Monday, July 10, 2017

Tribulation Is The WORST!

June 11, 2017 email

Moving Day finally happened!
This week was AWESOME!!!!!

I feel like I am getting more and more tired as the weeks go on. We have had some intense service projects the past 2 weeks. I don't know why, but moving the Su Family has been one of the hardest, most challenging things of my entire life!!! We faced so much tribulation it's ridiculous!
I'll share how the whole thing went down.

So basically I was the middleman for organizing a moving truck, members, and missionaries to help this family move from Zhiben to Dulan. These 2 places are literally in the middle of nowhere. And super duper far away from each other!
But after try after try after try I finally got a Member with a truck, others to drive us, and everything was looking golden.

then tuesday night 9:00pm rolled around and I had a feeling I needed to call our moving guy to double check he was all good to go. I called and he told me that he had to go to taibei last minute and wouldn't be able to help.......NOOOOOO. We were moving the Su Family wednesday morning at 9. We were biking back home and then slowly one by one, members called saying that they couldn't come help us anymore.

I was LOSING it! I might have cried a bit and biked REALLY fast to get all the feels out. We got home and to add to the list another massive cockroach was in our room. NOT IN MY HOUSE! I was a lot more brave this time and the cockroach was killed instantly cause I was so frustrated.

WHY WAS SATAN WINNING!? Why couldn't we just move this family? Why did we have to reschedule everything 5+ times already? I closed the door, cried, and prayed.
I told Heavenly Father EVERYTHING that was going and told him how badly I needed his help.
After I prayed, we went to work. My companion and I called everyone, trying to find people to help us. at about 10:45 we had found a moving truck:) but still no one could drive us missionaries. We prayed again to see a miracle and went to bed. The next morning we got all the other missionaries to find members to help us. 
and we did.

Literally at 8:30 we had everything set and ready to go to help the su family move!!!

We met at the church, went to zhiben, dulan, got really sunburnt, and it was awesome. THe Su Family is FINALLY MOVED! Afterwards, we were driving back to the city with the Su Jiating and they were so grateful. They were so impressed by us missionaries and wanted to know more about what makes us the way we are. I am so glad that we were able to have this opportunity to help them soften their hearts to learning about the gospel. 

When we got home, I just prayed my guts out. I can't even explain how accomplished I felt and how grateful that Heavenly Father was able to come out on top and give us miracles.
I know he will always win. He gives us the hardest challenges so that we can become the best person he wants us to be. 

These 4 Sister missionaries all live together:)
So, If anyone needs to be moved. I'm your woman. :) 
jkjkjkjk it was super stressful and next time I will deligate a lot better:)
Other than that we met so many great people this week. We met a new family that have been searching for true repentance. They are the Guo family.  We taught them repentance and they loved it! We are stoked for them!

Emma bought Sister Xie a Snickers bar one day.  The next morning Sister Xie made oatmeal for breakfast and said it didn't taste like anything so she added her Snickers bar to it.  I'd call that a breakfast of champions!
They next was a guy named Brother Wang. He is a funny person:) He is so good. He is a ponderer! YES! We shared with him about our Heavenly Father and his plan for us. It was really cool to see how his mind started filling with questions as he pondered about how he could personally get to know his father in heaven better.
Other fun bits from this week
-it was killer hot....ahhaa
-I met my new best friend! He is basically the taiwanese Jake. he loves bmx biking and I told him about how through Jesus all of his talents can improve! He was super funny:) we are excited to teach him!
-we drove to Hualian for stake conference and it was beautiful:)
-had a bike race with 3 little girls:)
I love taiwan I love this gospel:)
love my family!!!

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