Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Miracles Everywhere! You Just Have To Go Find Them!

Nov. 6, 2016 email

Holy Cats! What an absolutely CRAZY week! This week started out on full stress level!!! This tuesday we had Zone meeting and Sister Kho and I had to do all this training and stuff. I was freaking out......and to top it all of President joined us! I was about to barf, but after a little prayer, a trip to the potty, it all went great. :) We are so excited to see this zone continue to grow and teach repentance and baptize converts!!! After our first zone meeting with the Central zone we headed up to Shilin for our next zone meeting with the North Zone. It was a blast! Since we had already gone through it all once in the morning it was a breeze. We all talked and counseled together and we are absolutely pumped to see this work take off. 

That night we went on exchanges with the Shilin Sisters. Exchanges are always so fun, but literally nuts. But this time I had one of the coolest experiences ever. We had all come back from our finding, lessons, and whatnot and had started our daily planning session. Both companionships were on different sides of the room, planning together for the next day. We both finished around the same time and said a closing prayer. Sister Dayton was closing our DPS and Sister Reinard was closing theirs. I was in a chinese prayer sandwich! At that moment I was overcome with the spirit and was just reminded at how much Heavenly Father loves us. He is listening to every prayer in every language at every time of the day.

Exchanges always are full of miracles. This friday and saturday we went on exchanges again with the sisters in Jinhua! They are both so adorable. Sister Lefevre and I were together! We started off by having a lesson with our investigator Chen Zi Rong. She is 18 years old in her first year of college and absolutely LOVES basketball. She has a baptismal date coming up pretty soon. We had planned to share with her about the commandments. We read together, talked and explained the blessings that come from keeping all of Gods commandments. She is always so willing to keep commitments and really knows that theses commandments can help her. After we shared with her I was prompted to talk about her baptism with her. She expressed concern about not feeling ready. We talked with her more and then asked her how she felt about what we were teaching her. She said that she knows that its all true and can really help her, but we knew that there was something that she wasn't telling us. 

Sister Lefevre (most inspired missionary every!) Simply asked her if she believed that God was her Heavenly Father. She replied, "No." You could tell that she was really upset. She then expressed how good she knew these things were but still didn't know if God knew her personally and loved her. We all prayed together and then invited her to pray sincerely every night and Ask God if he really is her Heavenly Father. She is so awesome! I'm so grateful for the guidance of the Holy Ghost to really be able to find peoples concerns and help them feel the love of Christ.

Afterwards we went and grabbed some dinner. We weren't super duper hungry so we just went a grabbed a quick crepe at the night market! Except that this time it was NOT  quick crepe. A dad with 4 kids had just ordered 8 crepes right before we got there. BUT these crepes are delish so we decided to be patient and wait. :) While we were waiting we talked with this dad. Turns out he is christian and LOVES HIS FAMILY! Nobody in taiwan has more than 3 kids...like it just never happens, so I asked him why he has so many kids, he said because kids are straight up gifts from God! We shared with him about the plan of salvation and being with our families forever. He had never heard anything like this before and was very intrigued and hopeful:) WE set him up with the missionaries where he lives and sent him on his way with his 8 crepes:) Such a miracle!!! After our crepes were finished we were about to pay and the owner said that the guy had bought our crepes for us.....
We are so excited to hear more about this awesome family:)

Last night was also so amazing. We had the new member fireside and got to see lots of fun faces from muzha! When we got back home we still had about 5 minutes before we needed to be inside. Sister Kho and I were literally POOPED, but we were like, "5 minutes! We gotta do it." There was literally nobody around except for this one little girl. So we went and started talking to this little girl and then her mom comes out of the store. We asked about their family and told them about the importance of families and how through Jesus Christ we can know how to build a  better relationship with our family ever day! We asked if we could meet with them next week and share more and they said yeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssss.!!!!
Sister Kho and I were dying we were so excited. Miracles everywhere, you just have to go find them!
Love you all so dang much:) have a fabulous week!

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