Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mother's Day Quickie!

May 8, 2016

This is the cute little Asian "Jane" aka #mynameissweetheart, that Emma found down a secret alley one night.

Mom and family!
I'm so stinking grateful for all of you. I'm so glad that I was able to see all your beautiful faces today:) I'm so blessed to have the greatest family in the entire world!!!!!!! Never change:( 

this week honestly has been so full of miracles. I may have felt like I was in a crappy spot but time and time again Heavenly Father has blessed me with tender mercies every day to keep me going. He loves us and will NEVER forget us:) We went to a members house for dinner this week and there daughter got home from her mission a few months ago. She doesn't know that I'm struggling, but she felt inspired to share a story with us from her mission. She was exceedingly stressed and sad, she didn't know what to do! She told us the best thing she did was to pray, slow down, have fun, and to realize that everyone is going to have a crappy time at their mission at some point.:)
Dinner with some favorite members.  Thanks for feeding and loving her!

Later that night we met Burt:) he isn't a member, but saw us biking and bought us dinner because he loves missionaries and Americans..:) We talked forever about the gospel and bikes;) Heavenly Father helped me realized that i have more in common with these incredible people than I think!
An awesome member went to Costco and bought the missionaries their favorite cereal!!  Thank You!!

The next night we were out finding, we hadn't had any luck getting lessons and decided to head down an unfamiliar street...sketchy as heck...There were two little girls playing in an ally. One yelled at me in chinese, "You're a foreigner!" I told her yes and ended up having the funnest little chat:) Her name was Huang Yi Hui and she is 4:) We told her about Jesus and how we have a Heavenly Father that loves us. She took my name tag, put it on, and then we taught her how to pray. She was Janes twin! I know for a fact she is going to be a missionary someday;)
A favorite friend from the MTC.  

This week we had Zone Conference and Holy cats was inspired!! Elder Wang of the 70 came with his wife and it was amazing! It was all about using your scriptures and asking inspired questions... Well shoot....that's what I've been praying for help with the past few weeks!! GOD ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS! President also bore a powerful testimony of how missions are the biggest blessing for our lives and for all the people we will meet. He said it's a sunny day in Taiwan! Now go have fun!!

We got to watch 2 baptisms this week and it was wonderful. The gospel literally flips peoples lives around complete 180..but for the better;) 
Emma's cousin Dave posted this and both James and I shared it with Emma.  She's got it taped in the back of her scriptures now so she will always see it.  Thanks Dave V.!!

I've been really trying to learn how to better develop my faith so that it is UNSHAKEABLE! I have so many flaws and am trying so hard to be able to conquer them! I've learned a lot the past few months that I'm an exceedingly selfish person...I need to give up myself, get work and serve others!!!!!!! any advice lovely family? I love you all so much:) so wonderful to be able to talk with you all today. Be safe. Choose the right
xoxo emma

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