Thursday, June 2, 2016

I Love You, I Wanna Love You Tender Taiwan!

May 29, 2016 email

Cut girls!
Whooo!!!! What a killer week! the weather here is absolutely ridiculous. One day its basically a typhoon and then the next is hotter than sin!!!!
It's so dang fun:)This week was full of so many dang crazy adventures. But first things first.
IM DONE WITH TRAINING!! Wow. that flew by. I'll get my new comp on thursday. I don't know who she is..but I'm pumped. Sister Komatsu is all finished and has been giving me the last advice and wisdom of a dying missionary. I'm so grateful for everything she has taught me!!!
ok. now for a crazy story.

Street life in Zhongli.
It's like 7pm and we are biking to Longgan to go finding when all of a sudden we just hear this blood curdling screaming. Oh man. Someone just died on their scooter in the street.......But no! The screaming kept going and I realized it was a dog. Someone NAILED this small dog in the street and it was screaming its guts out! literally...I booked it as fast as I could cause I didn't want to see anything that would give me nightmares.. But then I looked back and My companion was in the middle of the street with some lady pulling this dog to safety!!!! Oh my heck they are so brave! I'm biking away and these 2 are being heros! So I biked back slowly and hellped them save the poor dog. It was the worst. I hated it.

then we went to the church for a sec to regroup ourselves. Taiwan is nuts!

English class!!
The next day we got to go to Taipei to be in a new video the mission home is making for our english class!!! So much dang fun:) I'm gonna be famous mom! haha just kidding:) 
Our investigators are all doing so dang awesome. It's crazy how different everyone's learning pace is. but they are all so fantastic. :)
Sister K.'s last Sunday:)  She is headed home this week.  And we just found out last night that it was Emma's last Sunday in Zhongli as well.  She is headed to Macha today.  She is REALLY going to miss all the people she loves in Zhongli.  
 We had a miracle last night!! So one of our investigators, Zeng jm, She is 15 years old and has had all the lessons from past missionaries and is meeting with us now too, she wants to be baptized but says her dad won't let her! We've all been praying and praying for him. We asked her if we could come over to meet him, but she's just too dang scared. So last night we were meeting with her at the 7-11 and who just happened to show up for a drink? HER DAD! She saw him pull up and almost burst into tears she was so scared! We walked up to him and introduced ourselves and got to know him:) It was amazing to talk to him. He will let her be baptized!!!! Heavenly Father is the greatest:)

"All the public restrooms are squatters.  Good thing I've been camping in the woods a lot!"  emma clawson
Here's some tidbits from this week:)
-me and elder Seamons sang the whole elephant love medley at mcdonalds. it was legendary. I was so impressed he knew the whole song!
-We have this diva in our english class that said she just wants everyone to tell her her darkest secrets....shes nuts.
-I'm going to take over Zhongli...
-Pizza huts everywhere are crappy. Even in Taiwan.
-Biking and getting lost is a daily thing.
-I'm done training:)
-Jed and Gracie and MARRIED!!!!!!
-I made banana pancakes yesterday and Sang the song along with it;) so great:)
-sundays are completely the opposite on a mission as they are at home!
-My Chaco tan is killer.
-My farmers tan is legendary.
-My watch tan is sick.
-Everyone go read Hebrews 11!
-I deep cleaned the heck out of our apartment..SO MUCH DARK HAIR EVERYWHERE! Girls..
-This morning I remembered the Love you tender music video and sang the whole thing to Sister K. She loved it:)
Taiwan you are loved.

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