Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Last Email EVER!! Holy cow!

July 23, 2017 email

This week was a lot of fun, full of great memories. 
ok, first really funny story from this week. :)
This tuesday morning, sister xie and I were just coming back from exercise and we see this old grandma babbling with the grandpa that lives below us. We overheard their conversation and it turns out there was some dead animal that they were trying to clean up but both of them were too scared to do it. They saw us walk past and they were like, "the missionaries! They can help us!" So of course we put on our brave face and followed the grandma to wherever this animal was. I was expecting like a rat.. or a kitten maybe. we get to this part of the road and lying in the gutter is an ENORMOUS badger.

This is taiwan?! A BADGER?! are you kidding me?!!!!! i was dying. They badger seriously looked like he just got really tired, laid on his back, and then died. it was hilarious. Literally massive.

then...I had to pick it up and throw it away.. 
aghghghghghghhhgghhhh! Xie jm, this grandma, and me were like three squealing 6 year olds. I was so dang terrified, but I knew I just had to man up and pick it up!! Top 5 bravest moments on my mission.
the grandma was super grateful and then we had a really good laugh about it later:)
Agh taiwan is nuts.

Now for some other cool miracles from the week.
This wednesday we had a pass off lesson with the 2nd ward elders, it was with Lin Wen Jie Dx. He is amazing and basically the most prepared person in all of Taiwan. So earlier in the week I was talking to Lin DX on the phone and he told me about how he actually has  a 4 year old son that died 3 years ago in a motorcyle accident. We planned with the elders that we would teach him the plan of Salvation when we met with him instead of our original plan. The lesson went amazing. We all taught it together so simply and the spirit was so strong. Elder Johnson shared a scripture about how little children have eternal life and he testified to Lin DX that his son was with God in a place of peace and happiness. Lin DX just burst into tears, then I burst into tears...AGH It was so sick! He just understood the plan and how important it was to him! I'm so grateful that Heavenly FAther gave us the chance to meet Lin DX and get to help learn about our Savior.
I love this gospel. It is so dang true!

This week I also had my last interview
and last sunday
and last coordination meeting.
gonna have  a lot of lasts this week! kinda scary but really exciting:)

I have loved serving a mission in Taiwan. I know that God lives, He LOVE US!! I know that we have a living prophet on the earth today that receives revelation directly from God. This church has been restored! The Book of Mormon holds the restored truth. I know that if we live Gods commandments and follow Christs example we will be HAPPY. Dad told me something super awesome and true today. Missions don't change lives, purely living the gospel changes lives. 
I have seen a lot of unhappy people and a lot of happy people. The ones who are happy are the ones that choose to trust in God wholeheartedly, follow his son, repent, and keep his commandments. I love you tons)
SEE you all in a hot minute!!!!

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