Monday, January 30, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year!

Temple Tour sister's!!  
This week was a ton of fun! Mom forgive me but we have a lunch appointment soon so I will do my best to help you see how great of a week it was! :)
Tender mercies and adventures of the week:

-Last Pday we went shopping In Taipei with our member friend Nikki! Mom It was so fun! It totally felt like shopping day with you and Jane in City Creek our Station Park! We even got some yummy food after:) It was a tender moment for me!! I love my fam!
Chinese New Year decorations.

-Tuesday we went to Wanda on exchanges with Some sisters:) I was with Sister Zhong. She is amazing and the cutest taiwanese girl I'v ever met. She really taught me how important it is to share personal experiences with people on the street. She is an incredible missionary!!

-This week was the start of Chinese New Year! Friday and Saturday ALL the shops were closed!!!!
Like all of them! We have member meals for lunch and dinner every day for 5 days. We are working on day 4 right now and we are dying. I don't think I have ever been so dang full in my entire life!!!!! so much good food but I might throw up tonight! They just keep feeding you. pray for us. This is a good problem to have:) It's also been an awesome opportunity to get to know our members even better! they all have the funnest stories ever!!
Sister Clawson and Sister Miller.  They both are named Emma too!  

Thank you Chang family for having the missionaries for dinner!

-Thursday we did temple tours and met the cutest girls from Korea! they were excited to meet missionaries their too:) Afterwards we put together 75 cleaning kits for all the missionary apartments with the AP's. That was nuts. I just realized how much busy work has to go on in the mission home to help our lives flow more smoothly.

-Friday was our worldwide Mission Conference!! YAY! We are so pumped for all the awesome changes to our schedule! 

-Saturday was our missionwide cleaning day. Oh my goodness. 
IT WAS INTENSE!! sister miller and I were absolutely exhausted afterwards!!!!
there was so much CRAP from who knows when piled up in our apartment! But we are happy to say now that it is sparkly and beautiful! A place where the spirit can reside!
Mission wide cleaning day.  Em says it sparkles now!

I'm so grateful for all the awesome things that we have been able to see this week and so many miracles over Chinese new year:)
We are also teaching this cute girl named Shanelle from the phillipines! She is so cute and her personality is so sparkly! It's been so cool to watch her change slowly as she learns about the restored gospel!  I know that this church is true and will bring so much happiness into our lives;) I love you guys so dang much!!!!
She takes after her dad:)

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