Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It's Ma Burfday!

Nov. 27, 2016 email

Hola Familia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma turned 20 this week!!  Some favorite friends in Muzha brought a beautiful cake and came to celebrate her birthday!!  She had the best day!
This week was truly amazing. Mom I am so sorry, because I got overloaded with so many awesome pictures, stories, mexican adventures, and birthday wishes this week, I am low on time!!! But I'll give the deets on some awesome highlights from the week:)

A beautiful friend in Beitou shared the birthday love with Emma too:)
So Monday we decided that we would go and have Kao Rou Chi dao bao since it was mine, Elder Dong, and another missionaries birthday this week. This is basically an all you can eat barbeque with hot pot and haagen daaz ice cream.

Kao rou is my favorite food in all of taiwan:) 

Emma's favorite food in Taiwan!
So we were all eating there having an awesome time when all of a sudden one of our favorite members from the Jinhua ward walks in! She was so excited to see us all that she qinged all of our meals! That means she paid for ALL OF US!

It was a true tender mercy. nuff said.

The next tender mercy was on tuesday afternoon. We had just finished up with our district meeting when Elder Clark yelled, "Wait! Everyone go down to the kitchen!" We all scuddled down to the kitchen and Elder Clark pulled this massive Costco pumpkin pie out of the fridge. He told us he found it at costco and couldn't resist! "happy thanksgivng!" We split it into 8 pieces and ate hearty. It was so wonderful:)

Can you tell food is a really big deal to me? I am grateful for delicious food. It is a straight gift from God.

Next tender mercy. Our beloved investigator Chen Hui Zhong:) this week we finished sharing with her commandments. She is so incredible. She truly understands who her savior is and that this is the path that she is meant to be on. It was so cool, she told us an experience she had reading the book of mormon this week that really touched my heart. She said that she made a goal for herself that every time she finished reading a chapter from the Book of Mormon she would pray right away and really ask God to help her know that what she read was true. She said that this week she has had several experiences where she was able to know without a doubt that this book is true. Sister Kho and I had been praying and wanted to invite Chen JM to be baptized this weekend instead of on the 17th. We told her that we knew she was ready to be baptized. We asked her how she felt and she started to cry. She said that this is something she has been waiting for her whole life and now she gets to do it 2 weeks early.


We are so pumped for her. Her interview is tomorrow so we are hoping for a baptism this weekend to kick off the Christmas Spirit:) I know that this gospel is so true. the Secret is out! its all true! I love it so much and couldn't be more grateful for my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ.

The Thanksgiving Feast!  Some quick dumplings and then...........

Little Egg Tarts for dessert:)
This thanksgivng was CRAYZZZ. We were super duper busy but celebrated with some yummy little egg tart pies for planning that night:)

the next night we saw another awesome tender mercy. We did a service project at a home for these people who have slight mental problems, but no family to take care of them. We went over and did a thanksgiving party with them! It was so much fun and so cool to see them all smile so much:) 

Muzha friends!

Emma said it was so good to see these people and it was really hard to see them leave.  Thanks to these kind people who love Emma:)  
My birthday was one of the greatest days ever. We were on exchanges that day so me and Sister Langley got to mission it up together. The best part of the whole day was when 4 of my favorite muzha friends came and took us out to lunch! It was awesome! huge cake and everything! I love them all so much. Sister kho wrote me like 20 little notes and hid them all around the house for me to find during the day. She is so amazing and I'm just so dang blessed to have had the most special bday ever!:)

This is from the Thanksgiving service these cute missionaries did, and then 8 of them were Emma's Little Ducks who followed her to church on Sunday!!
Last fun tender mercy of the week. So sunday was nuts.... sister Kho and I had to go on splits with members for church cause we had people in both wards that we are over! Sister Kho went to danshui and I was here in Beitou. My companion was Fang JM:) She is so wonderful. It was pretty stressful. not gonna lie. 8 people from the thanksgiving activity earlier in the week wanted to come to church with us but they didn't know how to get there! So Fang JM and I went to pick them up and walk them to the church. I had 8 little ducks following me to the chapel:) I'm so mad I forgot my camera! I was praying so hard. I don't have my beloved companion, I have 8 ducks with me, am i gonna miss the sacrament?, where are all these people gonna sit?, AGH! I kept praying and Heavenly Father SO delivered. We walked into the chapel and there was a beautiful bench in the front row wide open. My 8 ducks slid on in just in time for us all to partake of the sacrament:)


I am so grateful Heavenly Father is so watchful over all of his children. This week was amazing. I'm so grateful to serve here. I am grateful for literally the best fam in the world. I am so grateful to know about my loving father in heaven.
everyone have a sick week!

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