Monday, July 10, 2017

You Are Cute And The Mangoes Are For Free!

May 21, 2017 email

Hello my beloved family. This week has been a blast and a half. This week was full of so many cool tender mercies and miracles. We were also so dang blessed to get to have the SICKEST mission conference with Elder Cook. I swear every time I get to see an apostle I get so stinking excited I can't even handle it. ! Ok, I'll share more about the conference in a hot minute. 
This week has poured rain! Absolutely dumped! It's been nice and wet, but even though it rained we still got to meet some sick new people.
P-day was the usual, went to the glorious park with all the other missionary friends and played capture the flag. It was a blast. The best part of Pday happened when we went to go and buy fruit. They had some mangos for sale and I FLIPPED out I was so dang excited. I went to go and grabbed some, but then I saw how expensive they were....:( They were ridiculous expensive! So I passed and bought some apples and guava instead. As the cute little lady was grabbing my fruit for me and then she grabbed two mangos and tossed them into my bag for me:) She smiled at me, told me I was cute and that the mangos were for free. 

AGH!!!! I was so dang excited. She was so kind. I feel like so many little things like this happen all the time and make me want to cry. Their is a God in Heaven and he LOVES us! He puts angels all throughout our path:)

This week we met so many cool new people. All of them are so dang young! The large majority of our new investigators for this week were all between the age of 14-17. It's a golden age gorup! they are all wanting to know what there purpose in life is and how they can be happier. The only way that this can be done is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It literally will flip our lives around for the better and make us the happiest people in the world. 

I love this Gospel!

Our beautiful investigator Zhang Yue Mei got baptized this week and it was the happiest thing ever:) There was a lot of awesome lessons, stories, and smiles that all lead up to her getting baptized. YAY! Now I am going to share with you the absolute HELL FIRE that happened before the actual baptismal service started. We got to the chapel at like 6 oclock to get everythign ready for 7. As soon as we started preparing everything just went down hill. First we went into the baptismal font to see how the water started, then we had to clean up the 10 huge dead cockroaches that were in it!! ewwww! Then we started the water, it was FREEZING, then it stopped running completely,NOOOO! it's almost 6;45 now and NOBODY had showed up yet! It was me, my companion, Yue Mei, and David our ward mission leader. A Baptism of 4! at about 6:55 we got the water to work again, people finally showed up, and then I went back into the baptismal room and like 400 giant moths had somehow made their way into the room and we are buzzing around the lights!!!!!!! SATAN!! We then took the next few minutes to KILL all of them and clean up the mess. Finally everything was ready. We got a couple close members and our investigator together in one room to say a kneeling prayer together. It was weird, we were praying and for some reason I had the feeling to open my eyes. So I did.

What did I see?

A POOL OF BLOOD ON THE FLOOR!! My companion got the most killer bloody nose during the prayer!! We booked it to the bathroom and David helped us clean up the bloody mary mess. 

about 5 minutes later we started and the whole service went awesome. Smooth as ever:)
Satan tried to sabotage us at the beginning but he FAILED! Yue Mei was so happy and cool as a cucumber the whole time. It was a miracle. The best thing of my mission is seeing someones face when they walk out of the baptismal font. Sopping wet with the biggest smile on their face:)
this week was full of chaos. A crazy english class, old missionaries visiting, insane baptismal services, meeting an apostle of the Lord. wow.

I feel like I've never been so busy in my whole life! I know that God loves us so dang much and that through his son Jesus Christ all the impossible things can be made possible. I love and miss you guys so much it's stupid.!!! agh love you tons

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