Monday, March 27, 2017

Families That Play Together Stay Together

Mar. 12, 2017 email

Hello my beloved familia:) I love you all so dang much and am glad to hear that you all had an awesome week! I'm glad spring is finally coming for you all. Its the raining season starting up here now. I have officially lived in Taiwan for over a year now! Crazy how fast time flies. Sister Miller and I have been preparing ourselves for the rain we know will be coming this upcoming month or two. It was so hard last year when we were in training. We are just so grateful to know that the sun does actually come out and that everyday can be a happy day in Taiwan! Hallelujah! 

This past week has been a ton of fun:) P-day this week....was a joke..hahah it was super funny. so here is what happened. We had planned to meet our misison leader at this place called Jin shan to go on a hike. We road a bus their and it took a little bit longer than expected. We called Chen DX and asked him where he was, he said that he was already in Jin shan waiting for us. We could not find him anywhere though! I asked him again where he was and he said "Jin shan" But then I realized his tones were a little different..We then realized that he was at a shopping mall in taipei city....

Everyone. Pay attention to your tones:)

So basically we didn't know where to go and were short on time anyway so we went and explore this little ghost town, got persuaded into buying some really delicious apple vinegar, bought a bag for jane that looks like a strawberry, road the bus back home, and then got some hamburgers. 
haha. funny day. Today will be better! We are going to make a campfire in a campsite in beitou! fun.

The rest of the week was full of all sorts of awesome adventures and fun lessons. This week we were meeting with the Zhong Family and shared with them all about Repentance. We read from Enos together and all of us identified things in our life that we need to change. We all wrote them down on a piece of paper and then read Enos to see what we should do to fully repent and receive a remission of our sins. The spirit was SO powerful. The coolest part was that Zhong JM stopped dead sentence and said to all of us, "Do you feel that? That is the power of the Holy Ghost here in the room with us!".


They are doing so amazing. They really have become the greatest examples to me and teach me so much every time we meet with them. Keep praying for them!

We have another awesome investigator right now, Xie JM. This week we read together, The Family a Proclamation to the World. Oh man, she got PASSIONATE about this one! She then went off to explain how everyone in taiwan is crazy and just gets married has kids and then give the kids to their parents to take care of so that you can go to work all day. 
Then she asked the best question I've ever heard on my mission. "What is your purpose in having a family?" So. Powerful.
Xie Jm, will change taiwan:) she absolutely loved the family proclamation and I am so grateful for the things that she was able to teach us about having a family:)

Other fun things this week included,
-visiting our investigator at the hospital, don't worry, she just had a cold...everyone goes to the hospital here!
-Met a Kind american named Dave when we were out running on morning:) yes, he was kind.
-Made Sister Jergensens homemade Chocolate chip cookies for our investigators and just died cause they were so delicious.
-Got to meet an LA family and help them start coming back to church! Their
Sister Jorgensen's World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies!

son isn't baptized yet!!!! #almosteternalfamily
-got to partake of the sacrament. Best part of every week:)
I love you guys tons:) have a fun safe week!!!!

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