Monday, January 23, 2017

Help!! Our Son Has An English Question!

Dec. 18, 2016 email

Gingerbread boy activity!!  That's a cute little boy:)
Family I am so dang sorry for the shortness of time, but I will fill you all in on everything next week!!!!!!!!!WHEN WE SKYPE BABY! so excited. I really hope Jed and Grace can come. I miss and love you all. 
Anyways, This week was awesome! 
Tidbits from the week, big details later.
-zhong dx and zhong jm are doing amazing, they have seen how God has blessed there relationship together as they read the Book of Mormon.
-It got FREEZING this week, but now its 75 degrees F...hahah.
-I almost ran into a car that pulled out in front of me, but harnessed all of my powers and slid my tire out and only love tapped him a little. The guy inside was really nice:)
-We had some aweomse activities this week! We taught everyone how to make gingerbread men and then we had a gingerbread house competition. It was a HIT! 
Now for a quick funny story:) So Last night we were meeting with this new investigator and her family. It was so fun and the spirit was so strong. As we were sharing with this family, I felt our phone ringing in our pocket. I looked real quick and saw that is was our investigator Zhong DX. I quickly turned it on silent and we went back to the lesson, Zhong DX and his wife both continued to call us for 40 more minutes! But we were in this killer lesson and couldn't answer the phone! By the time Sister Kho and I were done we set up a return appointment and quickly got a place where we could call them back. We were both so nervous that something had happened or that they church was blasphemy or something!!!!! We called them back and what do they say? " Ke Jie mie! OUr son has an english question and we don't know how to help him!!!!!"


I got on the phone with their son and we got everything taken care of. :)
Cutest moment ever.
I could just picture this family of 3 all sitting together fussing over this english question:) 
so Turns out they are all doing awesome and still going strong.

This was such a fun experience for me. I really know that God is watching over all of his children in every situation they are in. I know he loves us. I'm so grateful to be able to be hear and share with people about our Savior Jesus Christ. And literally at the best time of the year!!!
Sorry for the Craziness of the email, but i'm so dang excited to talk to you all next week and fill you in even more on all of the details and stories:)
Oh and by the way, I cut off all my hair!  

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