Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Team Sweaty!

It rained buckets!  Emma in front of the Taipei Taiwan Temple
This week was absolutely fantastic!!! Me and Sister Komatsu have been finding for days and days for solid investigators. One night this week we were losing our minds we were so exhausted from finding so we took a 5 minute break and biked around in circles chasing each other.....It was so stupid funny....we were dying laughing our heads off! We've been trying to find the little moments to stop and laugh to keep us sane in the hot sun of Taiwan. The other night we were in bed and got talking about our favorite Disney, Dreamworks, and Pixar movies. We Laughed our guts out talking about how we both cried in Toy Story 3, and how the 2 potato bugs in a Bugs Life are the best:) ah man.. pray for our sanity;) Our district leader gave some of the best advice at district meeting this week. "If you need to take a 15 minute Cocos Mango Bing break, DO IT." He's the best. It's been getting bloody hot this week! But then this morning we woke up and it's basically a Typhoon outside. Taiwan weather baby. Un. Pre. Dictable!  (that was a movie quote by Vector from Dispicable Me..:))

A man fishing outside Emma's apartment in Zhongli.  Looks like a good day fishing!

Taipei Taiwan Temple in downtown Taipei.
Dad! You are going to be so proud of me! This week we had an FHE (family home evening) with my Taiwanese Mom and her family:) Lin Jiating! She is so wonderful, her husband isn't a member but she's got two sons serving in taichung That are helping soften up that guys heart:) But anyways, I did that Rocks, pebbles, sand, and a cup of hot chocolate all in the bottle thing! You know where you have so little time and all these duties (the rocks, pebbles, and sand) but you always have time for a cup of hot chocolate with a friend! man. It was awesome. Super hard in chinese but they loved it! I referred it to the Gospel and it went super duper good:) Thanks dad:) They loved it so much that they even gave me a chinese name:) Ke ai jie mei. it means I'm loving and stuff, I can't remember it all but it's still sick!

This week I ate another whole pineapple...but mangos are in season now...and they changed my life. SO DANG GOOD!!!!!!!! I didn't really like mangos in america but they are to die for here!!

Ok here's a few fun tidbits from the week. We've been meeting with all of our LA's and RC's trying to get some new investigators and it's just been awesome to watch their personal testimonies grow as they have a desire to share with their friends. AGh! so neat:) 

Emma LOVES that she gets to ride a bike everywhere!!  

Sister Komatsu and Sister Clawson
Our english class cracks me up. They always have the most ridiculous questions that I have no idea how to answer...Like whats the difference between a Cinema and a Theater? WTH! i DON'T KNOW! edit the wth please mom...that was for my fams eyes only;)(Sorry I had to keep that part in.  It is so Emma:)

I also had my very first earthquake this week! It was nuts! We were studying, and then it felt like I was in the ocean and everything was swaying....SO COOL!!! About 5 minutes after my favorite RC Kevin called us and yelled, "ARe you OK?!" He's the best. 

We have 3 wonderful new investigators this week that we were able to meet with again:)
Willy:) He is awesome. He is a 23 year old guy that is going through intense schooling to be a baker. We have lots to talk about:)He also told me that beer is his life...pray for him:)

Fruit and veggies are AWESOME in Taiwan!!  And pretty cheap:)
Guo JM:) This lady is awesome! She is absolutely crazy;) We went to her house to meet with her and she showed us all the cool inventions she's made in her house. She reminds me of Seth, constantly building things! We shared with her The Because he Lives message on youtube and the part where Jesus shows up at the end she gasped and said in chinese, "Wow! He's so Handsome! I want to get to know this guy!" hahahhaah we couldn't help but laugh. Everyone thinks he's so handsome;)

Peter:) Oh my gosh. What a miracle. I was unlocking my bike outside of the church and saw him walk past and ran up and talked to him. He's 18 Years old and is getting ready to start college in a few months! We totally hit it off and he set a baptismal date on the street with us:) We met with him a few days later and got to know him more and shared with him The Restoration. He was so excited to try praying at the end. AGH! I just love him so much he is the cutest person in the Entire world!! He's the biggest sweetheart.
I love people so much. They are seriously the coolest:) 

This is a cute lady Emma and her comp. are teaching.  They're sharing the Because He Lives message on Youtube.  Here's the link for it.
The past 3 days some weirdo has been putting bike locks around our church gate so we can't get in. Loser. Bless their heart:) He just doesn't know that we have WU DX! The manliest man in the world who has an electric saw and cuts it for us everyday:) He's the best. 

Sister Clawson, Sister Komatsu and Ruby their favorite friend:)  Thanks Ruby for loving these girls!!
I sweat so much here. WEll I just sweat a butt ton in general. I wake up early to exercise and then we go play BBall with the elders. When we split up teams, I'm always team Sweaty. Thanks Elder Seamons:)

This week was awesome. Taiwan is nuts and beautiful.. Love you guys so dang much!!!!


  1. Wonderful!

    I served in ZhongLi for 6 months now over 10 years ago. One of the most wonderful areas in the world, and the best combination of country and city in the whole mission.

    I recognize that place where the fisherman is. I remember one stormy day the river decided to come back up the storm drains and the street was covered in all kinds of fish.

    In ZhongLi there was a nice old man who worked at a little restaurant literally right next to the chapel who decided to get baptized. If he's still around, be sure to tell him Elder Han (Hanguo de han) says hello.

    Keep taking pictures and collecting stories. There are miracles every day in Taiwan!

    1. Thanks for the kind comment Elder Han!!! Sister Clawson has love Zhongli, and all the friends she's made. We got a little note last night from a member in Zhongli, that Emma was transferred to Macha today. We're planning on picking Emma up next summer, and I can't wait to see all these wonderful places:)