Monday, July 10, 2017

Dumping Rain!

June 4, 2017 email

Hello my beloved family! Don't worry the rain in Taiwan has been crazy this week but Taidong has gotten the least amount out of the whole island!
This week has been awesome. A ton of rain, a ton of service, more rain, cool lessons. 
I am so sorry! this weeks email is going to be a little jumbled because of our time crunch and I am a little frazzle from all the other emails I got! so many fun friends! Agh. 

This week was awesome with the Su family, we had everything ready to move them but then it POURED rain so we had to cancel! no! Don't worry we will get it done this week!!!!!! but we did have a really good lesson with them and the Elders were able to find a super sick new investigator in effect from the move cancelling. So really Heavenly Father had a greater plan that we just didn't know about. One thing that I really did learn a lot this week is how important it is to constantly be pondering about what the will of God is. So many times I work my guts out and wonder why nothing is coming out of it, then I remember my Heavenly Father, and realize that maybe the time isn't right yet, or i need to just try one last time. Always be striving to align our will with Gods!


Some of the stuff they hauled away.
This week we had another service project...... The elders investigators home..hasn't been cleaned in over 20 years. 
I will spare the horrific details...
But it was terrible,
the smell,
the sights,
the rats,
the cockroaches,
the pee everywhere,
the old hip hop taiwanese music,
the squeals,
the laughing,
the screaming,
the crying
IT WAS NUTS!!!!!!!!! Literally every horror movie i've ever seen I'm pretty sure was filmed in that home!

but now that little man has a cleaner house he will be able to better feel the spirit with him daily. :)

other fun things from the week.
-my friends Judy from Beitou sent me a package of rice dumplings this week! She isn't a member, just a beloved English student! She remembered me!!:)
-We went on exchanges in our apartment and me and sister Reinard got to help 4 little lost kids find their way home!
-We taught a lesson to 3-
14 year old girls and it was probably the hardest lesson of my life! they were all so shy it was painful! Pray for them;) ahah

Now for a really scary story. The biggest cockroach in the my Sister Reinard came into our room to tell me something and then she saw the largest roach in the WORLD ON THE WALL! I freaked!!!!!!!!! I hate those things SO MUCH!!!!!! I tried to kill it but they just don't die! I was losing it. I was like oh crud we have to pray right now!!! We dropped to our knees and poured out our hearts that Heavenly FAther would give us the bravery to kill the sucker! AFter about 5 more minutes of sweating, intensely fast heart beating, and a sandal later, the cockroach was finally killed. 

I hated it so bad.
I was shaking so much after!!!! it was ridiculous!!!! 
I literally know that Heavenly Father will answer all of our prayers. Even the ones about killing cockroaches.
I love and miss you guys so dang much!!!!

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