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Pot Sticker Tender Mercy

 May 22, 2016 email
They're lost, but still smiling!
OK. I promise my life is super exciting and this week was the greatest...!!!!! It was just so dang busy I forgot to write down everything awesome we did... I know. I am repenting. Forgive me!

A cool story to start off the week. Last Monday night a member took us out to dinner at a neat steak house! American food..sometimes members think we hate tiawanese food so they take us to american. But Hey! It's free food! I ain't complaining! 
But anyways...I was eating my delicious steak and our members son started choking. They all started slapping the crap out of his back but nothing! He started to turn blue and I thought I was gonna have to leap over the table and do the Himlich! or however you spell it..But then after one hard slap to the back he threw up pretty much the whole steak. SCARY! "Chew your food you're an animal!" -Matilda

These are the Tender Mercy Potstickers.
Tuesday we went out on exchanges and got SO lost. so we walked around and finally found our way to their house at like 7pm...hahaha oh man! But the Lord blessed us with a tender mercy and we found our favorite spot to eat for dinner. The Lord is so aware of all of us and our challenges! Even when we are just super hungry and lost. We were so hungry but didn't know where we were or what to eat! So what do we do? Pray. :) the lord guided us down several different paths but the whisperings of the Holy Ghost saved the day. As we turned an ally corner there it was. Our favorite pot sticker shop!. Wow. We died laughing and said a very intense prayer of thanks. Nothing short of a Pot Sticker Tender Mercy I tell ya!
Exchanges went good. Sister Pendergrass was super I was actually a secretary for a day writing down all their records while she slept. :)

These are the LOST faces.
English class was so great this week! We were blessed to get 4 new investigators from it!!! So great. It's because I teach them slang and they love it...:)

this was my class warm up lesson this week...

Rad, Gnarly, Sick, Killer, Out of Sight, Daaang

What do all these words have in common??
they all mean something is "super cool!"

They loved it 


Don't worry. We teach them real stuff too:) 

We had so many new investigators that we met with this week! It's funny how different all people are and how they are all on such different learning levels. They all have a different sized cup to fill! And we have this massive pitcher of Knowledge and have to tailor it perfectly to their cup size:) We had so many Restoration lessons prepared to teach but only taught it 2 times, because some of the other investigators just weren't quite ready for all that INFORMATION quite yet!

WE had so many miracles this week. One of our engish students, Tony, met with us for the first time. We shared with him the first lesson and he asked us how he could get a testimony of what we were teaching.. What?! Know one asks us this ever?! He has the strongest desire to really know the truth of what we are teaching. SO DANG COOL! then he asked all of us to share our experience of how we got our testimony of the gospel. The spirit was so strong as we all shared our stories. He was so excited about how different all our answers were and is ready to learn how he can build his own as well. The Lord puts the prepared in our path:)

I'm impressed with the organization!
some fun tidbits from the week.

-if people have diarreah, they will cancel meetings
-I found the coolest resturant in all the world. I have so many pics. Hot pot buffet. Even cooler than Mauna Kea mom! It changed my life. Me and Elder Magness were freaking out.. (He gets excited about food too. haha)
-Recent Converts are the best missionaries. We went out with 2 of them this week and they killed it!
-I've never gotten so wet in my whole life as I did last night. Instantly soaked on my bike within 5 seconds:)
-Scriptures answer the questions of the soul! Everyone read Jacob 2:8
Taiwan you're something else. 
Seester Ke

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