Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I Love You Family!

Sept. 4, 2016 Email
Hello my dearest family:) This week was a blast and a half. Way different than any other week because Sister Eyre and I had like 15,000 different meetings and things we had to go
to this week!! All in all we are spiritually uplifted and ready to put it all into action this week:)
Last monday was so stinking cool. We all went to the National Palace Museum together. Ji Pei De even took off work to come with us:) We've been planning this trip for like a month because they have 7 Terracotta warriors on display there! WHAT?! 
The museum is absolutely beautiful. It was  super duper dark inside though (apparently to preserve the ancient artifacts....whatever..) So not gonna lie, I got way tired for a hot minute! But It was all just so neat and old with tons of history behind all of it. Elder Jackson in our district is a major in Archeology so he was just freaking out having a hay day like a 5 year old with a handful of candy. It was fun to watch and he was a good professor guide for us:)
The Coolest part was definitely the Terracotta warriors. Lets be real...all I knew about the Terracotta warriors was from what I saw in The Mummy3. So not a ton....but luckily Elder jackson gave me ALL the background and I became very educated! History is so neat! Good Pday.

Wednesday we had English class! I've been called as the new english leader so we had to go to the Mission home for a training on the whole thing. English class is a lot more intense than I thought but I am so stoked to help everyone else get pumped about it and to Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts through english class!!
Anyways, now for the funny part.
So I'm all pumped about english class right? so I did some good prep for my class. This weeks lesson was on How to go to The Pharmacy.! sounds like good, clean, fun, english class right?!
We had a new student in our class that was NUTS! She was a bit lost in the head..but anyways she got way carried away with medicine, the way you take medicine, which then lead to other kinds of medicince, AKA drugs! She then started talking about how a little bit of heroine never hurt anyone!
Lets just say I had to kindly escort her to the hall and then had a lesson with my class on how drugs are not good for you. Ever, which then lead in to a nice discussion on the Word of Wisdom:) Perfect.
Word of Wisdom for the WIN!!
Ps thanks dad for really teaching me the Word of wisdom. I don't know if you remember but one day we were talking about exercise and being healthy, like we do:) and you shared with me D&C 89. I have loved it and 100% believed it ever since. I think I was like 14. Best Dad award goes to you! Love you tons;)

Thursday we had a killer Trainer Trainee follow up meeting!!! It was super fun to get together with everyone and refocus! Me and Sister Eyre are over half way done with training. WE cry about it every night. well at least I do...:( She's the best and we have been have seen SO many miracles together!

Friday we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. It was a blast! I learned so much! Sister Tinsley was my comp for the day and she really pushed me to think outside of the box and to set some awesome goals. She also helped me see that I have awesome faith in the Lord, But do I have 100%? Woa. this made me think big time! I have faith. But I don't have 100%. Huge eye opener for me. I know as I have complete 100% trust in the Lord He will NEVER let us fail:)
This sunday was the greatest! I have this english Student that has come to my class the whole time I have been in Muzha and his daughter goes to Sister Eyres class. Jungle and Barbie.
best names ever:)

Anyways we set up to meet with them and share with them more about the gospel! They invited us to their home and gave us their address. Ok. Cool.
We were riding our bikes looking for the house and...............
turns out they basically live in the Ritz Carlton of Taiwan......................
like literally I can't even............
It was nicer than the Grand America mom!!!!!
So we went inside to this building and they treated us to Iced cocoa and Chocolate cakes.
Holy crap it was so posh:)
We got to meet with his wife and share with them about eternal Families. They got all sorts of excited and we are meeting with them again this week:)

Last night we also got to go with our beautiful Yvonne to a fireside for investigators. It is amazing to see her change so much. She smiles and talks more and more every time we meet with her. The changing and life-enriching power of this gospel  cannot be described. As we rely on Christ's Atonement, we can change:) AGH SHE'S SO GOOD!
Love you with my whole flippin heart and miss you guys like crazy.

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