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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Dec. 11, 2016 email

Emma on exchanges with her favorite Sister Menzie!!  They were roomates in the MTC.  Emma LOVED spending time with Sister Menzie!

Agh this week was so dang fun. So super busy, but SO MUCH FUN! AGH! 
First off, this week we had Zone meeting this tuesday and this month we had a small training on how to overcome common excuses that we have come across from people on the street. Some of them include. "bu yong!" "Bu xuyao." "Wo yijing shi jidutu" "wo xing fojiao!" "Dou yiyang" and "Didi, say bye bye!"
Translations are: "No use!" "I don't need!" "I am already christian!" "I am buddhist!" and my favorite, this is the one that all the moms use, they tell their little kid to tell us Bye Bye so that she doesn't have to....:) hahahaha It's hilarious:)

Sorry Sister for cutting off your head!  Exchanges look quite a bit like a sleep over party:)
Anyways so we did a TON of roleplays and created a bank of things that we could do or say to overcome these excuses. Overall it was a great success!
Then....things were really put to the test. The next day we went on exchanges with the sisters from Shilin. Me and Sister Menzie were together! It was so dang fun:) first time being together since the MTC! We laid out some nice plans and got to work!
We were by the MRT and started finding. 
literally everyone.
I kid you not.
Gave us one of these excuses...
like 10 people in a row! 
Every time someone would say one of them we would look at each other and just laugh, then go and chase them down and share with them about SALVATION!. 
Heavenly Father was just testing to see if we really learned in our Zone Meeting:) It was a blast and we learned a ton together:)
I feel like I have changed SO much on my mission! All for the good I'm hoping. I feel like my patience level gets worse and worse but no worries, workin on it:)

Temple Tours with Sister Kho!

Taipei Taiwan Temple at Christmas time.

Bad picture, but cute little girl they met:)  An Asian Jane!
Some pretty dang exciting things happened this week:) Sister Chen our RC that just got baptized talked to her daughter about meeting with us and she accepted!!!!! Her name is Kang yun and she is 17 years old:) Oh my gosh I love her so dang much!!!! she has the spunkiest personality and the 3 of us have already become great friends:) She was super touched by her moms baptism and really knows that learning and focusing her life on Jesus Christ will really bless her. We are so excited to keep meeting with her! Her mom is also thrilled!! Families are the absolute best thing ever!!!!!!
This week the missionary choir went to a Lions Club activity to sing and find at! All the missionaries piled up in a party bus and were on our way. it was a blast. We were all singing at the top of our lungs and met some of the greatest people through this activity. The spirit of Christmas is so dang magical.

Ok Now I'm going to tell you about my fav fam in the whole world. Our investigators the Zhong Family. They are 47 and 45 years old and have one son who is 13. We met them at the MRT and agreed to meet with us. They are members of the presbyterian church but said they are looking for a more happy church. One that can really help their son. AGH I wish I could put into words how cool they are! They are so humble and diligent. They told us that they can feel something different when they are with us and at our church. It's just radiating with positivity! They really know that it is the love of God. This week was their first time to come to church with us. We called them the day before to make sure they were all ready to go. Sunday morning rolls around and it is almost 9. Sister Kho and I were so dang nervous that they had changed their minds and decided not to come. Right after that thought, Elder Zhuang yelled at us from the outside courtyard of the church and said, " Nimen de mudayo laile he chuande hen shuai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 
(translation: Your investigators are here and they look SUPER handsome! Sadly the english is a sad translation for the chinese:( )
Just then we looked and saw them pulling up on their scooter. 
Like James Bond style!!
They were all coordinating in their sunday best and looked so FAB!
Sister kho and i did a little dance we were so dang excited. It's so hard to get people in taiwan to dress nice for church But these guys were KILLING IT.! 

It was just a fantastic moment of pure happiness. I can't really put it into words:) I love it here so much and know that as we truly learn to love others and help everyone else see the Light of Jesus Christ, we will be happy beyond all imagining!

P.s. MOm thank you for putting enya on that ipod. I have received some crazy revelation before bed, all because enya opens up my mind:)
I love you guys tons:)

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