Monday, July 10, 2017

The LAST Transfer Has Begun!

June 18, 2017 email

This week was a blast! We are so blessed to get to serve in the greatest area of our mission:) Today I want to share some cool lessons that we had this week. Man it is pretty dang crazy how different every single person is. Every lesson we have is not even sorta the same as the other. hahaha.
This week we had another lesson with Wang DX. He has been doing some serious homework on the things that we have shared with him! But he asks the most intense questions ever! Do you think plants have spirits? How would you describe the atonements effect in your life? And many many more! After his lessons I am whooped. Like so tired! His questions are soooo awesome and he is learning a lot. I just have to take the time to ponder and think before I answer. I'm so grateful for all the investigators that we meet! I think we learn just as much from them as they do from us!

The other is the cute Guo Family! This week going to their house was so awesome! They 3 little girls had memorized "secret Prayer"! It was so cute to sing it all together before we prayed. This week we shared the message of the Restoration and it was so cool to hear ALL the questions that the mom had for us. She wanted to know everything! They even came to church yesterday and the little girls absolutely LOVED it! They didn't want to leave. I know that God is constantly preparing people wherever we go! We just have to prepare ourselves well and then the blessings just flow:)

We had one night this week where we had planned to go visit an LA but turns out he lived farther away than we thought and we weren't going to have enough time to visit him and make it home at 9:30 so we just decided to talk to all the people that we saw around us! We saw a couple, said hello to them, and started to chat. Turns out that they just moved to Taidong from Muzha!!!!!!!!!!!! I freaked out a lot:) They are tour guides! Cool job. AND They are Menonites.....oh. First menonites I've met in taiwan!
actually ever...
But anyways they are really cool! They have searched so many churches trying to find the one that is the best for them. We gave them a quick low down of the restoration and asked them if we could share more with them later. They were all over it! We are so excited. Heavenly father blesses us so much when we open our mouths;)

Ok last cool miracle from the week. This was last night:) As Sister Xie and I were doing our planning that morning we had a feeling we needed to go and visit this LA that we had never met before. She is 16 years old and apparently had been baptized 3ish years ago. We biked our way over to their house and knocked on the door. we could see that there were 2 scooters outside, lights on, dogs barking, but nobody was coming to the door. The neighbors came out and told us that the parents of the house were both deaf and can't talk either. 
So.... we just kept knocking and waiting;)
FINALLY the mom came down!!!!! We were basically dancing at her front door to get her attention!! She saw the two of us and came outside.
for the next 20 minutes we talked to her using charades and a piece of paper. she was so cute, loving, and patient. We learned that her daughter, (who is the LA that we wanted to visit) had left home a year ago to live with her boyfriend. The mom is sad and worried about her. We shared with her a little bit about why we come on missions and told her that through Christ her whole family can be helped and healed. It was so tender!!!!! Literally one of the coolest experiences of my mission. she agreed to meet with us next week. Heavenly Father's plan is bigger than we can comprehend! he knew that Sister Xie needed to be here at this time in this place to write in chinese to communicate with her! THIS GOSPEL IS SO TRUE. GOD AND CHRIST LIVE!!
This week was a lot of fun.
Love you tons.

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