Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ikea, mlc, the holy ghost, repentance. all good things here in beitou!

Mar. 5, 2017 email

This week was fabulous! So DANG BUSY! Literally Sister Miller and I are exhausted! this week every single day was just packed with lessons and activities, such a huge blessing! I'll go through some of my favorite highlights from the week.
This past monday we went Ice skating for pday! It was so much fun but absolutely PACKED with people. It was a national holiday in taiwan and everyone was off school and work so all of taipei was ice skating with us. It was a ton of fun though. I was super scared that I forgot how to ice skate, but then I was fine:) #blessed. Still not as good as dad, but I'm getting their! Afterwards we went to Ikea!! That's right! Taiwan has an ikea! It was super fun and we got some delicious ice cream. Afterwards we had dinner with a family from our ward:) It was a huge pot of NOODLES! Literally just a massive bowl of noodles that 9 of us all ate together. It was delicious. I have found some pretty delicious foods here in Beitou.

That is a HUGE bowl of noodles!
Ok, now for a food side story. So sister Miller told me about this magical waffle place that she found when she was on exchanges and I was bound and determined to EAT one. I don't know why, but I went to go buy one 4 different times this week and they were either sold out or closed. I was ticked! They literally looked so good, but I just had the worst luck in the world! But, we finally went back for the 5th time and I was able to buy one. And it was delicious:)The end!
Ok now onto better things for this week:)
Thursday was an absolutely crazy day! we were traveling all around beitou to different appointments from the morning until the evening! Thursday morning started out on top of the mountain in a place called Xiao pingding. It was NUTS. So fancy. I literally felt like I was in a james bond movie or something! One of our investigators doris lives up their and wanted us to teach her in her home that day. It was quite the adventure! there is only one bus that can take you there and you have to have permission to ride on it! So neat! After that one of our members called us and asked if we could go with her to her little brothers juice store and share the gospel with him! It was a blast and her little brother was awesome. He is 28 and really just wants some guidance in his life. This Members name is Sister Lin, she has two kids. Her son is 9 years old and has really funny english. He always grabs his little sisters hand and yells, "Come on baby, lets go!!" Agh! Its so dang cute. That day we had so many fun lessons:) The best one was that night with the Zhong Family. sister Zhong has been SO sick and hasnt been able to meet with us for over a month. She finally was able to come to church this week and had a priesthood blessing. She called us wednesday night and was so excited because she had been healed!!! Her and her husband were both freaking out and wanted to see us ASAP! We  met with them the next night and reshared with them about the restoration. The spirit was so strong and they both set baptismal dates for the end of this month. Sister Zhong also bore the most powerful testimony in church this week! AGH I LOVE THEM!
Ward carnival participants:)

The Holy Ghost really will touch the hearts of everyone. I had a really cool experience with that this week. We had MLC this week and Elder Funk from the 70 and his wife came to share with us. It was so fun! WE had some great training and an awesome discussion about repentance. Then we started to discuss the role of the holy ghost in conversion. Elder funk explained that the Holy Ghost will only testify to us things that are crucial to our salvation. He looked at a chair and said, "This is a chair." then he asked us if any of us had any special feelings. Nope. Then he looked right at me and said, "sister clawson, would you mind sharing with us the first vision in chinese with my wife?"

WHAT?! I was pooping my pants I was so scared. I was so nervous. I got up and looked at his wife, said a quick prayer and shared the first vision. 
This experience changed my mission. I was totally an awakening moment! I was I shared with her I could see in her eyes that she knew that what I was saying is true. She doesn't know Chinese. But the Holy Ghost testified to her and to me that it was true.
I bore my testimony of the first vision to her and then we both sat down. I was SO overwhelmed! the room was just full of the spirit, The Holy Ghost will testify of things crucial to our salvation. And the Restoration of the church is very crucial to that:)
I'm so grateful for this experience!
I love taiwan, I love you fam, this is Christs restored church. 

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