Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Team Jesus

Finding people's addresses is like a maze Emma said.  A fun maze:)
Whoo! Hello from Taiwan! Another crazy week full of miracles:) first we got to start off with Last monday! It was a good p-day, we got together with the Elders to play some killer basketball, we didn't have quite enough people to play a big game so we rounded up some guys who were smoking with their ladies on the side court, I asked them if they wanted to play and it took them a bit to finally agree. But we got em!! There was only 3 of them and 5 of volunteered to be on asian team. Team Hoodlum vs. Team Jesus! Oh man, it was intense!! They were pretty good for a bunch of guys smoking on the side! We kicked trash! After we were done we shared the gospel with them:) Missions are full of adventures:)

Our investigators are absolutely amazing, we met with 3 new ones this week and it's just incredible to see how much this gospel can impact peoples lives:) We met with Zhuang dx. this week and it was fabulous:) He is the cutest guy ever. We shared with him the Plan of Salvation and he just ate it up. Oh man...but guess what? During the lesson, my companion was sharing the part about Our Life on Earth and all of a sudden a massive cockroach peeked his head out from under the table...but only I could see it...cause it was right in front of me...and the spirit was too strong that I was terrified to scream....or even squeak....Let's just say from that point to the end of the lesson I had to try REALLY hard to focus...he just kept coming in and out to say hello to me! Oh my gosh it was the worst. But at least Zhuang dx. is still awesome and excited to be baptized:) I shared with him a promised blessing and said that the Plan of Salvation would help him strengthen relationships with his family. He smiled and laughed a little and said to me in chinese, "no way. that's impossible." hahhahahhaaha his family is a little crazy and he has some grudges to let go of:) maybe this week we will share about forgiveness. He is so dang awesome:)

Transfers are this week! Which means I am half way done with training.....YES!!! I am so excited. I love training, but it will be great to not be the baby;)

We made the greatest new friend this week! His name is Husain and he is from pakistan. He wants to learn more about the church so him and his friend from Indonesia came to meet with us and the Elders. They are both Muslim and were really curious about Mormons. They are here for school, and I think they were also just excited to see foreigners;) But wow. We talked with them, shared the first lesson and the spirit was so strong. Amazing! But they are devote muslim and don't think they could every change! Jed! I need your help on how to work with Muslims! 

Our ward is so amazing. I just have to say it every week! WE are so blessed to have so many people that are willing to come with us to lessons and feed us dinner every once in a while! So so so great. Member Missionaries! Oh my gosh, our ward mission leader did the nicest thing this week, on sunday he comes up to me with a violin case in his hand, AND GIVES IT TO ME. What?! Peter?! He said that i can play it till I leave Zhongli. Wow. He is the best. I literally have no time to play it...but  did for a few minutes before bed the other night and it made my heart sing. He's a cool guy. 

Beautiful Taiwan.
Now for the biggest miracle of the week! Last night. We met the most prepared family. In the World. And they all set baptismal dates!!!! it was amazing the love that just radiated from their home. We are so excited to keep sharing with them:) Heavenly Father puts the prepared in our path!
Making the most relish bowl of noodles.
Emma said they found the best noodle shop!!  Add whatever you want.  Looks delish!

ok. now for something else cool. So I've never been able to ride my bike with no hands. I just don't have the balance. This week I had a dream that i could do it like a pro. The next day I tried it.. AND I CAN DO IT!!!!! LIKE REALLY GOOD!!!! I was stoked, everyone follow your dreams, cause apparently you can learn life skills in your sleep.\
Love you so much!!

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