool lesson with the Zhong family. We had planned to share with them about the 10 commandments and read the scriptures with them together. We were about to get started when Brother Zhong just looked at us and said, "wait, I have been thinking a lot lately. Why do you want to be a member of this church." Kind of a random question, but all of us were able to share our own unique testimonies. We all could feel the spirit. The family is doing amazing and its so cool to see how much they grow every day. Heavenly Father wants them SO BAD! After we had our lesson with them we still had time before we went home so we jumped on our trusty bikes and went out to make some new friends! It was crazy. I just gotta say how ridiculous it is to look back and see, all the things we did, all the people we met, in ONE DAY. This night we met a little man, who literally started to run away. Like a little rabbit! We were like NO! He needs salvation so we ran after him, but then he disappeared into his house. We didn't want to be too creepy so we turned around and kept moving. Right after him though we met the most prepared man ever! His name is Brother Wei and is searching for truth in his life. It was awesome to be able to share with him. The Lord has prepared people everywhere. We just have to be prepared, then they will literally come to us.

Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting. It was basically just a huge pump up training on Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts. Our job is so simple here as missionaries but sometimes we just get lost in little busy endeavors that take us away from our purpose. It was awesome to recenter for the new year and DEDICATE ourselves to this work! I flipping love it here!
Holy crap, we also had 3 exchanges this week with sisters....
Literally so dang crazy but so much fun! 
My first exchange was with Sister Hickenlooper. She is a transfer older then me and right now is White wash training a bendiren in Wanda! She is such a champion missionary. We had a lot of fun together. I don't know why, but every time we go on exchanges I feel like our schedule just goes completely NOT the way we planned it to be. hahaha OH man. Heavenly Father just want's me to learn I guess:) We met with some of our investigator families and holy cow.....THE KIDS WERE ALL NUTS THIS WEEK! Their must be something in the water.
All in all, it turned out awesome and we learned a lot together :)

Sister Hickenlooper:)
Next was with cute Sister Watson, She just got out of training and is KILLING it. She really taught me how important it is to always have a positive attitude.
Last one was Sister Barber. She. is. ma. fav. I love her so much! We learned a ton together and had a super crazy experience.....story time.....

So. We are teaching our neighbors right now, their name is the Lin Family. They are super cute and have 3 small kids. We were went over to their and the wife was the only one their. We asked her where the rest of the family was and she said that they just went down for some groceries but would be back in a second. K. cool. So we talked to her and asked her how she had been lately. She shared with us the coolest experience that she had reading the Book of Mormon that day. She really knows that this book can really guide her family. As she was finishing up the story we could her the kids coming up the stairs. The all came through the door and then all hell came loose. Ok, not really...but here's what happened. The dad was carrying the baby with a beer in his hand, SUPER drunk, and the 2 little girls are carying a 6 pack of beer and pringles.

A little Taiwan life.

This is Emma's favorite food ON. THE. PLANET!!  Indian food with Naan bread.  She was in HEAVEN!
Everyone was screaming, and laughing, and then some random friend came over with beer too, they were pulling out the glasses with ice for us, giving us pringles, all of it.
I felt like the worst STL in the world.. hahaha. 
so we quickly wrapped things up, rescheduled a different time to come over and took a short cut the HECK  out of there.
I love taiwan:) this week has been full of fun and miracles.
I'm so glad heavenly guides and blesses us everyday:)
I lov eyou all so dang much!!

Happy Taiwan!

Jan. 1, 2017 email

Last few days with Sister Kho.  Emma has loved serving with her!  We love you Sister Kho!!
Hello my favorite family. I am so grateful that I got to see all of your beautiful faces on christmas. I couldn't stop crying I was so happy. I love you so much!
This week was a blast and a half. Last Pday after we skyped we went with a member out to eat. She said that she had a fun place in mind so we were pretty pumped. Turned out to be a hot pot All you can eat!!! So dang fun. All you can eat places are 1000X better in Taiwan that's for sure. So we ate delicious hot pot and what not and had a wonderful christmas lunch:)
Emma and her new companion Sister Miller!  They stayed in Beitou.
The past two transfers have been so much fun for me and sister kho. We have absolutely loved working together, but the Lord needed us in different places to keep the work going I guess. Thursday Sister Kho was transfered to Jingmei. It's really close to Muzha So I was super duper pumped for her. We were sad to part but so pumped for the next transfer! My new companion is Sister Miller! She is adorable and I love her a lot. We actually started our missions together a year ago! She is so dang cut. We actually have the same name! And both hav
e a burning passion for Jackson Hole. So basically we are having a lot of fun, and teaching so many awesome people together. We are absolutely stoked about the time we have together! #powerhousesisters
hahaha but now for some awesome stories and miracles on our investigators of late. :)
Sister Zhang is doing to amazing! The other day we met with her and were planning to share with her the importance of being obedient and following the prophet. Before we started though we asked her about How her book of mormon reading has been going, She shared with us a killer scripture and then looked up at us and said, "Oh by the way I found some awesome talks on from the prophet and apostles this week. I loved it. As I was watching I just really knew that what they were saying was true and how we need to listen and follow their counsel."



She is so cute. So prepared. so humble. we love her. I am so glad that the Holy Ghost can be with all of us constantly and teach us truth. It's also so amazing to learn so much from our investigators!

The Zhong Family is too good. This Saturday they actually invited us out to dinner with them on New Years eve. It was SO FANCY! Some super cool italian pizza pasta place that was to die for! They cooked the pizza in a huge fire pizza oven! Just like at Hollys house! it was delicious:) but the best part was that their WHOLE family was their, like brothers, sisters, parents, their families. Everyone! It was so fun to get to know them, talk to them, and love them!!!!!!! They are all christian but all members of different churches. We shared a little bit with them and they all wanted to meet the missionaries in the areas where they live. It was such a miracle! It was super cool to see Zhong Dx and his wife share the simple truths that they have learned with their family. It has been amazing to see them grow. 
Taiwan is so great. The weather has been beautiful lately. Blue skies and a pleasent 70 degrees.
#blessed. Apparently it's a lot warmer than it usually is here in winter. 
It was so awesome, we walked out of our apartment this morning and it was just too dang gorgeous and I couldn't help but squeal like a little girl! Heavenly Father loves us so much and has created such a beautiful world for us to live on! We just have to keep making it beautiful by helping everyone know about the Light of Jesus Christ!!!!!!! I love and miss you all so much. Have an awesome week:)

P.s. When I walked into the internet cafe today Stacy's Mom was playing. Sister Miller and I got really excited:) ahahah Love you tons!

Help!! Our Son Has An English Question!

Dec. 18, 2016 email

Gingerbread boy activity!!  That's a cute little boy:)
Family I am so dang sorry for the shortness of time, but I will fill you all in on everything next week!!!!!!!!!WHEN WE SKYPE BABY! so excited. I really hope Jed and Grace can come. I miss and love you all. 
Anyways, This week was awesome! 
Tidbits from the week, big details later.
-zhong dx and zhong jm are doing amazing, they have seen how God has blessed there relationship together as they read the Book of Mormon.
-It got FREEZING this week, but now its 75 degrees F...hahah.
-I almost ran into a car that pulled out in front of me, but harnessed all of my powers and slid my tire out and only love tapped him a little. The guy inside was really nice:)
-We had some aweomse activities this week! We taught everyone how to make gingerbread men and then we had a gingerbread house competition. It was a HIT! 
Now for a quick funny story:) So Last night we were meeting with this new investigator and her family. It was so fun and the spirit was so strong. As we were sharing with this family, I felt our phone ringing in our pocket. I looked real quick and saw that is was our investigator Zhong DX. I quickly turned it on silent and we went back to the lesson, Zhong DX and his wife both continued to call us for 40 more minutes! But we were in this killer lesson and couldn't answer the phone! By the time Sister Kho and I were done we set up a return appointment and quickly got a place where we could call them back. We were both so nervous that something had happened or that they church was blasphemy or something!!!!! We called them back and what do they say? " Ke Jie mie! OUr son has an english question and we don't know how to help him!!!!!"


I got on the phone with their son and we got everything taken care of. :)
Cutest moment ever.
I could just picture this family of 3 all sitting together fussing over this english question:) 
so Turns out they are all doing awesome and still going strong.

This was such a fun experience for me. I really know that God is watching over all of his children in every situation they are in. I know he loves us. I'm so grateful to be able to be hear and share with people about our Savior Jesus Christ. And literally at the best time of the year!!!
Sorry for the Craziness of the email, but i'm so dang excited to talk to you all next week and fill you in even more on all of the details and stories:)
Oh and by the way, I cut off all my hair!  

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Dec. 11, 2016 email

Emma on exchanges with her favorite Sister Menzie!!  They were roomates in the MTC.  Emma LOVED spending time with Sister Menzie!

Agh this week was so dang fun. So super busy, but SO MUCH FUN! AGH! 
First off, this week we had Zone meeting this tuesday and this month we had a small training on how to overcome common excuses that we have come across from people on the street. Some of them include. "bu yong!" "Bu xuyao." "Wo yijing shi jidutu" "wo xing fojiao!" "Dou yiyang" and "Didi, say bye bye!"
Translations are: "No use!" "I don't need!" "I am already christian!" "I am buddhist!" and my favorite, this is the one that all the moms use, they tell their little kid to tell us Bye Bye so that she doesn't have to....:) hahahaha It's hilarious:)

Sorry Sister for cutting off your head!  Exchanges look quite a bit like a sleep over party:)
Anyways so we did a TON of roleplays and created a bank of things that we could do or say to overcome these excuses. Overall it was a great success!
Then....things were really put to the test. The next day we went on exchanges with the sisters from Shilin. Me and Sister Menzie were together! It was so dang fun:) first time being together since the MTC! We laid out some nice plans and got to work!
We were by the MRT and started finding. 
literally everyone.
I kid you not.
Gave us one of these excuses...
like 10 people in a row! 
Every time someone would say one of them we would look at each other and just laugh, then go and chase them down and share with them about SALVATION!. 
Heavenly Father was just testing to see if we really learned in our Zone Meeting:) It was a blast and we learned a ton together:)
I feel like I have changed SO much on my mission! All for the good I'm hoping. I feel like my patience level gets worse and worse but no worries, workin on it:)

Temple Tours with Sister Kho!

Taipei Taiwan Temple at Christmas time.

Bad picture, but cute little girl they met:)  An Asian Jane!
Some pretty dang exciting things happened this week:) Sister Chen our RC that just got baptized talked to her daughter about meeting with us and she accepted!!!!! Her name is Kang yun and she is 17 years old:) Oh my gosh I love her so dang much!!!! she has the spunkiest personality and the 3 of us have already become great friends:) She was super touched by her moms baptism and really knows that learning and focusing her life on Jesus Christ will really bless her. We are so excited to keep meeting with her! Her mom is also thrilled!! Families are the absolute best thing ever!!!!!!
This week the missionary choir went to a Lions Club activity to sing and find at! All the missionaries piled up in a party bus and were on our way. it was a blast. We were all singing at the top of our lungs and met some of the greatest people through this activity. The spirit of Christmas is so dang magical.

Ok Now I'm going to tell you about my fav fam in the whole world. Our investigators the Zhong Family. They are 47 and 45 years old and have one son who is 13. We met them at the MRT and agreed to meet with us. They are members of the presbyterian church but said they are looking for a more happy church. One that can really help their son. AGH I wish I could put into words how cool they are! They are so humble and diligent. They told us that they can feel something different when they are with us and at our church. It's just radiating with positivity! They really know that it is the love of God. This week was their first time to come to church with us. We called them the day before to make sure they were all ready to go. Sunday morning rolls around and it is almost 9. Sister Kho and I were so dang nervous that they had changed their minds and decided not to come. Right after that thought, Elder Zhuang yelled at us from the outside courtyard of the church and said, " Nimen de mudayo laile he chuande hen shuai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 
(translation: Your investigators are here and they look SUPER handsome! Sadly the english is a sad translation for the chinese:( )
Just then we looked and saw them pulling up on their scooter. 
Like James Bond style!!
They were all coordinating in their sunday best and looked so FAB!
Sister kho and i did a little dance we were so dang excited. It's so hard to get people in taiwan to dress nice for church But these guys were KILLING IT.! 

It was just a fantastic moment of pure happiness. I can't really put it into words:) I love it here so much and know that as we truly learn to love others and help everyone else see the Light of Jesus Christ, we will be happy beyond all imagining!

P.s. MOm thank you for putting enya on that ipod. I have received some crazy revelation before bed, all because enya opens up my mind:)
I love you guys tons:)

Ready. Set. GO!

Dec. 4, 2016 email

Contacting success!!!  Emma and Sister Kho hosted a cooking class.  They taught the class how to make fudge.  They ended up with quite a few investigators from it:)  

This week has been so dang awesome. First we have got to start out with a crazy story.
Ready. Set. Go. 
This past monday we were singing in the choir practicing and what not when all of a sudden our telephone starts to ring! And who is it? Chen Hui Zhong! Our beloved investigator! So I grab the phone and skidaddle down to answer the phone call. I talk to her on the phone and heard some hard news.
Birthday Cheesecake

Sister Kho the master griller!
She felt super duper uncomfortable and didn't want to have her baptismal interview. She said that she needed to take a break for a little bit.


We tried to console her on the phone and help her remember the things that she KNOWS are true but she was still uncomfortable. We invited her to read Moroni 10 and told her we would give her a call on wednesday.
Then we cried for a sec.
Sister Kho and I talked about it, prayed together, and both had a strong feeling that she would be ok.

That night we were out finding and get a phone call. FROM HER! 
WHAT?! we were freaking out a little bit.

We answered the phone call, a little worried about what she would say, but were so excited to hear what she said:) 
" I ate some medicine and feel much better. Can I still have my interview tomorrow morning?"

ummmm...... YES!!
sister Kho and I were so excited and new that Heavenly Father had SO answered our prayers! WE literally like screamed out loud and then this lady ripped open her curtains to see what all the commotion was..hahaha we were so dang excited:)
Sister Chen had her interview Tuesday morning and everything went so smooth. She couldn't stop crying she was so happy. Saturday morning was her baptism and it was such an awesome service.
Her husband and 17 year old daughter both came which was amazing! I think they were both really touched to see how happy their mom was. 
Before the baptism starts we went and said a kneeling prayer together and it was amazing to feel how strong a present the spirit was. After Sister Chen was baptized she bore her testimony. I've never heard a more powerful testimony in my entire life. She is truly converted. She has received a remission of her sins, and she will be guided the rest of her life. This is the blessing that can come to all of us! All we have to do is humble ourselves and come unto Christ.
This week has been full of ups and downs and so many dang amazing miracles! 

Sister Clawson and Sister Kho's favorite juice joint!
Other fun tidbits from this week:)
-our cooking class went awesome and the fudge turned out fabulous!!!! we had so many people come and got some awesome new investigators from it!!!
success! thanks for your help mom:)
-We had an American Relief society christmas party dinner this week:) The english ward fed us dinner while we were doing temple tours this week. It was the biggest culture shock ever.
-Ji Pei De gave a talk last night at the new member christmas fireside and KILLED it! He did such a great job and everyone just loved him! I was having a serious proud mom moment listening to him. He did so dang good!

Fudge from the cooking class.
I love this work and I know it's all so good and so true!
famm I love your guts. Have a fab week:)