Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I'm Grateful For The Promptings From The Spirit!

Nov. 20, 2016 email

Sister Clawson and Sister Kho met up with some of Emma's favorite Muzha friends for a picnic this week!    
This week has been a blast and a half! Not going to lie, It was a little tougher than others but Heavenly Father has still helped us see so many miracles. Sister Kho and I are so stoked that we get to be together for another transfer!! She is literally my rock and I love her guts. 

This week we had some cool experiences happen. Last Monday night Sister Kho and I had the thought that we needed to call one of our RC's Sister Ke and see if we could go visit her the next day. She was so excited for us to come over. Tuesday afternoon we headed over to her house in Bali. We went up to her house, knocked at the door, and her 3 little boys came rushing out to see us! It was so dang fun to see them all smiling at us. We went in and sat down with them all and talked with Sister Ke. As we were talking together and sharing with her all of a sudden her second oldest FLIPPED! He had like a rage attack or something and was strangling his younger brother and basically just going 100 percent nuts. It was actually super duper scary. Sister Ke jumped up and grabbed him and just burst into tears trying to help him settle down. She kept repeating to him over and over "Heavenly Father loves you and Mama loves you." After a few minutes of getting him to calm down and Sister Kho and I frantically looking at each other not knowing what the heck we were supposed to do, he calmed down and scampered off into his room. Sister Ke sat down with us and just started crying. Her second son as a head disease and he doesn't know how to control himself, its gotten a lot worse the past few weeks and she has been especially nervous because he always gets extremely violant. She bore her testimony about hoe the holy ghost has helped her so much the past few weeks trying to help him. She said that when we came to visit it was an answer to her prayers. She said that that day she was at the verge of giving up and then we knocked on the door to see them. 

I know Heavenly Father loves all of his children so much. I'm grateful for the promptings from the spirit!

Emma and Sister Kho
This week we had another funny experience. So the night before this experience happened sister kho and I were talking before we went to bed, as we do. We were talking about how its the worst thing in the world when people make fun of your family or insult your family. They can make fun of us or insult us no problem! But then when they talk about our siblings or parents, its  hard to control the rage from within!

so.... The next night we were riding home and stopped to talk to this guy for a minute. He was super duper nice at first and was interested that our message was centered on families. We asked him what he thought could help build a successful family and he said, "just making sure that they aren't anything like your families." ........


He said that we were basically the worst human beings for leaving our families and that our parents obviously didn't raise us right and that all of our siblings would basically have no success in their lives. We tried to share with him and help him see that light, but he just kept hard core shutting it down.

Wow. This was ROUGH. Heavenly Father was testing us for sure! I don't think the 2 of us had ever prayed for charity and patience so much in our lives. I wanted to light into this guy so much, but knew that that is absolutely not what Christ would have done. We both bore our testimonies, thanked him,  invited him to english class, and biked away! 

Did I swear under my breath as I biked away and secretly want to flip him off? Maybe.
don't put that part in the big email mom:)

It was a tough but we are so grateful that Heavenly Father really will give us the strength to do all things.

On a happier note, Our investigator Chen Hui Zhong is doing AMAZING! she has been so diligently ready the book of mormon. The Book of Mormon is so true and Heavenly Father blesses all those who are willing to  open their hearts and open this book. We are so excited for her:)

One more awesome tender mercy from this week! Saturday night my back brakes broke and I had no idea how to fix it! (AGH! DAD WHERE ARE YOU?!) but luckily our neighbor owns a bike shop. His name is Brother Liu! I ran down and asked him if he could help me out. He checked out my bike and started to get to work. I was watching him, making sure that I took down note of the things he was doing so I could fix it next time. He was so quite, just smiling, as he worked. 

He reminded me so much of dad!! Just quitely making sure everyones bike was in proper working order:) After about 20 minutes, he look at me, smiled, gave me some bike advice, and then said, "fixed!" We all laughed and I asked him how much it was for his help. He laughed and said, "free!" I literally burst into tears.....
Then I cried all the way to our lesson,....
I was just so overwhelmed and grateful that Heavenly Father has placed so many amazing people in my path on my mission. People who have the same attributes as my family. I know he knows us all individually and I am so grateful:) 
I love you all so much and hope mexico is SICK!!!

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