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Deitou Is Awesome!

Feb 26, 2017 email

You can get Costco hotdogs in Taipei too!!

This week was lots of fun! Toward the end of the week it just poured and poured and poured! Literally just dumped rain and got cold for 3 days straight! Talking with people in the street was a little tough because everyone had a bad attitude but we pulled through!

The beginning of the week was great too. This monday we went with some missionaries down to the beach in Sanzhi and played volleyball together! It was a ton of fun, but the best part was when Sister Miller and I went to get a few groceries at costco. We were going to make chocolate chip cookies this week so we needed to buy a bulk bag of Chocolate chips! Afterwards we went to the food court and went all out! huge hot dogs and churros! oh man it was the best. We were so dang excited. We felt awful later that night, but it was still so worth it!

Volleyball on the beach.
This week we also had lots of exchanges with the other sisters! It is so dang fun to be able to go with all of them and to learn from them. This week I went with Sister Bradley, Sister Yang, and sister Zhong.
Sister Bradley, sister Zhong and I had an awesome time, but sister yang and I kinda a had a crazy experience.
so this all started thursday afternoon. We had just gotten some lunch and we were going to see this lady that we had met a few days earlier. We biked up to this park that we were going to meet her at and there was an old white american sitting on a bench with a beer, we waved to him and then went to talk with the lady. As we were talking with the lady, I realized that she was a little crazier than others, when we were talking with her she started to exercise and asked if we would give her a back massage cause she was feeling a little sore. ugghhh. I'm sorry, but I just can't do that as a missionary right now! We explained to her how we can't massage people and she FREAKED out. she started saying how we were evil people and never wanted to see us again. ya..she was a little cray cray. Sister Yang and I felt a little bad but knew that we had done the right thing by not touching her. We scampered off over to our bikes and the white guy yells at us, "she backed down didn't she?" I replied and said "Thats ok, we love it here." Then, this white man snapped. He started yelling at us at how stupid we are and how everything we believe is a crap. I have never heard so many S words A words F words, in my whole life, He was SO drunk. I was so scared. I knew we had to leave ASAP! He looked at me and started yelling at me, "you are such a perfectly programmed missionary. What do you know anyway! What do you know!!?" There is no way I am going to battle with a drunk man, so I just said, " I know I'm hapy." Holy crap I was so scared.We put our helmets on and biked the heck out of there!!!!!!! AGH!!! He just kept yelling and yelling at us as we rode away! People on the streets started to come and see what was going on but we were long gone! I was shaking so bad and absolutely terrified. I had biking for maybe like 30 seconds and then I just BURST into tears. We biked probably a mile away and then I stopped and took a deep breath for a hot sec. Sister Yang had no idea what had happened cause she couldn't understand, she was super confused. I explained to her what had happened and then we prayed together. 
Even though this was like the worst thing that's ever happened on my mission, my testimony was strengthened so much. I KNOW that this is the restored church on the earth!! Christ lives! And I'm  the happiest person in the world dang it!

Other than that, the week was really great. Heavenly Father is so good to us. Just when we think that everyone hates us and doesn't want to talk to us he lets us see so many miracles and find willing people who are ready to hear the restored gospel. Agh! love him!
This week we met with a new family that we met and all had greek food together! We shared with them about prayer and it was so cool to see how their attitudes were just lifted after they had finished their own prayer. I know he hears us and will answer all of us.

Church was also amazing this week. I'm so grateful for the opportunity that we all have to partake of the sacrament and to renew our baptismal covenants! We can become clean and new EVERY WEEK! Seriously! Christ loves us so much and is just cheering us on every step of the way as we are preparing to return to our heavenly father.
good week:)

This picture was taken especially for Grandpa Garner and all my Garner uncles who I believe keep Costco in business with their hotdog purchases:)
ok now for a hilarious story. Mom, you might not want to put this one on the blog..hahaha:)
so the other night Sister Miller and I were calling the Jinhua Distric leader Elder Lloyd to follow up with him on the exchanges that we went on with the sisters in his district. I had finished talking to him and gave sister miller the phone to talk with him. She had just gotten out of the shower so we put it on speaker so that she could talk while she got changed. I was in the front room reading my scriptures and had revelation about the sisters! I was like, "Sister Miller I figured it out! I got it!" She then said back, "Ok wait! I don't have a shirt on!" 
And then....I looked at the phone...and remembered, that it was on speaker...
Then Sister miller looked at the phone and said, "Oh no! Elder Lloydd! I'm so sorry!!" 
OH man....
I LOST IT. I quickly ran into the living room and just died laughing!
sister miller took it like a champ and got the conversation back to normal so smoothly:) 
After the phone call we just laughed and laughed together. we felt so bad!
Poor Elder Lloyd:) If anything he probably got a really good laugh.
Always be careful what you say when you are on speaker phone!

We had a fun week:) Love you tons!!

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