Monday, July 10, 2017

Happy 4th of July!!

July 2, 2017 email

Hello my beloved family! this week was blast. A lot of super awesome miracles, lessons, and funny random moments.

To start off the week we went back to our favorite park Shenlin Gongyuan. It is absolutely beautiful! but this time to took an adventure path and went and explored for a little bit. It turned out to be this sick path the lead up to the beach! So then we all skipped rocks at the beach for like 20 minutes. One thing I've realized. Throwing or skipping rocks into a body of water is a big things amongst americans, Taiwanese not as much. But don't worry, Sister Xie is a pretty great skipper now. We had a tender bonding moment as I taught her how to skip rocks. Just like a date! hahaha. FUN  Pday:)

This weeks English Class went a lot better and we had 13 kids instead of 15 come:) I did some serious prep this week. Games, songs, races, you name it, we did it all! I think teaching english once a week on my mission has made me never ever want to be an english teacher! Way too hard! Its harder than teaching people about the gospel! 

This is Zhou ZiChen and her cute kids!  Emma loves teaching them:)
Anyways we had some incredible times with our investigators this week. Zhou Zi Chen met with us on saturday and was SO happy. Her countenance has changed so much:) She has been eating food more, happier, better relationship with her mom. It's ridiculous! WE asked her why she thinks all these things are changing in her life and then she went off for like 10 minutes on prayer and how she knows that God loves her and wants to bless and answer her prayers:)
eeeeeks:) yassss!!

We love her so much and are so dang excited for her. 

This Saturday we started our weekly summer festival activity! so every saturday throughout the summer from 4-6 is a different activity. this weeks was a giant water balloon party. All of us missionaries filled up hundreds of water balloons and invited everyone to come! We played volleyball, capture the flag, and had a war at the very end. EVERYONE was squealing and smiling it was so dang fun! over 50 people ended up showing up and it was such a success! We all got new investigators from it and a ton of happiness. 

This was a happy visit from friends from Muzha and HYRUM UTAH!!!  The dad in the back on the right is Brother Roe.  He was Emma's seminary teacher at Mountain Crest.  Emma said he walked into the room and gave her a huge hug!!  It made her day.  His son Elder Roe is on the back row with his sister.  He was the AP when Emma first got to Taiwan, and was a friend of Emma's from high school as well.  He was a happy, familiar face when she got to a new country.  And then there is the Chui's!!!  The greatest family from Muzha!  Emma loves them:)

Taidong, Taiwan
Sorry I don't have a whole lot of time today but I'll tell you all sorts of stories for the next 3 months after I get home! I love being a missionary and I love this gospel! God loves us and he wants us to be happy! This is why he gave us repentance and his son jesus christ! I love you guys so flipping much! have fun in my favorite place in the world this week:)

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