Monday, February 6, 2017

Miss Spider's Tea Party

Feb. 5, 2017

Danshui!  Emma is holding either cherry tomatoes, or strawberries that are dipped in a hard candy and then eaten off the stick.  Kind of like candied apples:)  but candied tomatoes?  
This week full of lots of happiness, activities, and lessons learned!
Starting off, this past Pday we went to Danshui and went on a ferry ride. It was absolutely freezing!!!!! I couldn't believe how many people were in Danshui this past week. It was loaded for Chinese New Year. It was super fun to see. People literally seemed even happier to be alive and talk with us because they didn't have work and just got to hang out with their families. How could you not be happy?!

Sunday night at the New Member Fireside.  This is Jewell:)  Emma loves her!  She sends me pictures everytime she sees Emma.  I love her too!
This Tuesday night was crazy, not gonna lie. This tuesday we got a call from this random number during district meeting. It was this woman that we had met on the street earlier named Blacksheep. She was SO pumped to see us, BUT was also a little cray cray. she called us and wanted us to come over to her house that night to eat with her. She REALLY wanted us to come! We were like, we can't say no, we have to teach everyone! so that night we prepared a lesson and head over to her house. We were a little scared but said a prayer that the Holy Ghost would help us carefully discern what needed to be done. We found our house and carefully started tip toeing up the stairs. BANG! We here a door slam shut, some quick scuttling, and then a witch voice cackling.
Miss Spider's Tea Party:) What a kind, generous woman!

Sister Miller and I booked it the HECK  out of their! We ran so fast down those stairs, ditched our bikes, and hid behind this alley and waited. My heart was pounding so fast. WE looked across the street and two little old asian men that were guards were giggling at us..:)

We peaked around and saw Black Sheep, she was looking for us! We were so dang scared, but as we watched her we noticed how sad she looked not being able to find us. We knew we had to talk with her but were too dang scared. So, we called the Elders:) The elders hustled over and within 10 minutes we were having a nice lesson with her in her home.

She is so dang crazy, but so full of love. It actually turns out that she is an LA! She got baptized 15 years ago but hasn't been to church because she feels like she is the odd one out. We invited her to come to church with us. I felt like I was reading the Miss Spider book, (here's a link to the Miss Spider book.  It was and still is a favorite book at our house!)where all the little bugs are terrified of Miss Spider but all she really wants to do is have a tea part with everyone! That was Black Sheep to a T.  She is adorable and we totally misjudged her. This is why we leave judgement to God. 

Street food in Danshui.
But to make the night even crazier, right after we got out of Black Sheeps house we got a call from the Danshui elders! Somehow during district meeting we had left our keys in Danshui!!! Agh!!! So we quickly all jumped on the MRT and met half way. We were all running our butts off so that we could do the exchange and all make it home in time! As we were on the way we met this couple from OREM UTAH...WHAT THE HECK! they were just visiting and wanted to go see the chapel in Danshui! They laughed when they found out why we were on the MRT at such a late hour in the evening..hahaha. Anyways we got to our meetup point and had the sickest pass off. the elder had to jump on the MRT to get home and we were running to where they were to grab the keys, Right as the doors were about to close we snatched them out of Elder Finsters hands and the doors shut and they zoomed off to Danshui! 

OH MAN IT WAS SO SICK! I wish ya'll could of seen it. I felt like James Bond or Mission Impossible or something like that.
Oh wait, Missionary Impossible . Yaaaa! It was a crazy night that's for sure.
I love being in Taiwan. 

Looks like they play Pie Face in Taiwan too!
The rest of the week was awesome. Heavenly Father let us see so many miracles and meet so many new incredible families this week. I am so grateful for the Atonement in our lives and how we can literally use it to change and become more and more like Christ each day!
I love you all so much! be safe this week!

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