Thursday, September 1, 2016

I Luh Taiwan!!

Aug. 28, 2016 email

Looking for packages!!!  Hopefully Sister Clawson's package full of Dr. Bronner's Minty soap made it!!! 
Oh man this week felt LONG! I don't know why. It was still fantastic but I was pooped this morning and grateful for a good ol P-day:) 

we will start off with the adventures from last pday:) Last week we all went up the Maokong Gondola again! But this time we went exploring around all sorts of super duper sick temples! We took a lot of pics. Sister Eyre is basically Mulan;) we were up there exploring for hours! So much fun and so dang pretty! Pday adventures are always a blast.

oh and cool news! I'm the new English Unit leader! So basically I'm in charge of all our english classes and trainings with them so that we can effectively get new investigators while helping others learn english:) How fun! I'm kind of nervous...because My english is getting worse day by day...but is my desire to teach repentance and baptize converts worse? NO! So it should be lots of fun:)

I'd say these two are enjoying their watermelon.  Yellow Watermelon:)  It's dripping off of Emma's chin!
This week we had temple tours and it was full of all sorts of neat experiences! We shared with people from all over the world! It's super hard when you meet people that don't speak english OR chinese.....SHOOT! But that's ok, the spirit does all the talking. :)We taught 3 guys from Korea and then a chinese man and his wife who is from Poland! It was such a cool tour. We taught it in chinese and then he would translate to her in polish...what?! I'm so glad I'm not learning polish! it sounds SO HARD! His chinese was really hard to understand as well....polish chinese..hahaha:) And now they are all meeting with the missionaries! Temple tours for the win:) We also got to see all the new missionaries that came in this week! 36 new missionaries!!!! WOW! Both Muzha companionships have trainees now cause elder Jackson is training now too! So much fun")

This weeks pictures all came from "other people".  Either members or Sr. Missionaries:)  Thank you!!!
The First one was on Thursday night. So in Taiwan you have to take out the garbage everyday when they truck comes. Except thats sometimes hard as a missionary cause you are always out talking to people being busy and what not. so....Sister eyre and I had 9 MASSIVE bags of garbage in our fridge and freezer.....this is so we don't get cockroaches!!!! We decided that we HAD to take out the garbage tonight! We gathered all the heaping bags, arms straining from how heavy they were, and hauled them to the street. We waited. No truck. 5 Minutes pass. no truck. 

Oh crap! We MISSED THE GARBAGE TRUCK! but now we are standing outside with 9 bags of garbage....what are we gonna do?! WE cant just leave it! And we CANT put it back in our house!!!!!!
I looked at Sister eyre and said, "Lets pray!" hahhaaha oh man.
I prayed that Heavenly Father would help us to know where we needed to go or what we needed to do to get rid of our garbage.
2 minutes pass. and we hear someone laughing....
I'm like, Who in the heck would be laughing at us?! 2 cute american girls with a ton of garbage is NOT funny! (hahaha ya it is:)
A scooter pulls up to us and guess who it is? 
Ji Pei De.
hahahahha he was out for a night run to Mcdonalds and decided to take the backroads:)

He jumped off his scooter, we each grabbed 3 bags, and he said, "The garbage truck will be at my house in 5 minutes, run!" so we booked it up the Alleys of muzha to the garbage truck and plopped it in just in time:)

I know that God lives and he loves us:) 
I've been reminded so much of that this week. God will always answer our prayers and the Holy Ghost will always guide us. We just have to listen!
Last night we were on the street and met this lady. We had shared with her a message of the restoration and set up to meet with her again. I was scared to talk to her about baptism because I didn't want to scare her away! I had the strongest impression to open up my mouth and tell her about the blessing of baptism, Like Im supposed to as a representative of Christ! Before we left we invited her to baptism. 
She gave the most solid yes I've ever received my whole mission.
She explained that if she really knew it was true, why wouldn't she get baptized!!!!!! YES!

We must ALWAYS listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. No matter what! If I hadn't listened, that Lady wouldn't have set a baptismal date and known about the blessing of baptism. Always remember to have courage and be kind!!!!!
we left that contact with that lady giving hugs and so much love.
10 minutes before she was a complete stranger. 
Be kind to everyone and always testify of Jesus Christ:) Love you guys so dang much:)

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