Monday, January 23, 2017

Happy Taiwan!

Jan. 1, 2017 email

Last few days with Sister Kho.  Emma has loved serving with her!  We love you Sister Kho!!
Hello my favorite family. I am so grateful that I got to see all of your beautiful faces on christmas. I couldn't stop crying I was so happy. I love you so much!
This week was a blast and a half. Last Pday after we skyped we went with a member out to eat. She said that she had a fun place in mind so we were pretty pumped. Turned out to be a hot pot All you can eat!!! So dang fun. All you can eat places are 1000X better in Taiwan that's for sure. So we ate delicious hot pot and what not and had a wonderful christmas lunch:)
Emma and her new companion Sister Miller!  They stayed in Beitou.
The past two transfers have been so much fun for me and sister kho. We have absolutely loved working together, but the Lord needed us in different places to keep the work going I guess. Thursday Sister Kho was transfered to Jingmei. It's really close to Muzha So I was super duper pumped for her. We were sad to part but so pumped for the next transfer! My new companion is Sister Miller! She is adorable and I love her a lot. We actually started our missions together a year ago! She is so dang cut. We actually have the same name! And both hav
e a burning passion for Jackson Hole. So basically we are having a lot of fun, and teaching so many awesome people together. We are absolutely stoked about the time we have together! #powerhousesisters
hahaha but now for some awesome stories and miracles on our investigators of late. :)
Sister Zhang is doing to amazing! The other day we met with her and were planning to share with her the importance of being obedient and following the prophet. Before we started though we asked her about How her book of mormon reading has been going, She shared with us a killer scripture and then looked up at us and said, "Oh by the way I found some awesome talks on from the prophet and apostles this week. I loved it. As I was watching I just really knew that what they were saying was true and how we need to listen and follow their counsel."



She is so cute. So prepared. so humble. we love her. I am so glad that the Holy Ghost can be with all of us constantly and teach us truth. It's also so amazing to learn so much from our investigators!

The Zhong Family is too good. This Saturday they actually invited us out to dinner with them on New Years eve. It was SO FANCY! Some super cool italian pizza pasta place that was to die for! They cooked the pizza in a huge fire pizza oven! Just like at Hollys house! it was delicious:) but the best part was that their WHOLE family was their, like brothers, sisters, parents, their families. Everyone! It was so fun to get to know them, talk to them, and love them!!!!!!! They are all christian but all members of different churches. We shared a little bit with them and they all wanted to meet the missionaries in the areas where they live. It was such a miracle! It was super cool to see Zhong Dx and his wife share the simple truths that they have learned with their family. It has been amazing to see them grow. 
Taiwan is so great. The weather has been beautiful lately. Blue skies and a pleasent 70 degrees.
#blessed. Apparently it's a lot warmer than it usually is here in winter. 
It was so awesome, we walked out of our apartment this morning and it was just too dang gorgeous and I couldn't help but squeal like a little girl! Heavenly Father loves us so much and has created such a beautiful world for us to live on! We just have to keep making it beautiful by helping everyone know about the Light of Jesus Christ!!!!!!! I love and miss you all so much. Have an awesome week:)

P.s. When I walked into the internet cafe today Stacy's Mom was playing. Sister Miller and I got really excited:) ahahah Love you tons!

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