Monday, January 23, 2017

I Have A Testimony Of Bear Grylis Pocketknives!

Jan. 17, 2017 email

Best baptism of this cute girl!!  And Sister Kho got to be there too.  

My beloved family:) I hope you are all having a blast shredding the gnar without me in Sun Valley! Jerks.
Just kidding, i still love you all. This week was an absolute blast and a half. First we started out last pday with a hike to Yangmingshan.

It is supposedly absolutely glorious and looks as if you have stepped foot in the scottish ires or something like that. We were all so pumped to go and check it out. It has been pretty toasty in taiwan lately and this day was a little cloudy so I wasn't even sort of worried about getting cold. We all piled in this tiny bus together and started on our adventure. After about an hour of the worst car sickness, Elder Kaufusi barfing, all of us wanting to die, we finally made it up to the top! We were so grateful to be out of the bus. It smelled like death.

Bad bus ride!

Mystical Yangmingshan.

Emma FROZE her butt off!
Our hike turned out to be the most mystical of them all. It was straight up fog. Could barely see in front of you!!! We figured this was a once in a lifetime chance to see it like that. The only thing that was hard was how COLD IT WAS! Literally the coldest I have ever been on my whole mission. I was dying!!!!!!!!! Super duper unprepared, but still a lot of fun:)

The rest of the week was chuck full of exchanges again. Exchanges are fun. There were some nights when I felt like I was at girls camp our something. 4 girls in the same apartment always talking about the gospel? yup, basically girls camp to a T. Just throw in some faith building exercises and you are set. It was a blast. 

This week was also so dang exciting. Zhang Kang Yun Got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! She has been waiting since the day she met us to be baptized. It was so happy to see how excited she was. Her baptism was saturday morning and she was basically jumping up and down getting into her jump suit. Her mom gave a little talk during the service and just lost it. She was just so overwhelmed and grateful that her daughter was able to get baptized. Her talk ended up being really short because she didn't want to cry anymore:) short and sweet! ahahah. AFter that Kang Yun got dunked!!! Her face was absolutely radiating with joy! YOu can see for yourself in the pics! It was so dang good. Oh! but even better was her testimony afterwards. She KILLED it! Totally blew everyone away. Her and her mom are perfect of examples of what it means to come forth with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. We are so excited for their family and hope that their dad will be jumping on board with them soon too:) 

I know that Heavenly Father loves all of us so much. If you want to be happy, live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The end! It's that simple.

We say another serious tender mercy this Sunday night. Sister Miller and I have been complete slammed this week with nonstop lessons and exchanges! We were absolutely pooped when sunday night came around. but we had a couple hours to find before we went home. We prayed and started on our way. We talked to everyone, but it was just ROUGH! We couldn't get anyone to talk with us. Our skills were low, energy was low, faith was low, oh crap! We had about 20 minutes left and decided to pray again. We asked Heavenly Father to help sharpen our skills and give us energy to find one person to set up with us. 


We started talking and sharing with people for about 15 minutes but still, nobody was having it. Not gonna lie, I was done! But then we saw this cute girl fussing with her bike. We walked over to see if we could help. Her kickstand was broken. Long story short, all 3 of us were going at this bike with no success, but then I pulled out my handy dandy Bear Grylls pocket knife and we fixed it in a jiff! We were all squealing with excitement when it worked! She was so happy! She looked at us, smiled, and said, "I am going to come to church with you:)" 


She felt the spirit, and wanted to learn more:) We are stoked for her to come to church with us this sunday.
I know Heavenly Father sees our efforts and really will answer our prayers.
I also have a testimony of Bear Grylls pocket knifes:)
I love you guys so dang much!!!!!!!!!

Missionary life!

Taiwan life!  
Oh mom You have to tell dad! so this week at church we were in the Danshui ward because Kang Yun was getting her conformation.
We were in Gospel principles class and I see this cute young girl that I've never seen before and started talking to her.
Well guess what?! She lived in  Cache Valley from May to September last year with a family from logan teaching the kids chinese!!!!!!!
She went to the bakery almost every other week because the mom is a regular and LOVES the sandwiches!! She even said that
she had met dad before and he told her that his daughter was serving in Taiwan! WE WERE BOTH FREAKING OUT!
Her name is Zona Zhen and she is 22 years old. She actually just got baptized right before she went to utah:) I just had to tell you!
It was the biggest miracle ever. I gave her yours and dads number and she might come stay with us for a bit this year:)

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