Monday, March 27, 2017

My Dearest Family

Mar. 19, 2017 email

My most favorite family in all the lands:) This might not be the longest email in the world but I just want you to know how AWESOME this week was. It was great in the physical facts, our investigators are all doing awesome, we met great people. But the best part of the week was all the things that I was able to feel and learn in the spiritual parts of the week. So dang great! Heavenly Father loves us all so much and is so excited to help us learn more and more every single day. I learned so much this week and could feel the spirit constantly guiding me. 

Now for a lowdown of the week.:)
Monday! Sister Miller and I threw the most legendary of all P-days! We took our district on a beitou camping adventure in the mountains! We had a campfire, smores, games, and a mystical hike! It was the best thing ever. The only down side was that I got SO SICK. Oh man. it was terrible. 
We got up to the campsite and then about an hour later I was feeling weird. The day got even more fun as it went on but I just got sicker and sicker as the day went on. Oh man. By the time we got back to our apartment I was dying. super hot, super cold, achy to the touch, shivers, all of it! We still had some time left in pday so I crashed for an hour. I woke up and still felt awful. WE went to our lessons and then came home. I was up all night long throwing up and wanting to die.

Sister Miller with her Smore:)

Mystical hike area.

Beautiful girls!
I HATED IT. first time ever sick on my mission SUCKED!
the next day was zone conference so that was a miracle. I was so weak so it was nice to just sit and be spiritually fed:) Our mission nurse loaded me up with medicine. I just got food poisoning or a 24 hour flu. so by tuesday night I was better than ever! Zone Conference healed me! It was so great. We talked a lot about The atonement. I really know that Christ lives and that he can take the worst, dirtiest things and turns us into the best, most pure things. YOu guys! We are so lucky!  We gotta quit waiting for our lives to change. Act and turn to Christ and he can turn the dirty water into wine.

One other thing I learned from this experience of being sick. Pepto bismo is some scary stuff. I dont' think it's safe. It turned my poop black like the night! stay away!

Our beloved Zhong family is doing amazing, but they are being hit up and down with trials recently. Please pray for them! Zhong DX mom is in the hospital and will most likely die this week. We want to be as tender as possible with the situation while still helping them prepare to be baptized;)

other fun tidbits from week:)
-met some cute little old catholic sister missionaries this week:)
-met a martial artist from new york. He was way special. His name is Love.
-met a cute mom from America that wants us to start teaching her sister:)

Lots of sister missionaries!  The cute little old ladies are from the Catholic Church:)

This week really was full of miracles. ONe of the most tender things happened this weekend. We are teaching this family right now. The Li family. We have known the dad for a while through english class. This week they invited us to go out to dinner with them in Danshui. We were excited to be with them and share with them about Christ. It totally got turned into an FHE at he dinner table! The 2 little girls taught us some fun games we shared a spiritual message, it was a blast! The mom has a harder time being serious. Jack the dad has been softening her heart a lot I think. Now here comes the tender part. As we were walking back we were talking with the family. Jack looked a little concerned, He was looking at the ground. Then out of nowhere he looks up at sister Miller and I and says, "Do you know what happens to us when we die? Where do we go? Where are my parents? I have wanted to know for the longest time and I have no answers."

You guys. The Plan of Salvation is the greatest comfort to all mankind. Jack is very in tune to the spirit and recognized us 2 little missionary girls as messengers from God that could help him find these answers. Through the restored gospel we are able to have these restored truths of the Plan of Salvation. I love you all so dang mcuh!!!!!
have a fab week!!!

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