Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Adventures of Sister Miller and Sister Clawson In Beitou

Feb. 19, 2017 email

This week was another awesome week here in Beitou. We are so blessed to live in the best place in the world and to share the best message with Taiwanese people all day. 
Ok so we will start off with pday this past week. I would definitely say that it was one for the books. 
We were craving some delicious American food so we decided to form our pday all around that. Elder Walters from Danshui did some quick little research with a members phone and found this American BBQ called Mighty Quinns. Apparently its a pretty killer place and super famous in New York. America+BBQ, that's all we needed to know to want to go. 
It was in Tianmu, which is really close to Beitou. It has a lot of American things in that area and Is where the American High school is actually. It's where the Jergensens kids go to school. So we got together with our district to hunt down this Mighty Quinns place. We found it and walked on in! It was such cool place! It made me really want to take over the bakery or open a restaurant. So handsome! We were looking at the menu and got up to order, you can pick out of like 5 different bbq meats and pick some sides and then they pare it with all this delicious pickled things and coleslaw, then you put it all on a bun! It reminded me of skiing at Beaver making sloppy joes with coleslaw!
I got the Brisket. Then they doctored everything up for me and it looked like a masterpiece.
Holy. Cow.
It was the best thing I have ever eaten in my entire life.
The end.
Best pday ever!!!!!!!!

This week we started up exchanges again with our sisters in the zone and it was a blast. Sister Watson and I met the cutest old grandpa and sister Dayton and i met the most prepared family! We really do have some incredible missionaries here in Taiwan thats for sure. I absolutely love the energy that everyone has to do the work!

Sister Miller and I found the most delicious Juice store this week. We went to try it out and got talking with the cute girl that was working there. Her name was Lin Xiao Jie. she is the same age as us and lives in the area. We got to know her a little and asked her about her family. Turns out her family is christian, all of them have been baptized except her. We asked her why she hasn't been baptized with her family(que Nacho libre, "You have not been baptized?!") . She was quite for a minute and then started to BAWL! 
oh crap!
we for sure did not ask the right question!
We tried to comfort her as she was making juice and asked her if she was ok. She then explained to us how much she want's to get baptized, but hasn't been able to feel that the church they are attending is true. She know has all this pressure from her family, feelings of doubt, and thinking that God is so disappointed in her. We talked to her and shared with her briefly about the Restoration. She instantly started to light up and agreed to meet with us again. We are so pumped. Jesus Christ really will put light into everyones life!

other funny bits from the week:)
-Sister miller almost got kissed by a drunk old man on a trike scooter...oh man it was awful!. He reached out to shake her hand and almost pulled her in!!! Then her started making a nasty kissy face and was saying stuff that we did NOT understand! We gave him a tract about family history and took a shortcut the heck out of there! BE CAREFUL ALL THE TIME!!!!
-Our investigator Sophia got to see Linda Burton last night and LOVED it!
-We went to get lunch at this pho place in Taiwan and got interviewed on camera about why we chose to go there, instead of any other pho place. It was hilarious:) So we might be on TV somewhere! haha.
-Sister Miller got asked if she was pregnant on the street by some mom we were talking to. Oh man it was hilarious. I could not hold back my laughter, neither could she. It was just so funny cause sister Miller is literally stick skinny. hahah:)
Taiwan is great:)

Sunday Morning was pretty dang awesome. We had a ton of people committed to coming to church with us so sister Miller and I were stoked! Morning came around and I was getting ready for church. I had this feeling that I needed to say a special prayer for all of our investigators to make it to church safely. After I prayed the phone rang, Zhong jm. she said she was sick so couldn't come. ;( Well shoot!
5 minutes later, Doris called and said her son wasn't feeling good so she couldn't come to church.
and then we got a text from a mom that was supposed to come saying that she had last minute things come up so she couldn't come!
I was so confused and sad. sister miller and i prayed that we would somehow still be able to make our goal. We biked to church and were waiting for a family to come that had said they would come. As we were waiting this grandpa walked in! Then I remember that I had just seen him on the street earlier in the week and invited him to church! WHAT?! we kept waiting and our family of 3 showed up as well!! We were just about to go into the chapel when I hear someone yell me name. We turn around and it was Roan! our 9 year old investigator, her mom had helped her get all ready to come to church with us! We saw her and I just started to cry. Heavenly Father loves us all so dang much!! He gives us miracles of all varieties! I love you guys so dang much and miss you even more. Have a fun safe week:)

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