Monday, July 10, 2017

Hotter Than Sin Over Here In Tailing!

June 25, 2017 email

What a fun hot week! Ok quick story from last night just to explain how hot it is. Its about 8pm last night and we went to visit a member who hasn't been to church in the past couple weeks. We got up to her house and she was so excited to see us but didn't want us to come in because her house was messy. No problem:) so we sat in her menkou with her and shared a message with her. THe sweat, was a constant drip from my forehead, down my face, down my shirt for like a solid 20 minutes. Sister Xie and I both looked like we had just gotten out of the shower! We finished the visit real quick cause we were literally going to melt and die if we stayed a minute longer!!!!!! agh but don't worry we were full of love and charity for this member even though we were drippin sweat:)
Taidong is something else. 


so sticky, so wet, but so many cool people!

This week we met some of the coolest new investigators, and there background are both very similar. Both are in the army but have a huge desire to treat their kids better and help them grow up in a more loving atmosphere.

The first family is the Zhen Jiating! WE met the mom a few weeks ago on the street, I remember her very vividly because she is actually brazilian.....but doesn't speak a lick of any other language except chinese! she moved to taiwan when she was 5 and hasn't left since. She is a soldier and that's how she met her boyfriend. They have 3 kids now and really want to get married and have a more stable family! They are both so cool! It's so weird to talk with a foreigner that's basically taiwanese on the inside! WE are excited to help them and their family!

The other soldier is Song Yun LIn. WE met her at the night market a couple weeks ago while she was playing with her son. she was sooooooo willing to meet with us,  I was chatting with her and then she looked at me and said, "I want my kids to grow up in church!!! can I meet with you and learn more?!" 
Yes. Willing!

haha. we met with her this week and it was magical. she ate up our message and opened up so much. She really believes that it was Gods plan that we met her at the night market, she said she hasn't been for 2 years but had a feeling that night that she needed to go.

agh!! goosebumps!!

She has not changed!

oh man this just reminded me of another sick miracle this week. We were meeting with our investigator Zhou Zi Chen and were trying to think of a member that could click really well with her, we had a feeling to call up an RC from the second ward, Guo Shi Yun. She said she could come help us with our lesson! We all met up at the church and then it just turned into magic, turns out that they both have the same health problems, interest, desires, you name it! They literally became best friends! Guo JM even said that she usually has violin lessons the same time as our lesson but he had surprisingly canceled. God planned everything perfectly so that they could meet! 
It's been amazing to see how things are really starting to change here in Taidong. Especially in the ward. The love is growing! I love it so much!
xoxooxoxoxxooxox family!

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