Monday, July 10, 2017

Thanks Dad For Teaching Me To Be Extemporaneous!

July 9, 2017 email

Making Shuijiao's with a member family.  This is our family's favorite thing to eat on the planet!!!
My beloved family! THis week was super fun and I love being a missionary. This Pday we went to a mystical place called Taimali. We explore a super cool waterfall, everything about it was beautiful even though the water was like chocolate milk problem, still beautiful! Afterwards we went to the beach, cause it couldn't be a P-day in Taidong without going to some beach:) It was beautiful! Good start to the week!

This tuesday we had Zone Conference in Hualian. It was my last zone conference ever.... kinda weird, but it was an awesome one for sure. It was all focused on how we can be more powerful and simple teachers. We all came prepared with 2- One minute lessons on a gospel principle and roleplayed our guts out! It was so dang awesome! It forced us to keep our teaching simple and powerful. I loved it. It has helped us so much in our teaching and finding this week. This whole training just reminded me of this one time where I was driving in the car with Dad once and I asked if we could stop and get an ice cream or hot chocolate or something! He looked at me and said, "We can if you give my a one minute persuasive speech on why we should stop and get a treat." hahahahha thanks dad. 

I am now and effective one minute persuasive speech teacher:) xoxo

A cool miracle from this week! We got this super long referral text from Taizhong this week. It was a man named Lin Wen Jie who apparently had met the missionaries a long time ago and is looking for God now more than ever! I gave him a call expecting to have to talk to him for a second before he would set up. When he answered the phone I told him who I was and then this is basically how the rest of the conversation went... 
"Hey can we meet with you this week.?"

hmmm. yes! easiest set up ever.

Anyways we met with him this week and he is hands down the most prepared person that I have met in all my mission. He is so great!!! So humble and willing. Too bad he's a the elders will continue to teach him and help him be baptized. but hey! Team Jesus! It was a great opportunity to be the first ones to meet with him and set a baptismal date with him:)

Other fun bits from the week include:
-going member visiting with our bishopbric! (What?! this never happens! yes!)
-made delish chocolates for our investigators and members. (We are the See's Candies of taidong)
-Our Member Cai JM called us tuesday morning and told us that her cousin was going to meet with us THAT night! (Out of the blue referral!)
-Met someone from Muzha!
Our investigators are all doing so great too:) 

Waterfalls P-day

I had the most tender moment yesterday in church! We were sitting next to our investigator Guo Mama and her 3 little girls. Someone was giving a lesson and they were sharing about Alma the younger. All of a sudden Guo mama's eyes got so big and she looks at me and says, Ke Jie mei!!! I read this yesterday with my kids! then she goes off and tells me about how her an her girls read this story together in the book of mormon. She said how important it is for us to always repent and keep gods commandments. 


This mom has had a struggle reading the scriptures, but after a lot of prayers, reading together, getting them a childrens Book of Mormon to go along with the normal version, they are getting it!!!!
agh:) yes!
Ilove being a missionary!
 I miss you guys a ton:) love you so dang much!!

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