Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Now We Are Real Church People!

This is Sister Vatcher whom Emma LOVES:)  And I love her too!!  She is serving with her husband in Taipei helping with medical needs.  And just all around helping of missionaries.  She posts all sorts of pictures of missionaries that she sees during the week onto the Taipei Mission FB page.  I know there are a lot of very thankful parents:)
 Another week gone! Time just flies when you are having fun and teaching people about Jesus!!!

The next few pdays will be spent singing christmas songs as we are preparing for some killer Chistmas concerts coming up this december!!!! It's so fun. We have a missionary choir organized and practicing christmas songs on pday for an hour:) It's starting to feel nice and festive. 

This week was full of challenges and miracles. This week I was just reminded at how important hard days are on your mission. If we didn't have hard days or any challenges, we would NEVER know how amazing  and sweet the good days are:) This week we saw a lot of agency. We've been keeping up our goal of talking to everyone but this week we just got a lot more rejection than usual. Sister Kho and I were so dang sad! This message is so true and so good but what it really comes down to is we all have our agency and we can choose whether or not to accept. I know that Heavenly Father will keep guiding us and helping us find his prepared children:) 

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Our investigator Chen Qian Pei also dropped us in a way this week. She was supposed to be baptized next week but just found out that she is going to Taichung to start her military service for 4 months. She doesn't see the need to be baptized anymore and has stopped doing the little things of reading and praying everyday. We love her so much!!!!!! We bore our testimonies to her and promised her blessing that come from keeping God's commandments and finished our lesson. We were a little disheartened but know that she will be baptized. Maybe not this week, but she will someday.

Sister Kho and it looks like a delicious ice cream and Bing stop.  Except for those red beans on Emma's Bing.  
On a happier note we had  MLC this week to prepare for our Zone Trainings that we will be having this week!!!! We are so dang stoked! I'm stressed out of my mind but I know that It will all turn out awesome:) President and all of us had a big discussion about receiving personal revelation. He talked a lot about prayer. I was lovingly reminded that prayer is a 2 way communication, not just me telling Heavenly Father what's going on and asking for help. God will literally answer our prayers while we are praying, we just have to listen! He challenged us all to take a notebook and pen with us every time we went to pray and promised us that we could receive direct revelation and answers. It was amazing!! We even got to eat with the Jergensens at their house:) Sister Jergensen made minestroni soup and bread and it was absolutely to die for:)!

This week we also went on exchanges with some sister in their area! It was so crazy! They live in Wanda which is about right in the middle of Taiwan city! I almost died on my bike!! It was so lively and busy and such an amazing experience to work with these sisters in their own area:) 

Dinner at a member's home.  Thank you!!!
This sunday we were out visiting a member and had the feeling to stop by this LA's (less active member's) house to take her some brownies. She never lets us set up with her so we were so happy when she was so willing to let us in! We talked with her for a while and then her daughter walks in! We got to know her and she just completely opened up with us about concerns she's been having at work. (She makes sets for big movies! So sick!) She's been married for a few years and expressed the desire to be able to slow down her life and start a family. But she doesn't know what to do! Family? Work? We shared with her #becauseofhim (here's the #Becauseofhim video you can click on and watch. It's only 2 1/2 minutes and  Emma shares it a lot!)and promised her that through Christ she could be able to receive answers and guidance in her life. 

We are meeting with her next monday:)

This stuff is literally so good and so true. 

Ke JM and her son also got confirmed this week in church and it was beautiful. Afterwards her son came up to us and said, "Now we are real church people!" It was the cutest thing ever. I know that gospel can help us have hope in our lives and give us guidance that we won't be able to find anywhere else! I love you so much fam:) have the best week ever and eat tons of candy for me.

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  1. So good to see a picture of Sister Vatcher. Abbie-Kate has been having some health struggles lately and they have been so good to her!!!