Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Muzha Miracles!

She got her first Mango Bing this week.  It was life changing!  The dollop of stuff on the top is Panna Cotta she said.
What an awesome week!! Chuck full of miracles. In the Taiwan Taipei mission we are asked to look for miracles everyday. It's the best! Keeps us all looking out for the tender mercies everyday! To start off the week I finally had my first mango shaved ice! and man...
It changed my life. Mom. They are so DANG good!!!

Monday night we got a call from the Mission home saying that the next day we had to go check out a new apartment that we might be moving into. Our apartment right now is being sold!! We are so sad because it is so nice;( But it also doesn't have secretely we are kinda excited to leave too...;)

Em lives very close to the Taipei Zoo.  Emma's Aunt Jenny said the zoo is great, and one of the most interesting animals there is a regular old dairy cow!  I guess they don't have many of those in Taiwan:)
But anyways! Tuesday rolls around and we pull out our handy map and find this apartment and set up an appointment with the land lord. She was SUPER late so we went and contacted everyone that lived around the neighborhood. Once she finally showed up, we went on our tour! It lasted about 5 minutes... HOLY CRAP THAT PLACE WAS THE WORST!

It was the scariest apartment I've ever seen in my life. We made a swift call to the mission home and told them to keep looking;) To make tuesday even more weird, we had a dinner appointment with a family from our ward. we got to their house and then I saw once of the scariest sites of my least 7 people of all ages surrounding a roasted chicken ripping it to shreds with their bare hands....hunger games style. That was our dinner appointment.. hhahahhaha it was so funny. We ate what we could here and there, thanked them, and were on our way with the Elders. It was so fun:)
To top of Tuesday night we went contacting and met the coolest guy. The spirit was so strong and his prayer was amazing. My companion was bearing the most powerful testimony when all of a sudden behind her head was the biggest spider coming down from the tree. AGH! I couldn't help it...I squealed and slapped it out of the air and murdered that thing! 

spirit gone.

hahah not really. It was a great bonding moment for us all:)
Taiwan is a crazy place. They've got some pretty killer bugs here. As big as your face kids.

Emma and Sister Hughes on the streets of MuZha.  And they found CREPES!  Reminds me a little of Jed's mission in Albania:)
Since there are only 4 of us missionaries in our area, we all have our own individual english class! It's so fun! I'm the intermediate teacher!! I swear english class is always so great. The students are so willing and ready to learn everything. I'm more serious now with my lessons and make sure that they actually learn valuable stuff.. but don't worry. WE still have a party;) This week we are learning how to ask for a job:)

We are also so lucky to live in  Taipei because now we get to help with Temple Tours! A few times a transfer we go and take everyone on temple tours! our first one is tomorrow so I will let you all know how it goes:)

Melvin's baptism!
This week we saw one of the greatest miracles of all time.

Melvin is the most adorable 16 year old boy in the world. That went A-wall the week before his baptism!!!! We had been trying to get a hold of him for days and days with no response. We were literally pooping our pants every single night....then, thursday night, he called us back, and said he still wanted to be baptized. :) HALLELUJAH! Melvin! It was such a fun and special baptism. This gospel changed lives and touches hearts:)

Sunday was such a fun day. Our ward once a month has a day completely dedicated to missionary work. so sunday from 2-5 they come contacting with us, then 5-6 we all eat dinner and then 6-7 is a missionary devotional. WOW. Oh my goodness! Our ward has the most amazing member missionaries I have ever seen:) My companion for the day was Liu JM. She is a tall, beautiful, 60 year old asian woman:) She KILLED IT! she had 0 fear and wanted to pray with everyone! She did so dang great. It's incredible how big of a desire our ward has to tell ABSOLUTELY everyone about this beautiful gospel. They are family. I'm so grateful to be here in Taiwan and especially here in Muzha:)

Pray we can find the prepared:) I love you so dang much!!! This church is true:)


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