Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Zhongli I Love You!

Sister Clawson and her new companion Sister Hughes!

Holy Cats!!! this week was nuts! I know I say every week is the craziest week of my life...but it's true. Ever week just gets crazier and crazier!!
We will start with last monday! PDAY! We went on the coolest hike in the outskirts of...somewhere...I don't even know where we went! but it was amazing! Taiwan is so beautiful. And weird. So we are going on this hike, in the mountains, and we get to the half way mark and what do we see? A karaoke bar! What?! People apparently just go on this hike so they can do karaoke...:) We finally got up to the top and took some AMAZING pics!! it was so dang pretty! Then to finish off we strung up my hammock and everyone had to give it a try:) They loved it:)

After our hike we had to book it back home cause we had a member who was feeding us and the Elders at 6;30! She lived in Neili which is about a 20 minute ride from our house, and we still had to change!!!!!!!!!! Stress levels were high..We hustled our buns, changed, and took to the roads of Zhongli. About half way to our members house I hear a POP! Elder Magness's bike tire had popped!!! Oh man oh man oh man! 


I pulled out my handy bike bag.

Completely changed out his tube.

Cleaned it up.

put it back on his bike.

Pumped it up with my CO2 pump.

Winked.     (not really..:) )

Jumped back on our bikes and made it to dinner right at 6:30:)
All Elder Magness could say was, "Dang Gina! That was the coolest thing I've ever seen!"

Heck yes:)

Working their tails off in Muzha!!
The next Day we had Zone meeting in Taoyuan! It was all about FEAR. So dang good!! We talked about how fear is not of God and what we can all do to overcome fear! so awesome! So grateful for awesome leaders!!!

Wednesday. sitting in our apartment studying, waiting for our text message that says who my new companion is.... ding ding! 

oh snap.

I'm not in Zhongli anymore.....
I got MOVED!!!!!! To Muzha!!!!!!!

HOLY CRAP TALK ABOUT THE SURPRISE OF A LIFETIME!! so i jumped on the train the next morning, left my beloved Zhongli, met my new comp sister Hughes (who is so dang awesome!) and got to work! We are whitewashing Muzha! neither of us have been here before! She is a transfer older than me so we are both so fresh!! We have seen so many miracles and gotten so much work done!!

but before I talk about Muzha we gotta reminisce about Zhongli:)
Our last night in zhongli was so dang awesome. We sent out a huge text saying that we were all leaving!!!!!!!! Because literally everyone moved...only 2 people out of the 6 stayed!!
A few of our Favorite RC's (recent converts) and Ward members came to the church after english class and sang and bore testimony and gave us gifts! Like, it was a little nuts..They really really actually loved us so dang much! The hardest was saying bye to Ruby the cute RC that would come contacting with us, and Sister Lin:( WE were all cryin like babies! I wasn't prepared to leave at all!! The next morning we were off! All the Elders met us at the Station, along with peter our ward mission leader so say bye. They are some of the greatest friends ever! Missions change so many lives and you make so many life long friends! 
Zhongli I love you!

MUZHA!!!!! I'm in Taipei! You can see Taipei 101 from my house:) And this is such a beautiful place. We are in the city, but then the JUNGLE is literally surrounding us! So dang Cool! We are about a 10 minute bike ride from the zoo so that is exciting:) Since we are both new hear we have been contacting our GUTS out and exploring this place! It's crazy. Saturday we had a baptism with the Elders and it was incredible.
The spirit was so strong.

The ward is so incredible. They are all about missionary work! The testimonies were amazing, and we sang at least 67 hymns at the top of our lungs together. Everyone was crying by the end! the church is so dang true!!!!!!!!!!!

Muzha is such a special place.
I've never felt so welcome in my whole life. Heavenly Father has definitely prepared us, these members, and the people in Muzha.
I love you fam!!!!!!!!!

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