Thursday, September 1, 2016

MIRACLES! I Love Taiwan!

Aug. 14, 2016 email

The cutest Temple Tour Sister's I've ever seen!
This week was fantastic!!!! I'm so grateful to live in such a special and peculiar place like Taiwan. :) Last Monday, us, the elders and Ji Pei De all went to check out Wulai canyon on the waterfall! Super duper fun. We went super far up past the waterfall and found SO MANY of the biggest banana spiders in the world that had spinned webs in the power lines. So what do 4 americans and one special taiwanese man do. Try and hit them out of their webs with rocks or grab super long sticks and try to make them fall...

We were at this for like 2 hours.... we were so intrigued by the spiders. they are seriously as big as your face! Pei De knocked a big guy out and we studied it for quite some time. NATURE IS SO NEAT. Ji Pei De told me later that night that he was so interested in us 4 americans playing with spiders, he thought it was very strange and just couldn't figure out why we were all playing with spiders! Taiwanese and Americans. We have a very different thought process... ;) But it was so dang fun!

Wulai Waterfall on P-day
Tuesday Was fabulous. we had an awesome district meeting and just all talked for a solid hour on how we can really help our investigators needs, and then I had the coolest phone call experience that night with a Dad that we had met the week before at a park with his 2 kids. I called him to make sure he was still ok with us visiting him the next day. We talked for a second and then he opened up A TON! He told me that he wants more than anything to be with his 2 kids forever and was so touched that we had told him that through Jesus Christ it was possible! We then talked for like a solid 7 minutes, he had so many questions!!!!!!!!!!!! He feels really guilty for his past and for the way his relationship has ended up with his wife:( They got divorced and things are just rough now. (yes he was sharing this all with a 19 year old girl from america!) I prayed for him over the phone and he was feeling a lot better. Then after all the fiasco he told me he actually lives in Taoyuan. hahah. Good luck taoyuan Missionaries! you're getting a good guy!

Wednesday was quite the surprise:) 
Basically I was smiling like a little school girl the whole time. He shared stories from his mission and sang for us and it was so good:) He is an awesome kid and is going straight to heaven.

I haven't had the heart to tell Emma that her beloved TROOPER back in Utah died!!!  That car gave up the ghost, up in the mountains taking kids on another fabulous adventures!!  Emma's Trooper was exactly like the one in the picture:)  We would always sing "Super Trooper" by ABBA everytime we rode in it.  It really was a Super Trooper in our books!!  RIP Trooper:)
We got to see him again on saturday when we had temple tours and that was neat:) SO many people were there for a concert he was doing. We got 15 Tours in!! Tour days are endless and you are so tired! But we made some awesome friends and met great people. We gave a tour to 4 boys from Japan. They were great. only one of them spoke english and he translated everything for his friends. One of them was in LOVE with sister Eyre. We took a pic with them at the end of our tour and he got real close to her...poor girl. She's just so perfect! Then they all scheduled to meet with the missionaries in Japan next week. So great how small the world gets and how everyone can have a chance to hear about this beautiful gospel! 

These are the 4 Japanese boys that took a temple tour.  Who wouldn't take a tour with those cute girls as your guides!
Temple tours are always great. We gave a tour to Elder Dongs mom and an investigator from Tainan, My RC and 2 other friends from Zhongli, a group on investigators from Taichung. So dang cool.

I'm about fresh out of time but I just want to testify that God hears and answers all of our prayers. We have an investigator that didn't want to come to church yesterday because it was too early. I invited her to pray and ask God to give her energy to wake up in the morning. We prayed and prayed for her and guess who showed up to church right at 9?! She did!!!! She said, "weirdest thing ever, I woke up at 7:30 and couldn't fall back asleep!" God Loves all of his children and will always help us.. I freaked out so much when I saw her:) MIRACLES.

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