Monday, January 23, 2017

One Year Down!

Jan. 8, 2017 email
Exchanges again!  So much FUN!

This week was truly awesome. Sister Miller and I are LOVING beitou and literally seeing so many miracles I can't even write them all down. 
First off Last monday we had a really cool lesson with the Zhong family. We had planned to share with them about the 10 commandments and read the scriptures with them together. We were about to get started when Brother Zhong just looked at us and said, "wait, I have been thinking a lot lately. Why do you want to be a member of this church." Kind of a random question, but all of us were able to share our own unique testimonies. We all could feel the spirit. The family is doing amazing and its so cool to see how much they grow every day. Heavenly Father wants them SO BAD! After we had our lesson with them we still had time before we went home so we jumped on our trusty bikes and went out to make some new friends! It was crazy. I just gotta say how ridiculous it is to look back and see, all the things we did, all the people we met, in ONE DAY. This night we met a little man, who literally started to run away. Like a little rabbit! We were like NO! He needs salvation so we ran after him, but then he disappeared into his house. We didn't want to be too creepy so we turned around and kept moving. Right after him though we met the most prepared man ever! His name is Brother Wei and is searching for truth in his life. It was awesome to be able to share with him. The Lord has prepared people everywhere. We just have to be prepared, then they will literally come to us.

Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting. It was basically just a huge pump up training on Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts. Our job is so simple here as missionaries but sometimes we just get lost in little busy endeavors that take us away from our purpose. It was awesome to recenter for the new year and DEDICATE ourselves to this work! I flipping love it here!
Holy crap, we also had 3 exchanges this week with sisters....
Literally so dang crazy but so much fun! 
My first exchange was with Sister Hickenlooper. She is a transfer older then me and right now is White wash training a bendiren in Wanda! She is such a champion missionary. We had a lot of fun together. I don't know why, but every time we go on exchanges I feel like our schedule just goes completely NOT the way we planned it to be. hahaha OH man. Heavenly Father just want's me to learn I guess:) We met with some of our investigator families and holy cow.....THE KIDS WERE ALL NUTS THIS WEEK! Their must be something in the water.
All in all, it turned out awesome and we learned a lot together :)

Sister Hickenlooper:)
Next was with cute Sister Watson, She just got out of training and is KILLING it. She really taught me how important it is to always have a positive attitude.
Last one was Sister Barber. She. is. ma. fav. I love her so much! We learned a ton together and had a super crazy experience.....story time.....

So. We are teaching our neighbors right now, their name is the Lin Family. They are super cute and have 3 small kids. We were went over to their and the wife was the only one their. We asked her where the rest of the family was and she said that they just went down for some groceries but would be back in a second. K. cool. So we talked to her and asked her how she had been lately. She shared with us the coolest experience that she had reading the Book of Mormon that day. She really knows that this book can really guide her family. As she was finishing up the story we could her the kids coming up the stairs. The all came through the door and then all hell came loose. Ok, not really...but here's what happened. The dad was carrying the baby with a beer in his hand, SUPER drunk, and the 2 little girls are carying a 6 pack of beer and pringles.

A little Taiwan life.

This is Emma's favorite food ON. THE. PLANET!!  Indian food with Naan bread.  She was in HEAVEN!
Everyone was screaming, and laughing, and then some random friend came over with beer too, they were pulling out the glasses with ice for us, giving us pringles, all of it.
I felt like the worst STL in the world.. hahaha. 
so we quickly wrapped things up, rescheduled a different time to come over and took a short cut the HECK  out of there.
I love taiwan:) this week has been full of fun and miracles.
I'm so glad heavenly guides and blesses us everyday:)
I lov eyou all so dang much!!

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