Sunday, April 3, 2016

Taiwan BABE!

 Wahoo! What a week!!!!!! Taiwan is a wonderful place to be. The people are all amazing. They sometimes don't understand what I'm saying but just smile and laugh...cause I'm white. There seriously are no white people here..none. I've seen 2.. wowzers. so many asians! I love them:)

 This week we were lucky enough to be visited by our wonderful AP's! They joined us for district meeting and then went english boarding with us after! So fun. I love Elder Roe and Elder Johnson! That night we went with them and visited one of our LA's. His name is Chou DX  and has a ravenous dog that was going nuts when we walked in. Dad's wise words came into my head from when we would go biking in the mornings, "Em, if there's a dog chasing after you, just think in your head, IM GONNA KILL YOU. They won't touch you." So I did it. I growled at the dog and thought in my head, "I'm gonna kill you!" ya..he was silent after that. I'm the TAiwan dog whisperer.:)

 Wednesday we had a qingke! (this is a meal appointment) YES!!! It was with one of our killer members:) Her name is Chen Mama:) She is like 80 years old and blind. She lives in a place called Neili that's about a 20 minute bike ride from our house. WE jumped on our trusty bikes and headed out.. IN the pouring waterfall status... It was so fun:) I've never been so wet in my life! I didn't shower that day. No need. So much rain this week!

The Sister missionaries new screen shot for their phone courtesy of the local elders:)
That night we had our english class, and only 2 xiao pengyou came because Taiwanren HATE coming out into the rain if they don't have to. But we had a nice one on one lesson and they were absolutely adorable:)

 We also got 2 new investigators from english class this week! One is named Sopie Su:) She is amazing, she recently had some massive challenges in her life and she came to the realization she needs religion in her life. She's wonderful! WE are excited to teach here! she has a baptismal date.

Ok. Now I'm gonna take a sec to tell you how awesome our ward is.


 We are so blessed to have so many members who are willing to help us peike and feed us food! We met with 3 families this week for dinner and it was great. Such good food! When we go to families homes for dinner it's always pretty similar food. A bowl of rice and then tons and tons of different veggies and toppings to put on it. So YUM. Squid is delicious.

 We met with Yeh Jiating, Fang Jiating (there dad's not a member so we've been having lessons with him) and Liu Jiating! Liu Jiating remind me mom and dad a lot. Same age, you even look alike! Except they are asian...:)

 Most people can speak a little english, then every once in a while you meet those people who have killer english! It's so fun that two people who don't have the same native language and can't completely understand each other can still become such good friends:)

 One of our most beloved members, Wu DX is one of the coolest people I've ever met. He is Kejiaren. This is basically an indian taiwan native race. so he is SUPER dark. But holy crap is he cool. He has got the strongest testimony ever and has some killer scooter skills.

 WE are #blessed to have such a great ward!

 This week in sacrament meeting I was sitting next to one of our investigators. He is so great, he just needs to accept baptism dang it!! We are listening to the speakers and then he leans over to me and loudly whispers in his fantastic english, "I go to toilet!!" xie xie. :) hahahhahahahahahaha we were trying not to die laughing during the meeting:)

I'm not sure if this is Hairy Meat, or the sausage thing:)
Taiwan is beautiful and I love it!! I had 2 really amazing things this week. ONe was a burrito had something called hairy meet in it..I don't know if it's real hair..but it was delicious. The other thing was this sausage that they put in like a rice was so ghetto, but SO good!!!!  I love it here. The church is so true and Heavenly Father knows us all so personally and will never leave us hanging.

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