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The Craziest Week Of My Mission Yet!

Mar. 25, 2017 email

Saying goodbye to all her Beitou friends!!  Thanks for loving her Beitou!!

This email might be kinda of scattered because we are running shorter on time because we are going to Monkey mountain today! Thats right, monkeys. Why? Because I now live in Taidong!!!! It is the southern paradise of our mission. It is absolutely crazy, but I love it and am so ready to get to work here!!!

Okay. Starting from the beginning of the week in Beitou! this past monday we went to a trampoline park for pday. At first we were excited, but not super duper ecstatic to go. That all changed about an hour later. All of our childhood happiness flooded back and we had SO MUCH FUN!!!! It ended up being a reallly fun day. This tuesday sister miller and I were outside doing our studies and met this cute little old man that was sitting on a little stool under a tree. We started to talk with him and he told us about the trees in beitou. He said that he goes to a different park in beitou everyday and sits under one of the trees for about an hour just to breath in their air. He then talked about how all the trees have a special spirit. In my head i was thinking, Man, this guy is a little crazy:) then He invited me and sister miller to go up to a tree and just put our finger tips against it, close our eyes, and just listen. 
why not!
We walked over to the tree and tried what he had said. The following experience was super tender. The tree really did have a spirit.  We could feel it. It was a really cool moment. Kinda earthy, but still super duper cool:) 

More Beirou goodbyes!
this week we also had two of our investigators with baptismal interviews. Xie JM and Zhong JM. they both went super duper awesome. Xie JM just needs to wait for a little bit longer so she can be more fully prepared. It was a really special moment. She did some things in the past that she has just never been able to feel forgiven and clean from. she said that in her interview that she could finally feel it start to be healed. She is so great and we are so excited for her to keep moving forward:)
Wednesday was a pretty nuts day. WE found out early in the day that Me and elder Kaufusi were bother being transferred down to Taidong!!! I was so stinking excited that I couldn't even handle it. the rest of the day was teaching lessons and getting stuff all ready to leave. It was nuts. Super sad to say goodbye to Beitou:( I love that place!!!!!!! And we have so many fun  and awesome investigators. Ji Pei De even came up from Muzha to say bye! I said all my goodbyes and wrote down a lot of phone numbers:) Mom and dad we have got A LOT of people to visit when you guys come to visit. It's gonna be great.

Wahoo!!!  Meeting up with old and new friends!!  Emma LOVES Sister Eyre:)  They were companions in Muzha.  And Emma got to meet Sister Eyre's new trainee Sister Eyring!  Sister Eyring's mom and Emma's dad were favorite friends and neighbors growing up and when we heard both these girls would be in the same mission, we were excited!!  Look at those 3 beautiful smiles!!!  Good luck girlies!!
Thursday morning I lugged all my luggage to the mission home to meet with more missionaries going to the south. It was rough, my bags were SO HEAVY! and one of my wheels broke too. AGH! My arms were so dang sore the next day! The funnest part was that I got to see Sister Eyre at the bu!(office)  She is training this transfer so I got to meet my grandchild! Its sister Eyring!! So much dang fun:) AFter we got everything all ready to go we all jumped on the train to bound for the south. ON the train I started to got SO NERVOUS! I have been in Taibei city for almost a year, close to the mission home, have an MRT, tons of people, huge buildings! agh! Now I live about a 4 hour train ride away from taibei! I went from the most north place of our mission to the most south!! Heavenly Father let me see the coolest miracle though. There was this cute girl that was sitting next to me that got me excited to live in taidong. she is from there! She is 17 years old and living a super hard life. We talked forever and I told her about how the much the gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed my life. (ok now we are going to fast forward to saturday!) So this 17 year old girl is named Ni En and we met with her on saturday and she was so pumped about the gospel! We set a baptismal date with her and are so excited for her to keep learning and become a happier person through Jesus Christ. (SUCH A MIRACLE!!) Ok now back to thursday. 

We pulled into the station late thursday night and met our companions and went and grabbed some noodles real quick. Afterwards we went home, It all settled in that I was in a really far away place, with a taiwanese companion...eeeks!!! I cried myself to sleep cause I was a little scared. But the next day was a new start. The sun was shining. I got to explore our area. We met so many prepared new people, got to meet a ton of ward members, and start to fall in love with the area. 

4 hr. train ride to Taidong.  When James was there 27 years ago the train ride was 13 hrs!  

Cute little family presentation in Taidong.

She already has friends in Taidong:)
Taidong is a really interesting place. so my area I cover the little city of taidong and then an hour away of wilderness. A lot of our members live in that wilderness. It reminds me a lot of hawaii and mexico and Avon all mixed together. The people are all REALLY dark.They are called Yuanzhumin. They are the native indians of Taiwan. Kinda like how america has native americans, Taiwan has them too! They all live in Taidong:) Its so dang fun! The people are all at a more slower pace of life here. KInd of like beach bums and granola crunchers but they still go to work and get things done.  the sun is MASSIVE here. The beach is everywhere. Oh and get this, the other morning we were running back from exercise and there is a mountain next to our house and I heard some weird sounds. I stopped and looked and there were like 10 monkeys playing in the trees next to our house. 
This place is nuts. It might be different but one thing that is the same is the sacrament:)
going to church was the best. I am so grateful for a heavenly Father who loves us all so very much:) Zhong JM from Beitou also got baptized this sunday! I didn't get to go cause I'm so far away, but I talked to her on the phone and she is pumped! The Holy Ghost is the most precious gift in the world!!!! I love you guys so dang much and I'll tell you about all the other adventures next week!

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