Thursday, September 1, 2016

Taiwan For The WIN!

Aug 7. 2016 email

Emma and Sister Eyre.
Hello my wonderful family:) I love and miss you all so much and am secretly super mad that you would all go to Jackson Lake without me. You all know that i am the life of the party. 
jkjkjk Sorry I've been working on tuning down my pride...:)
But really that's my favorite trip every and I hope you all have a blast!

This week was a good one! Started off the week by having Zone Meeting. This week was all about how we can become Successful Missionaries. hmmm. Perfect. How fitting. For reals though it was actually super duper great. I also am up to a new level in my chinese learning so I got this massive book CHUCK full of 6,000 new words... the past week has been so fun learning all sorts of new things. 
If any of you want to know how to say "Break up" it's fenshou.
After Zone meeting we had exchanges again! Sister Sylvester came with me to Muzha! We had a ton of fun and met so many people. she is from Las Vegas Nevada and is an awesome missionary.
Wednesday we had english class. I've been trying to spice up my english class some more so this week we played some great games:) 
Taiwanese people are funny.
they don't want games.
They just want to learn.
Well guess what? IM THE TEACHER!
This is the flyer for free English classes.  
So we played a super fun game and they all ended up loving it. :) I'm pretty sure they all think that I am crazy, but that's ok;) The best was that everyone laughed really really hard, so that's all that matters. English class motto: If the learn something and have fun, they will come back. If they learn nothing but have fun, they will still come back. Wise words of Elder Seamons in Zhongli:)
Speaking of English class. WE had quite the miracle this week! We have a member in our ward,Wu dx, Who has a daughter that is 12 years old. Not a member. Her name is Yi Hui but her english name is Yvonne. She is the shyest person I've ever met in my whole life! So the past month has been trying to earn her trust and become her friend through english class, cause her and her dad come to my class every week. I asked her if we could come visit her and she said yes!!!!!
Friday night rolled around and we got to there house to visit them. Except........she had locked herself in her room and didn't want to come out....
So what do we do?
Write a love note and slide it under the door with a cool sticker.
What next?
We say a serious pray that Heavenly Father would help soften her heart.
Should we have switched the order of those 2 things? Probably ;) My bad. 
After a mini lesson through the door, lots of love and encouragement, we finally got her to open the door and say hello to us!! She is adorable. We gave her a Book of Mormon, said and kneeling prayer with her invited her to come to church. And guess what?
Heavenly Father has blessed us and loves every single one of his children so much. I'm so grateful for the chance I have to be here in Taiwan and help people feel of a Heavenly Love that they've never had the chance to feel.

Such a small world!!  The Elder in the middle with glasses came up to Emma at a conference and said, "Hey are you Sister Clawson?"  He knew all about Emma and had been looking for her.  He's from Sweden and had a seminary class that was taught by our favorite Swedish friend Evelina F.! From Utah to Sweden to Taiwan!!  Wow!
Ji Pei De is doing awesome! We are going hiking with him today and are stoked! He still continues to blow me away. He's helped us with some of our lessons and has such a strong testimony! We visited him and his parents this week and they are absolutely adorable. His mom is 73 and is so spunky, just like Pei De. ahaha. And his dad is 97...he's real old..he just sat and smiled:) LOve that fam!!! 
Love you guys all so dang much:) Today is Fathers day in Taiwan So HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD! You are the best and I love you with all my heart Mcgyver.
I'm so grateful we all have a heavenly Father that loves and is watching over all of us!!

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