Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Glad To Be In Taiwan

Nov. 13, 2016 email

I am so sorry we are running low on time today but I gotta tell you all of the amazing miracles that we saw this week!!!!!!

Sister Kho at the chapel in Beitou which is at the very top of a very steep hill:)
Last monday we went over to our member Cai jm's house because we have started teaching her daughter. So dang fun:) Her name is Angela, she is 28 years old and paints sets for movies. WHAT/! She is super duper cool. This night we had planned to share with her the Restoration of the Gospel. She thought the part about Joseph Smith was so cool, but just didn't think that God could actually answer her specific prayers. We taught her more about prayer and how to pray. Her mom offered an awesome testimony on the power of prayer and then Angela said a closing prayer with us. You could tell she felt super nervous but said the most wonderful prayer! AFter she was done with the prayer her mom just FLIPPED OUT! She was SO HAPPY! she was laughing and squealing and squeezing the life out of her daughter! it was the cutest thing to see. We are so pumped for Angela and are grateful for her moms entusiasm..:) SO GOOD!!

this week sister Armstrong and I went on exchanges! she is so flipping legit. We had an awesome time together. We traveled to Danshui for some lessons at night at the Mos Burger. I just had a testimony builder that, no matter where you are, you can always have the spirit with you. We were having a lesson about the plan of salvation in a burger place.....but when the spirit is with us we are in our own little world. It's the coolest thing ever! 

The tip top of Beitou or Narnia:)
The next morning we decided to wake up super early for exercise and explore the mountain by our house. We ran basically straight up hill for DAYS! (literally Beitou is ALL hills, my legs are gettin pretty swoll) It was the most beautiful run, we thought we had almost made it to the top but then we realized there were some steps going farther up the mountain. ADVENTURE TIME! We climbed the stairs and when we got to the top, We realized that we had gone through the Gateway to Narnia. Legit.

At the very top was a little temple perfectly surrounded with a stepping stone path all covered with short grass like a Green in a golf course. We just looked at each other and screamed! It was literally the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! You could see all of Beitou. It was truly magical! the next morning sister Kho and I went back up and she taught me some Taichi:) So dang cool:)
Beitou truly is a beautiful place:)

One more quick miracle! Last sunday we received a member referral and felt prompted to call her right away. Her name is Chen Hui Zhong and has a daughter who is a new member that is studying in America. I called her and she was ADORABLE! She set up for thursday and couldn't have been more thrilled. AGH!!!

We met with her and got to know her. We shared with her the restoration and she just started bawling. she said she has been to SO many churches and has never felt good in any of them! She said that she has been praying that God would help her find truth. She said that she knew this was where god wanted her to be:) I know Heavenly Father is preparing people for us to find everyday:)

I love you all so dang much:P have a fun time in mexico ya losers. Jk i love ya.

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