Monday, January 23, 2017

Ready. Set. GO!

Dec. 4, 2016 email

Contacting success!!!  Emma and Sister Kho hosted a cooking class.  They taught the class how to make fudge.  They ended up with quite a few investigators from it:)  

This week has been so dang awesome. First we have got to start out with a crazy story.
Ready. Set. Go. 
This past monday we were singing in the choir practicing and what not when all of a sudden our telephone starts to ring! And who is it? Chen Hui Zhong! Our beloved investigator! So I grab the phone and skidaddle down to answer the phone call. I talk to her on the phone and heard some hard news.
Birthday Cheesecake

Sister Kho the master griller!
She felt super duper uncomfortable and didn't want to have her baptismal interview. She said that she needed to take a break for a little bit.


We tried to console her on the phone and help her remember the things that she KNOWS are true but she was still uncomfortable. We invited her to read Moroni 10 and told her we would give her a call on wednesday.
Then we cried for a sec.
Sister Kho and I talked about it, prayed together, and both had a strong feeling that she would be ok.

That night we were out finding and get a phone call. FROM HER! 
WHAT?! we were freaking out a little bit.

We answered the phone call, a little worried about what she would say, but were so excited to hear what she said:) 
" I ate some medicine and feel much better. Can I still have my interview tomorrow morning?"

ummmm...... YES!!
sister Kho and I were so excited and new that Heavenly Father had SO answered our prayers! WE literally like screamed out loud and then this lady ripped open her curtains to see what all the commotion was..hahaha we were so dang excited:)
Sister Chen had her interview Tuesday morning and everything went so smooth. She couldn't stop crying she was so happy. Saturday morning was her baptism and it was such an awesome service.
Her husband and 17 year old daughter both came which was amazing! I think they were both really touched to see how happy their mom was. 
Before the baptism starts we went and said a kneeling prayer together and it was amazing to feel how strong a present the spirit was. After Sister Chen was baptized she bore her testimony. I've never heard a more powerful testimony in my entire life. She is truly converted. She has received a remission of her sins, and she will be guided the rest of her life. This is the blessing that can come to all of us! All we have to do is humble ourselves and come unto Christ.
This week has been full of ups and downs and so many dang amazing miracles! 

Sister Clawson and Sister Kho's favorite juice joint!
Other fun tidbits from this week:)
-our cooking class went awesome and the fudge turned out fabulous!!!! we had so many people come and got some awesome new investigators from it!!!
success! thanks for your help mom:)
-We had an American Relief society christmas party dinner this week:) The english ward fed us dinner while we were doing temple tours this week. It was the biggest culture shock ever.
-Ji Pei De gave a talk last night at the new member christmas fireside and KILLED it! He did such a great job and everyone just loved him! I was having a serious proud mom moment listening to him. He did so dang good!

Fudge from the cooking class.
I love this work and I know it's all so good and so true!
famm I love your guts. Have a fab week:)

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