Monday, July 10, 2017

We Had The Best Pizza!!!

May 28, 2017 email

My beloved family! This week was awesome! I know I say that every week is awesome, but it really is! We were blessed to see so many miracles and get completely drenched by the rain everyday. hahaha:)

At the beginning of this week Sister Xie and I went up to Hualian for exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders. It was AWESOME! It went good right from the start. Right when we met up with the sisters, got our bikes, and started to bike away, this white guy yells at us! He quickly biked over to us and was like, "Hey! what are you guys doing here?!" WE told him we were missionaries! Then he flipped.

He LOVES missionaries! He kept saying, "no way no way! I am the mormons biggest fans! You  missionaries are the coolest." It was hilarious. Like he really is our churches biggest fan. hahaha:) We talked to him for a little bit and turns out that he is Jewish and he loves us so much because we don't persecute or discriminate any other churches. It was actually really touching. Like this guy was SO grateful! He then told us how his boss is a member and he just loves him to death! He was in taiwan because 10 years earlier he had lived in Taiwan for a few years and married a girl from here so he was in Hualian visiting. It was a really neat experience. He wasn't interested in learning more, but a tender mercy for sure.

Dan. The Mormon Churches Number One Fan:)

So that was a really great start off for exchanges, Sister Apsley and I were together again and it was the best. ( Sister Apsley was Emma's MTC companion:)  We did so much better at getting to bed earlier this time:) It's awesome to be able to learn together with some of the greatest missionaries!

After exchanges, we headed back to the beautiful Kona, Hawaii. (Taidong) We had scheduled to go to Dulan to meet with a family that we met almost a month ago!!!!! The Su JiaTing!!! We were so pumped. They are a super poor family and desperately need the gospel and help moving:) We went to meet with them at their home, share a message and find out how we can help them move. We got to their house and I don't think I've ever been welcomed in a more gracious manner in my whole mission. This family was basically on their knees thanking us for coming to help them. We sat together with them and learned more about their background. Both of them were born and raised in the city but were sick and tire of never seeing their kids because they worked all the time. So they decided to gather everything they could together and move somewhere where they could have a simple living, simple work, and have more time with their kids. They do not have a lot. But they believe with all their hearts that God sent us to help them. They are pretty earthy, not gonna lie, but they are so humble and prepared:) I'll send more pics of the move next week!

Now for a quick tender mercy of the week. we went to a pizza diner called Pete's Pizza this week. Pete is American. And he made the best pizza I have ever had in Taiwan. 
It tasted like America. I cried.
The end.
Tender mercies are everywhere.
I took a nice video to remember it:)

We had some other really awesome lessons this week. Our Liu JiaTing is doing so dang good:)!
They really loved church. Their favorite part was sacrament meeting! What?! Perfect. Liu Jm's twin boys I think are really helping her soften her heart more and more.

Another miracle this week was from our Member Referral investigator named Mimi. She is the sassiest funnest person I have ever met. Her and her friend came with us to attend a baptismal service in the 2nd ward. After the baptism we met with the both of them and taught about repentance and baptism. It was chuck full of the spirit! Gracias Holy ghost:) We were just about to invite Mimi to baptism, but before we could ask she said, "I want to get baptized!" 

uh...SICK! We were both so excited and a little surprised! I know that the spirit can change the desires of our hearts. This gospel is true. Christ lives.
 This week was neat. I miss you GUYS SO DANG MUCH! Seriously.
ahg. have an awesome week fam damily:)

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