Thursday, September 1, 2016

How Great Thou Art!

Aug. 22, 2016 email

Emma and Sister Eyre at the Taipei Temple with Willie.  He a recent convert that Emma taught in Zhongli.  It was his first time to the temple, and he came on the day Emma did temple tours:)
What another wonderful week here on the mission:) Taiwan is hot and glorious. The sky has been SO blue the past few days! Absolutely beautiful. Every night at like 5 the light starts to go down and its just pure summer. Know what I mean? Just low late summer light. agh:) from like 5-8 everyones all out playing basketball. Everytime I want to go play with them SO BAD. Looks so dang fun! Speaking of basketball...Im getting pretty good. We play every saturday with the local hooligans and it's a blast. :)

Last week!!! Monday was so dang fun! We all went out to lunch together with some members at this super delicious Thai food place. It was so dang fun! WE just ate and talked forever. Afterwards me and Sister Eyre had some pretty adventurous plans for the rest of P-day. HIT UP CARREFOUR! We are ridiculous..:) Carrefour is like costco. so good:) All in all we had a fun Pday last week;)

Dinner at a Thai restaurant

Sister Eyre is beat!
his week has been full of ups and downs, so many miracles, and lots of fun new adventures!

Elder Sessions left us this week so we all cried and stuff. He will be desperately missed. But the work still keeps moving dang it!
Ok, so I just gotta take a minute and talk about one of our cute new investigators. His name is You Rei:) He is 16 years old and fabulous! He is the most interesting taiwanese teenager I have ever met. He has a clothing business with his mom and designs clothes! what?! He's so kind and so open to learning about the gospel. He wants to get baptized and loves reading the book of mormon but doesn't think he should get baptized till he is 18. This is his own decision...not like a parent saying no. He said he decided when he was 14 that he wouldn't make any big choices till he was 18. Ok?! I haven't met one 16 year old kid who thinks that in depth! He's super special and we are excited to keep working with him:) 

Beautiful Muzha! And look Grandpa Garner!!!!  They have McDonalds!!
Now for an amazing miracle this week!! We have this adorable investigator named Yu Xuen Xin:) We have been working with her for almost 3 months now but she has just been moving really slowly. She is so cute, but just hasn't been keeping her commitments and invites. This week we met with her and were going to have to talk to her about maybe not meeting with her anymore. :( We went into our lesson and followed up with her on her reading in the Book of Mormon. Guess what she said....
"Really Good! I read the first 7 Chapters in First nephi! It's a story about this family, and they have this really awesome righteous son that Listens to God and then he's also got two really wicked brothers! I loved it!"

We were giddy little school girls as we continued to talk about the Book of Mormon and Prayer. We are excited for her and this new page she's finally turning. I know for a fact that God will always hear and answer our prayers. He's done it for me everyday on my mission.
I was humbled by this experience and reminded that we always need to have faith and never assume anything. Cause you all know what assume means! hehehe thanks dad:)

Other fun highlights from the week.
-WE got to go to the temple with My RC from Zhongli this week! his first time inside!
-we locked ourselves out of our apartment on sunday....shoot. had to travel all the way to the mission home for the spares..:(
-we play How Great thou Art and blast it at the top of our lungs for WPS every week:) soooo good.

Pancakes for Sunday dinner!!  

Meeting up at Mission Conference with all of Emma's MTC  companions!!!  Love these girls!!
I love Taiwan so dang much:) this church is so dang true. Like there is literally no way it can't be true. Just read the Book of Mormon and earnestly pray! God loves us all and is just waiting to answer our prayers:) Love you so much fam damily.

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